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Magus? How unoriginalle

I still like stabracadabra....

flash_cxxi wrote:

Alrighty... gonna finish updating my Magus for Friday night and then off to bed.

Have Fun All. :)


Creepy Puppet wrote:
What if the paladin doesn't give a courtesy flush? Is that evil?

Paladins don't need to courtesy flush. Their sh!t doesn't stink...

Better yet, have this avatar pop up when someone uses the G bomb ...

Charles Evans 25 wrote:

intense flumph envy and hatred...


Hate 'em? I LOVE EM! When I was at Gish University/Tu'narath, we had like three of them for floating cushions! Oh boy we used to get blitzed on Godtoe fungus and race them down the hallways! Good times, good times ...

Charles Evans 25 wrote:

Thread Bump on the basis that all those fighter mage threads need something unexpected and completely different to have to share the forum with...

But flumphs aren't as sexy as I am. Look I can cut OR blast you! How frikkin' kewl is THAT?

I feel the need ... for tweed!

Ghost of Malthus wrote:
Too...much...Gish-gashing... Ao-oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh!

Fixed it for you booberry

What you talking about Fryer?