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I'm sure this rule is somewhere and is just eluding me. The original Monk Flurry said that the extra attack was similar to two weapon fighting and gave a table of bonuses based on the monk effective BAB only neglecting the bonus from ability modifiers.

The unchained monk flurry was changed to say that when making a full attack the monk can make additional attacks at their highest BAB. 1 at first through 10th lvls then another from 11th on. It then takes the Flurry section out of the table.

My new unchained monk is currently lvl 2 with 17 str and thus has a BAB of 2 and a str mod of +3 so a single unarmed strike would be at +5. Does that mean, with a flurry under unchained rules, both attacks are at +5?

yes both attacks would be at +5

Liberty's Edge

Yes you are right. For unchained they reduced the number of attacks in a flurry at higher levels, in exchange for being more likely to hit.

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