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Just opening this now, to get it dottable. Sorry, thought I had set it up already! Oops.

Hello everyone! Welcome to Strange Aeons!

A fair warning, again, before we get started. This is not a normal campaign, and there are a lot of weird and unusual things that will end up happening.

Beyond that, feel free to introduce yourselves ooc and talk about your envisioned roles in the party while I get the gameplay set up!

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Yes, I know someone else started a Strange Aeons thread earlier this morning, but I imagine the audience will be slightly different for mine so.

Welcome to the Sanitarium! Is what you would've heard had you had any sense to you.

I'm looking for a party of four tragically brave adventurers to take on the horrors of the Elder Gods in the Strange Aeons adventure path!

Character Creation basics:
Level: Gestalt 1
Ability Scores: 20 point buy, nothing below an 8 after racial adjustments.
Alignment: any, but I don't want a CE party wrecker character. If you're evil at all, have a good explanation for it.
Classes: any Paizo, minus Antipaladin.
Races: any and all Paizo are accepted, as the Gods aren't picky.
Traits: two normal, and one Campaign, which must be from the Strange Aeons Player'as Guide.
Wealth: maximum for your highest of the two classes.

Anything I missed, lemme know.

This adventure path is unique in assuming that you don't know your full backstory and are missing quite a bit of memories when it starts. I will be enforcing this in order to work that amnesiac aspect of the path, so while I do expect some sort of working background for your characters (such as what you were doing before transported to the asylum), I want to hear about your character's particular quirks and maladies much much more.

I don't want normal Joe, the local bread salesman. I want twisted characters with real problematic background events they barely remember, all the better to take advantage of for my horrific machinations.

I plan on emphasizing the horror aspect of the Strange Aeons path, as I have been watching Stranger Things and have plenty of inspiration for such a horror atmosphere.
If these sort of horrific and grotesque topics aren't for you, then I'd recommend avoiding this particular recruitment.

As such, the campaign will focus on body horror, gore, and other classic horror tropes such as the real threat of death.
I do not want to kill the party every five minutes, but I want there to be a feeling of actual endangerment, so I will adjust encounters as I see fit to match the party's power level. You have been warned!

I plan on keeping the recruitment open for two weeks, so it'll close on Friday July 19th at 12:00 pm Central.

To whom it may concern:
It is with utmost regret that I must report the death, and most likely murder, of Senator Platicar IV. There is currently an investigation into his untimely death, and it has been recommended to me on the basis of your talents that I trust you with part of the investigation into the events surrounding his death.

Therefore, it is with the highest of honors and expectations that I hereby offer you the position of Investigator, as well as all of the benefits and responsibilities of said position.
Normally the Azorius Senate would not simply promote someone like this, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Should you accept the burden of this new mantle, report to Arrester Lavinia at the break of dawn tomorrow morning. She will start you along the path of investigation.

For the Senate, 
Supreme Judge Isperia’

This letter arrived to your location late last night, and now you find yourself at the Augustin Station inside of Precinct Two, the home of the Azorius Senate.

There, a guide took you inside of New Prahv, and delivered you to Lavinia’s office.

Welcome to Trouble on Ravnica!

Feel free to introduce yourselves, discuss how any of you may know by of the others, or anything else you may wish to discuss!

I’ll have the gameplay thread up in a few hours, so we can get started.

Welcome! So my last Magic-inspired campaign didn't do all that well, and I'm ready to try my hand at redemption.

So! The important parts:

Campaign Intro:
"To whom it may concern,

It is with utmost regret that I must report the death, and most likely murder, of Senator Platicar IV. There is currently an investigation into his untimely death, and it has been recommended to me on the basis of your talents that I trust you with part of the investigation into the events surrounding his death.

Therefore, it is with the highest of honors and expectations that I hereby offer you the position of Investigator, as well as all of the benefits and responsibilities of said position.

Normally the Azorius Senate would not simply promote someone like this, but desperate times call for desperate measures.
Should you accept the burden of this new mantle, report to Arrester Lavinia at the break of dawn tomorrow morning. She will start you along the path of investigation.

For the Senate,
Supreme Judge Isperia"

And with that, the fun begins! Onto the details. Looking to run an investigation campaign, starting with a murder plot and twisting down into a dark plot which threatens to destroy Ravnica, as always!

Themes: crime, murder, horror, investigation, and a few more.

