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Tangent101 wrote:

You can also continue the campaign from the end of whichever AP you ran and go on to the second half (or third) of Wrath of the Righteous. Given that you can likely run WotR as a non-Mythic campaign, it doesn't even require incorporating Mythic rules - just have your non-Mythic heroes recruited after the Mythic Heroes failed and died (or were turned).

This could even allow for past-20 leveling (and just not allow any one specific class level past 20, or continue spellcasting levels past 20 in the case of Prestige classes) - at least one person in the WotR forum mentioned running the game to level 25 (basically having every even Mythic Tier be an extra level).

Oooh, i like that idea.

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I've seen threads where people have merged Rise and Shattered Star...

Has anyone tried merging any of the others?

My players seem to want a very long campaign, so i was thinking cut some of the superfluous encounters and link some APs together...but i can't think how to do it.

The APs are all designed to go low level to high level so going from one to another doesn't seem feasible.

Maybe i should just throw in some side quests and modules...

Reckless wrote:

If I was publisher, it would depend on where I was at with my current print run of the Core Rule Book.

Because if I was close to selling through, I would strongly consider the value of publishing a version of the Core Rule Book with the production values, clarity, layout, and organization of the Beginner Box. It would be the same rule system, re-written somewhat and vastly re-organized.

It would tie in to the upcoming Strategy Guide format-wise. It would be so frickin' beautiful that even people who already own the CRB would buy it. And not a single rule would be changed (errata'd, yes), to avoid the whole "wah new edition" people like me who don't want a new edition(and the costs associated with updating the prd, etc.), but would love a book as beautiful as the Beginner Box was, and would help people transitioning from Beginner to Core.

Because I'm the publisher of the world's leading RPG game, and I want to stay that way by not splitting my fan base, yet I want to update to something mind-bogglingly beautiful. Let my customers cry "money grab" as they hand over fistfuls of cash. I'll respond "But it's the same rules. You don't need to buy it." with a knowing smile...

This. and/or make it cheap. Like really cheap. I held off buying for Ages because of the cost. But then went a bought B1, GMG, APG, ISG and a bunch of PC and CG books. And started my AP sub. Once people have the CRB they will probably buy other stuff too.

Found the DPR olympics thread. makes for interesting reading.
Shame most builds end up using similar weapons, feats and items... but at least it does show PF characters CAN keep up with monster HD.

Which was all i wanted to know because i couldn't work out how...


Okay, so that answers my questiin about having something wrong.

But even including better items i dont see that damage keeps up with hitpoints.

Gorbacz wrote:

"AC goes up faster than BAB"

"Vital Strike"


OK, learn a thing or two about optimization and come back with new math. :)

hence my questions...what should it have? Also is there only one way to have each class? That would be a bit naff. Optimisation? I was under the impression that PF was a ROLE playing game not a competitive wargame.

Just looking at damage progression for PAthfinder vs 13th age. Only looked at a few martial characters so far.
13th age is easier to do due to lesser amount of options. Roughly, Using Rage a barbarian will take 3 rounds to kill an equivalent monster at L1 an d L5, and 4 rounds at Level 4.
A Rogue using sneak attack will take 4 rounds at L1, L5 and L 10. As will a Ranger with an animal companion.
Because characters damage accelerates with level, fights shouldn't take any longer as you level up.

For Pathfinder i've only looked at the barbarian so far.
Versus a standard L1 monster, a L1 Str 18 Barbarian using Large great axe, power attack and raging averages 8.25 damage per round (average roll x % chance to hit AC) which would 2 rounds to kill. So quicker than 13th age without using minions.

However, once i start going up levels this drops off. Partly because AC goes up quicker than BAB, but mostly because HP goes up every level and damage does not.

At L10, using Vital strike, PA, Rage, i can average 18 per round (average damage of 40 x 45% hit) or do 2 attacks but then i drop to 15 per round due to lesser chance of 2nd attack. This would take 14 rounds to kill an average L10 monster with 130 Hp. See HP is x 10, but damage is only doubled.
Should have done L11 because then VS does x3 damage.

At L20, again using VS, PA, Rage i do 33.75 per round (70 x 45%)! but now the HP is upto 370 so i take 11 rounds. From L1 the damage is 30 times bigger, but my damage output is only about 4 times bigger.

Now i haven't used any magic items (because i didn't for my 13th age stuff either) but there is still a problem here.

Sure i could throw in some casters but they have single use spells.

What is the solution? I do not see any conclusion other than combats take longer as you level up because enemy HP is going up massively and your damage is not. You then get extra attacks, but the BAB is so low they can't hit, and feats like VS only give you increases of x2/x3/x4 when at same levels enemy hitpoint is x10/x20/x30.

Is this a standard flaw of Pathfinder or have i got something wrong? I haven't played to these high levels, i'm just doing the numbers. But having played a few sessions of 13th age and being able to throw 100hp monsters at L2 (L4 in PF) characters and them killing it in 3 turns, i'd like similarly quick fights in pathfinder...well maybe not that quick!

