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There have been other printable PRDs made available at D20PFSRD, but they are all from 2011 and so are missing content. I already have the books referenced in PRD (some physical some PDF), but I really want a combined reference book that I can flip through instead of jumping from book to book.

The PRD is easy enough to download and convert to individual PDFs, it is combining the PDFs with any amount of organization that complicates things. Since there is a separate file for most topics (every spell has its own page) they all come with the Paizo footer and frequently a page break wasting close to a page. With a couple thousand topics, that ends up being a lot of dead space.

I don't want to remove the Paizo footer completely (they put all this together and deserve to have their name branded on it), but I would like to have it only at the end of the document.

I have never done anything like this before and am currently trying to do it through Acrobat DC Pro. Any assistance or advice would be greatly appreciated, and, if I do manage to get it completed, it will be made available to everyone.

Any chance someone would be willing/able to make a fillable pdf character sheet with these changes?

I'm sure this rule is somewhere and is just eluding me. The original Monk Flurry said that the extra attack was similar to two weapon fighting and gave a table of bonuses based on the monk effective BAB only neglecting the bonus from ability modifiers.

The unchained monk flurry was changed to say that when making a full attack the monk can make additional attacks at their highest BAB. 1 at first through 10th lvls then another from 11th on. It then takes the Flurry section out of the table.

My new unchained monk is currently lvl 2 with 17 str and thus has a BAB of 2 and a str mod of +3 so a single unarmed strike would be at +5. Does that mean, with a flurry under unchained rules, both attacks are at +5?