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ratcatbo wrote:

a black shuck looks like a dog with one green eye

Blood plate butster is kind of hard to describe its sort of like part snale with vine arms and no face

Grassling is a four armend plant man

Vorvorock is a crocodile with dragon wings

Excellent, thanks.

Zaister wrote:

Bestiary entries:

** spoiler omitted **

Thanks for the Bestiary. Can we know how they look please? a brief description of their images. Thanks a lot.

I want to know if the magical beast who fight against Su in the Poll was the Brain Mole and how it looks.

This is the Gegenees

Go Wyrmwraith!! vengeance for Su!!! destroy the Pakalchi!!

Myth Lord wrote:
Santiago Agustin Martinez Garbino wrote:
NOOOOOOO!!! Why Su???!!!! /cry

I knowwwwwzzz

I miss Su already... but now i'm for the creature that defeated the Su lol. Or for the Wyrm.

Leshy must kick Pakalchi's butt and Wyrmwraight must win.

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NOOOOOOO!!! Why Su???!!!! /cry

Milo v3 wrote:
Dragon78 wrote:

Any reason why they named it just Su? It just makes it sound like a nick name for Susan.

Apparently it is based on the monster called sú.

Sú or Succarath

The ooze won? what the hell (i like oozes but when in the first pool inotrememberthenameoftheuser show the image i voted for the shrimp mantis).

The Su looks awesome (thanks Brynn for your art), i voted for Magical Beast A but im happy with this. I can wait to read why it youngs are more human than wolf/monster. In the myth the creature has human face but here not, i like that, thanks Paizo for make it beasty.

redpandamage wrote:
It in 2015 paise catalog

Thanks, i see it and some monsters, they looks awesome.

Its that a dire red panda right? good lord, the siluethe looks so prehistoric. (i didnt saw the image of the red anda, where i can see it? thanks)