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It wasn't really so,

Come with me to the karnival.



"My lord Momus," the heron priest says, "The heroes have rejected your offer. However I did recover the item you asked for." Reaching into the fold of his cloak, he pulls out a still frozen piece of GDK's body.

lynora-Jill wrote:

LJ shakes her head.

Thank you all the same, but we already have that well in hand. The goddess of dangerous knowledge is gone for good. I am certain of it.

"Very well," the bird-man says. "If you change your mind, his offer still stands."

From out of the shadows walks a finely dressed being with the form of a man, but the feature of a stately heron. He wears the finest clothes and jewelry and carries an ornate wooden staff the color of bleached bone. "My lord, The Laughing Man, wishes me to offer his assistance in your quest. He can remove the threat of the dark goddess' return forever, if you wish it."

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