While there will be a healthy amount of combat, I want to primarily focus on telling the best story we can together. And, as such, each character needs to have at least a partly fleshed out background, complete with connections to the world of Ravnica. If you're looking for the campaign to try out that overpowered one shot unbeatable build, this is not it.

To help you, I've gotten together a list of questions I think may point you in the right direction.

Character building questions:
1. To what guild does your character belong? Do they like the guild they're in? Are they the stereotypical member of said guild, or do their ideas differ slightly from the rest of your guild members? How much of an impact does their guild have on their personality and actions?

2. What is your characters' history? Where did they come from? Who are their parents? What guild do their parents belong to? Are they still alive? What friends do you have? Enemies? Rivals? What do your Guildmates think of you? Do they admire you or hate you? Any other connections to the other members of the plane of Ravnica?

3. What does your character look like? Is there some identifying feature they have? Wounds from previous fights/altercations, anything? This extends to clothing as well. In some guilds, clothing is everything. How does your character tend to dress?

4. Where does your character live? A person's house says a lot about them, and that is no truer anywhere than on Ravnica. Do you live with your guildmembers? Have your own house with your family, or perhaps you're married and have children? Are any of them in guilds? All of these are important details to know.

5. Why did your character get recommended for the investigation team? Your talents obviously demonstrated you were prepared for this assignment. Why? What have you accomplished already? What do you aim to accomplish?

Character creation rules:
Level: 5th. Want you to have

Ability scores: 20 point buy, none above an 18 to begin with.

Guild choices: You will be required to one of the guilds to originate from, although you do not have to be the perfect member of said guild. The choices are Azorius, Boros, Orzhov, Izzet, Simic, and Selesnya. Golgari, Rakdos, Gruul, and Dimir are tentatively off limits, unless you can convince me with otherwise a wonderful story.

Races: from Pathfinder: dwarves, humans, half-elves, elves, dhampir, goblin, nagaji (flavored as Viashino), aasimars and tieflings. Specific to Ravnica: see Races below. Any other Pathfinder races on a case by case basis, on flavor alone.

Alignment: any but CE. I don't need any in-party fighting, thanks.

Wealth: 10,500. No one item above 5,250 gp.

Classes: all but Antipaladin. They have to fit inside of the world as it relates to your character however.

I'll be keeping this recruitment open for two weeks, up until May 13th, or possibly before if I find the PCs I think would be perfect. If I do decide to cut it short, I'll let everyone know before I do.

I think I managed to cover everything I needed to cover. Feel free to ask any questions you have!

Simple question time that I haven’t found any answers to yet.

Can you add further infusions onto a Composite Blast?

Just setting up the gameplay thread, nothing to see here!

Hello everyone, and welcome to the desert covered plane of Amonkhet! The locals are not so friendly though, and the weather is pretty bad most of the year, but at least there's the Luxa! Mind not the wandering curse or the zombies and other horrors banging on your dolrstep, it's a great vacation spot!

Jokes aside, I figured it would be best to start discussing which members of the party knew each other before starting the process, if any, and how you feel about each other at this moment. For the Trial of Solidarity is about to begin!

You stand amongst your fellow initiates before the official beginning of your training for the Trials.

There are around 30 of you, a new crop ready to start down the path to the ultimate goal: reaching the Trial of Zeal and earning your spot in the afterlife.
You have all already completed the first two parts of your journey, the building of your crop's obelisk and the testing of your individual hearts, and now stand before one of your gods.

As the Trial of Solidarity is the first trial you will be undertaking as a group, it is Oketra who addresses you now, and you can feel the warmth she emanates in your heart as she speaks.

"Now is the moment at which you must decide whether or not you are ready to proceed with the Trials. This is the moment of no return, and for your crop to succeed, you must believe in each and every one of your members, as well as yourself."
Oketra pauses to look over your group before speaking again.
"And if you do not have true faith in each other throughout these Trials, you will fail."

And that's the end of that!

Hello everyone, and welcome the the official recruitment for my Amonkhet Pathfinder campaign!

Game Details:
This campaign, at least the first part anyway, will take place wholly on Amonkhet. You were born on this plane, and have lived your whole life here. No Planeswalkers allowed, to begin with.

A minor requirement of this campaign is to have a general idea of what Amonkhet is like, but the Plane Shift article I'll be posting below will explain much about the Amonkhet world for those who are not fully aware of what it is.