Kirth Gersen wrote:

Hi kirth. Could you mail me a copy please. Been looking at houseruling some stuff on and off for a year and the thread looks good.

Thanks in advance

mrchallacombe Gmail. .com

Just found this post off searching the net. Really? No replies?

if you're using an AP the main thing for smooth running is to have read it well, and know most of it. You won't really need NPCs, but you need to know what is in the AP. this is particularly important in a sandbox AP like SS where the PCs could do the adventure you were not expecting.

Ravenmantle wrote:
The order information for my preorder of the Bestiary Box gives me an order total of $43.53, including shipping to Denmark. Should I expect an increase in the shipping cost?

did you use the sidecart thing??

i just tried it again and got a total of $81.09 because its using USPS priority mail. i'd try the sidecart, but that wouldnt tell me shipping costs until later.

Liz Courts wrote:
Because of the shipping weight of the Bestiary Box, you're bumped into International Priority packaging, which is significantly more expensive (unfortunately). The only options I can recommend at this point is: ordering and shipping the product by itself (least expensive), combining it with subscription products (more expensive because of total shipping weight), or waiting for it to arrive locally. If you're going to order it from us, I would wait until we have a final shipping weight in the system so we have a more accurate idea of what shipping will be—I will post an update in this thread when we have final numbers.

Thanks for clearing that up. I guess i will get it locally.

Will the pdf be available seperately? And if so how much will it be ?

Liz Courts wrote:
This product is not a book, as well as substantially heavier than our normal products, which changes the shipping costs quite a bit, unfortunately (particularly for international customers). The final dimensions (and weight) have yet to get into our system—once that happens, we'll have a better idea of what shipping costs will be.

Thanks. I expected postage to be steep, but the main issue is that i cant select the normal shipping option i use, which hiked the price up. Should the normal shipping option be available? I would add it to go with my subs, but dont want to run the risk of it still costing that much.

Deanoth wrote:
That 70s Bloke wrote:

I just tried to pre-order this.

The shipping (To UK) only allowed one option which cost... $51. So more than the box itself.

Same with the NPC box.

Thats a Joke.

Don't be upset with Paizo, It is not their fault that the shipping companies here in the states charge so much for shipping overseas like that. It costs nearly as much to ship to Canada and they are right next to the states as well and not overseas.

So joke or no joke... Paizo does not make a profit from shipping... only the companies that actually DO shipping do.

I'm not mad at paizo. But it didnt let me use the normal shipping option, which is odd. And the shipping costs for my subs are normally reasonable. I don't know if its asize issue which is understandable or not.

I just tried to pre-order this.
The shipping (To UK) only allowed one option which cost... $51. So more than the box itself.

Same with the NPC box.

Thats a Joke.

There seems to be a lack of dinosaurs in the list. Plenty of Dragons, but where's the dinos?

wraithstrike wrote:

Most likely, yes it will cause problems, especially if the players get good at the game. The game is intended to make you stronger by beating up on weaker foes, until you can fight stronger things. Things such as BAB and AC are built into the core of the game.

Why not just start them off at a higher level?

What specific issues are you having?

Its just a general preference of mine. My players are always fine whatever.

I just happen to like what they are going for with 5e where you will have a bigger range of monsters to fight. i could do it by simply dropping some monster AB, AC, HP and xp. It would have the same effect.

Starting at higher levels solves some of the problems though as you pointed out. I tend to avoid that to stop characters starting complicated. Although i dont think thats too much of a problem, my players just tend to ignore half their abilities anyway!

The idea of Bounded Accuracy in 5e has got me thinking About trying to do similar in Pathfinder (i'm not discussing merits of 5e here, simply this one idea)

My main bugbear withh PF is the BAB. I have all ese monsters i cant use to start withh becuase they have super high AC and AB. But by the time the PCs can fight them weaker foes are like instant hits.

So im contemplating fixing this by doing the following:

-Player AC stays as is, but there would be less need to bump it with magic items.
-monster AC and AB need to be reduced.
-Player BAB needs reducing.

So thats the idea, but the problem is firstly how much to reduce things by, and secondly will it break the game horribly or be ok?

Thoughts welcome!

Jerry Wright 307 wrote:
Inspired by the playtest, I fully intend to "de-complicate" Pathfinder and run an old-school version of it this fall.

Anyone else considered something similar.

I'm loving the bounded accuracy idea as it lets you fight proper monsters at low level.
How would reducing monster AC and AB and player BAB break pathfinder? Ideas?

Nice to see patriot games mentioned. One of the best FLGS in UK (in my limited knowledge). and where i buy most of my PAthfinder stuff!

can't be a big book, but surely more than a 32 page companion. Is there something in between?

April 2012. Thats like a year away. 8(

wish they hadn't announced so far in advance! can't wait!!