Character Creation:
Sources: Pathfinder only. Any Pathfinder material is allowed, however, subject to discretion.
Abilities: 25 point buy. You ARE 'heroes' after all.
Alignment: any and all are accepted. As long as it doesn't create problems within the group.
Level: 9th level. You've experienced a lot of your life here, and have gained a few levels along the way.
Wealth: 46,000 gold, as appropriate to 9th level characters.
Skills: we will be using Background Skills, so account for that.
Hit points: maximum per level. You'll need it.
Traits: two. Reflavoring of campaign traits is allowed, per my discretion.

Note: I reserve the right to ban anything I think is too cheesy in a build. Build strong characters that can take on the Trials, but don't build a slumber hex witch that makes every encounter trivial. This is about the fun of barely surviving each encounter and room just as much as it is about the glory you'll inevitably receive upon your success.

On Amonkhet, there are only a handful of native races: humans, Khenra, Naga, Aven, and Minotaur.

Humans: exactly the same as Pathfinder. No adjustment needed.
Khenra: Use the stats for Catfolk, except +2 Str instead of +2 Dex. Everything else is the same.
Naga: use the Nagaji stats, except with +2 Int and -2 Str instead of the other way around.
Aven: the Strix stats, except without their Hatred ability, and an additional +2 Wis.
Minotaur: use the Orc stats. No additional changes needed.

Your Mana Color:
This section is very important.

You must choose a single color of mana from the five (White, Red, Blue, Green, and Black) to be the "Core" of your character.
Consider this choice to be somewhat tied into alignment, as it will reflect what sort of personality your character possesses, as well as how it will react in certain circumstances.

Be aware that your color choice also indicates which Amonkhet God you find yourself most closely aligned too (see the Gods section, below, for more information on them).

If you are not familiar with Magic, the Plane Shift article will shine a bit of light on what each god represents, and how you should design your character towards that Gods'/colors' area of expertise.

Background requirements:
Beyond your color and God choice, very little is required of your actual background, as you all share similar backgrounds.

However, what I do need from you is a description of what your character is.
What he/she does on a normal day to day basis, any special routines or training exercises they perform.
If they receive actual power from one of the Gods, why do they worship that god, and what role have they filled in their worship so far?

Details like that are much more likely to be important than your actual background details, so think about that.

The Gods themselves:
There are five Gods who protect the people of Amonkhet, while also demanding absolute respect and even worship. Each one is aligned with one of the five colors of Magic, and have an identity shaped by that color.

Oketra the True: Goddess of Solidarity. White-aligned. Domains: Community, Healing, Good, Sun, War. Favored Weapon: Longbow.

Keftnet the Mindful: God of Knowledge. Blue-aligned. Domains: Air, Knowledge, Magic, Rune, Trickery. Favored weapon: quarterstaff.

Rhonas the Indomitable: God of Strength. Green-aligned. Domains: Animal, Nobility, Scalykind, Strength, War. Favored weapon: greatsword.

Bontu the Glorified: God of Ambition. Black-aligned. Domains: Evil, Death, Destruction, Glory, Protection. Favored Weapon: short sword.

Hazoret the Fervent: God of Zeal. Red-aligned. Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Fire, Glory, War. Favored weapon: longspear.

Plane Shift article:

Submissions will be open for two weeks, closing on October the 23rd.

Alright, I think that takes care of everything. If you have any questions, or notice I missed something, feel free to ask!

Hey there!

I just found the Plane Shift article for the plane of Amonkhet, and was wondering if anyone would be interested in playing a Pathfinder campaign set in the world of Amonkhet.

It would most certainly be before the God-Pharoah returned (although it could certainly last that long, should people be interested in continuing that long), and would not involve the Gatewatchs' Planeswalkers in any way other than plot points to move the story towards the Hour of Revelation.

I'm not a hundred percent set on the starting level, but it would be higher than first, as you've trained your entire life for the Trials, and the actual campaign would consist of preparing for and going through the Trials.

Any other dual-genre nerds interested in playing?

Staff of Hungry Shadows.

Does the Call Devourer spell from this staff require you to bargain with the creature?
Do you have to pay it?
What's the duration?
What's the casting time of the spell?

So, the bone devil's sting is a primary natural attack that does 3d4 damage.

Looking at the natural weapons table tells us that a Large sting should do 1d6.

What happens if a bone devil takes Improved Natural Attack (sting)?
What's the damage dice then?

First, can you crit with a Kinetic Blast? What's it's range and modifier? 20/x2?

Second, can you coup de grace with a Kinetoc Blast? What about Kinetic Blade? Kinetic Whip?

A few questions.

1. Would/does Asmodeus support his followers becoming liches? I don't see any reason why he wouldn't, but I'm not sure.

2. Would Asmodeus hold a follower-liches' phylactery for him, as Urgothoa is supposedly doing for Tar-Baphon? I figure the best place for an Asmodean cleric to hide his phylactery on the ninth level of Hell. If he dies, he keeps a Plane Shift always prepared.

3. Would storing your phylactery with Asmodeus have any negative side effects? Obviously he would have a superior hold over you, but you would earn basically unlimited security for your phylactery. But is it worth it?

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Relevant Information:
Mythic Powerful Shape wrote:

Benefit: You can apply the giant simple template (quick rules version, from Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 295) to any form you take with wild shape. This replaces the benefit from Powerful Shape.

As a free action, you can expend one use of mythic power to combine the benefit from this feat with the benefit from non-mythic Powerful Shape for a number of rounds equal to your tier.

Giant Simple Template wrote:

Creatures with the giant template are larger and stronger than their normal-sized kin. This template cannot be applied to creatures that are Colossal.

Quick Rules: +2 to all rolls based on Str or Con, +2 hp/HD, –1 penalty on all rolls based on Dex.

Rebuild Rules: Size increase by one category; AC increase natural armor by +3; Attacks increase dice rolled by 1 step; Ability Scores +4 size bonus to Str and Con, –2 Dex.

Old Size* New Size Str Dex Con Natural Armor
Fine Diminutive Same –2 Same Same
Diminutive Tiny +2 –2 Same Same
Tiny Small +4 –2 Same Same
Small Medium +4 –2 +2 Same
Medium Large +8 –2 +4 +2
Large Huge +8 –2 +4 +3
Huge Gargantuan +8 Same +4 +4
Gargantuan Colossal +8 Same +4 +5
* Repeat the adjustment if the creature moves up more than one size.

When a mythic druid uses this with her wild shape ability, what benefits does she get?
Only the +2 Str/Con rolls, +2 hp/HD, -1 Dex rolls?

It seems to imply that the size of the form that you take increases by one category, is this true?

If the latter is the case, do the size bonuses stack with the wild shape bonuses?

Do you use the chart for more ability bonuses?

Every FAQ click is a step towards "fixing" this feat, so I'd appreciate the clicks.

Is there any feat or ability in Pathfinder, Path of War, or any of Dreamscarred Press' stuff that allows you to wildshape into Gargantuan animals?

My saurian shaman wants to take a T-rex's form (mainly because it'd be awesome), but normal wild shape only goes up to huge.

Any help from people familiar with Path of War or Dreamscarred Press? Because I am not with either.

What are the best dinosaur wildshape forms, specifically for saurian shamans?

Looking for pretty much all advice on all of the different uses for wildshape.
Combat, movement, etc.

Is there a guide out there specifically for saurian shamans I couldn't find?

Anyone have any songs that exemplify the sings that Chelish noble would listen to?

Got a Chelaxian that could use some theme music!

Looking for some advice on my Cheliaxian nobles' Hellknight Cohort.

Level 12, stats start at 10, with 15 points on a 1-to-1 basis.
16,350 gp.

I figured the Hellknight prestige class (the martial one) is obligatory, so no taking that out.
And I'd like to include at least 6 levels of Hellknight, and one level of Stalwart Defender, for the defensive abilities.

Thinking fighter, with phalanx fighter to use a reach weapon, and Shield Slam to get enemies out of his 5 foot reach, and away from his lord.

Now, the question.
Feats, equipment, and the exact levels are what I need advice on.

Any help is appreciated.

I'm trying to re-find a feat that let dragons scribe their spells into their scales, and maybe consume components to always have those components.

Not sure if this is the right forum, as it may not have been Paizo, but anyone know what I'm talking about?

Do the 1.5x Str from Improved Multiple Attacks and the base dragons's 1.5x Str stack?

A dragon's bite gets 1-1/2 Strength on damage, and the two-headed template gives 1-1/2 Strength with the two attacks (if they're the same).

How would this interact? 2x Strength?

Does a dragon incur the normal arcane spell failure?

I'd like help building Dean Winchester.

Pretty easy goal, right?

25 point build, core and featured races (preferably human).

Was thinking Slayer with EWP (firearms).
Or is there a slayer archetype that gets guns?

Looking for some advice on a build for a Hellknight I want to build.

Race- Ifrit
Cleric 1- Fire and Trickery domains- (fire for obvious reasons, Trickery for that sweet, sweet invisibility). Feat- Channel Smite?
3- Sacred Summons
5- Warrior Priest
6- Hellknight Signifier 1
7- 2-
8- 3
9- 4-
10- actual Hellknight from here on out, then maybe back into Signifier.

Missing quite a few feat choices, so advice is appreciated.

Actually starting at 5th level, in case that matters.

Also, ability scores- 25 point buy, definitely want him to be melee, and planning on wearing Hellknight ploate from the start, so no need for too high Dex.

As the title says, what are some places you find really interesting, but would never want to go?

I'm thinking Nidal, Worldwound, etc.

Weapon Mastery wrote:
Select one weapon with which you are proficient. You gain Weapon Focus with that weapon. At 8th level, you gain Improved Critical with that weapon. At 12th level, you gain Greater Weapon Focus with that weapon. You do not need to meet the prerequisites to receive these feats.

As this doesn't specify "oracle levels", would this progress with multiclassing?

Of note:

Touch of Flame wrote:
As a standard action, you can perform a melee touch attack that deals 1d6 points of fire damage +1 point for every two oracle levels you possess. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Charisma modifier. At 11th level, any weapon that you wield is treated as a flaming weapon.

Rolling up one for a Pbp here, and can't figure out what classes to use.

Was thinking either Norgorber, in which case he'll be vanilla Assassin prestige class, or Achaekek, in which case he'll go for Red Mantis Assassin.

Want to keep the divine, preferably casting, in there, so.

Any advice appreciated!

Would a monk with Belier's Bite deal bleed damage upon choosing to deal damage with a grapple?'s%20Bite

I made this character for a Way of the Wicked game, but eventually didn't get picked.

If anyone needs a WotW character, or could use the extra firepower (literally), let me know.

I'll change him to your character creation methods, just give them to me!

Valignatir, faithful servant of Asmodeus.

Do templates creatures keep their templates after being animated?

Specifically, heavy horse, which is a light horse with the advanced simple template.

An "official" answer would be nice, as I'd like to bring proof to my GM.

If I choose Weapon Focus (pistol dagger), do the gun and dagger both do 1d6?


Will follow all creation rules.

Can join a starting game, or an existing one. Whatever.

What gods grant this subdomain?

Specifically, does Zon-Kuthon?

Don't want any advice about dips or changing classes or anything else, please.

Fire domain Theologian. Starting at 3rd, with feats already chosen (Additional Traits, have to to get traits, Sacred Summons).

What spell is the best to choose for Magical Lineage?

I could use some advice on my blaster cleric, stat and story wise.
Any criticism is appreciated.

Stats were chosen by me, as per creation rules. It's a Way of the Wicked play-by-post, and I want the GM to choose me, so stats aren't broken and are non-negotiable.

The plan is to prestige class into Hellknight Signifier.

Thanks, Valignatir.

Valignatir, cleric of Asmodeus.
Gnome Cleric 3 (theologian) Domain-Fire (Ash Subdomain)
Low-light vision

AC 15 (+4 Dex, +1 Size), touch 15, flat-footed 11
hp 30 (3d8+6)
Fort-+5 Ref-+5 Will-+8
CMD 14

Speed- 20 feet.

Melee- produce flame +2 1d6+4
Ranged- fire bolt +7 1d6+3
Ranged- produce flame +7 1d6+4
CMB- +0

1/day- dancing lights, flare, prestidigitation, produce flame.
fire bolt- 30 feet, ranged touch, 1d6+3 fire, 8/day.
channel- negative, 2d6, DC 14 half, 30 feet radius, 6/day.

==Spells Prepared==
-spark, create water, detect magic, light
1- (4+1)
-Burning Hands-(domain)- 15 foot cone, 4d4 fire, Ref DC 17 half.
-another Burning Hands.
-Obscuring Mist- 20 foot radius cloud, obscures vision beyond 5 ft, anything within 5 ft. has concealment (20% miss), farther is full (50% miss). 3 minutes.
-Shield of Faith- +2 deflection AC, 3 minutes.
-Cure Light- heals 1d8+3
2- (2+1)
-Produce Flame-(domain) 4 attacks, 1d6+4 fire, 120 foot, ranged touch
-Summon Monster II- usually hell hound (standard thanks to Sacred Summons).
-Death knell- touched creature at -1 hp or lower, Will save (DC 17) or die. +2 STR, 1d8 temporary hit points, and +1 caster level. Instantaneous/10 min/HD of creature.

Usually tries to stay out of melee combat, using ranged attacks (fire bolt, produce flame, etc.) to hinder foes behind front line. If necessary, will use burning hands to keep enemies from getting too close. Not above using produce flame in melee.

STR- 8
INT- 8

Sacred Summons- summon LE creatures as standard.
Additional Traits- (birthmark and fiendish confidence).

Acrobatics- +4 (+4 Dex)
Diplomacy- +8 (+3 Cha, 2 ranks, class skill)
Heal- +9 (+5 Wis, 1 rank, class)
Intimidate- +9 (+3 Cha, 2 ranks, class skill, +1 trait)
Knowledge (planes)- +3 (-1 Int, 1 rank, class skill)
Perception- +7 (+5 Wis, +2 racial)
Sense Motive- +9 (+5 Wis, 1 rank, class skill)
Spellcraft- +4 (-1 Int, 2 ranks, class skill.
Stealth- +8

none yet.

Arson- confirmed critical (fire attack), +2 fire damage.
Birthmark- Asmodeus holy symbol. +2 charm and compulsion effects.
Fiendish Confidence- +1 Intim, class skill.

Valignatir is a gnome, so he's short. But he has a vicious look to him where other gnomes would seem uplifting or excited. He has many burn scars over his skin from various fire/arson mishaps, and can tell you what particular event each came from. Light white skin that has darkened from years of scar tissue. His hair is oddly well-kept, and a crimson red that leads one to wonder if it's natural or a reminder who he serves.

He choose the name Valignatir for himself, as it is the Draconic word for burning ( And that is what he's all about. As a small child, his house was burned down under suspicious circumstances, his mother and father both perished in the fire, and Valignatir was left with horrible scars on his skin.
Valignatir became obsessed with fire; he loved watching the way different things burned. This led to him committing petty arson, burning down small barns and outhouses. But he was destined for greater successes.
When the hidden priest of Asmodeus caught him during an arson attempt on Valignatir's first actual house, the cleric converted him to the cause of the Prince of Darkness and began to train him in the ways fire could be controlled in order to accomplish goals. As he earned power, his scars diminshed to thin ruby lines that glow any time Valignatir uses his powers.

Eventually, the older cleric aimed the malicious gnome towards the clerics and temples of Mitra and her allies. This pleased Valignatir, as he discovered that burning the temples and hearing the screams of the burning clergy pleased Asmodeus, who granted him increasing control over power.

Alas, Valignatir became too ambitious, and attempted to burn down a cathedral of Mitra in a larger city. As he stood in the church, fascinated by the church burning around him, guards charged in to take him into custody. Fortunately for Asmodeus' cause, the cathedral was too far past saving, and it did burn to the ground. The agent responsible for this terrible success is now in jail, but Valignatir has high hopes of escaping and putting his skill set to use for the Lord of the Pit.

In fact, to that end, Asmodeus has seen fit to grant him a fiendish-looking holy symbol of his god in the form of a scar burned into his right palm.

Is there actually a Summon Evil Monster feat?
Could someone quote it for me? I can't find it.

As a gnome pyromaniac cleric, can I expend a use of my prestidigitation, dancing lights, or flare spells to enhance divine spells?

I hope so, as I'll never use them any other way.

I remember reading somewhere that the precision damage is the same type as the weapon or spell used.

Can a cleric/rogue sneak attack with inflict spells, and have the precision damage count as negative energy?

This is for PFS.

If I'm an inquisitor, and take an inquisition, then pick up a level of cleric, does one of my domains have to be the inquisition?

Making an Inquisitor with the Sacred Huntmaster archetype.

For mostly flavor, I want to take either a viper or a giant spider as my companion.

With the knowledge that I will only be taking one level of Inqusitor, and do intend on Boon Companion, how do I make it not only survive, but thrive and be a contributing member of the party?

In, PFS, you can only buy ammunition in the normal quantities.

Does this apply to magic arrows, also?

My Zen Archer hopes this isn't the case...

Does Boon Companion affect Eidolons?

This is for PFS.

Do you always get at least one channel?

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