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Couldn't find anywhere a sheet to control the player sins so I made one.
Sin Control Sheet
It serve as Sinful/Virtuous actions log, giving the summary of the Sin points based on the log.
Also has a page for the Sin/Virtue/School reference.
Once any sin or virtue get above 5 points it shows on the Sinful or Virtuous column, or your Sin/Virtue with more points if you have more than one

I'm thinking to add the ability to Detect Greed (much like Detect Magic or Evil) to the Sihedron Medallion and Sihedron Ring.

This serves two purposes:
To further explain how Karzoug and his agents picks his targets for sacrice.
To introduce the characters to the Sin System earlier than the Runeforge.

Would it be weird this early in the campaing? The first one the group finds it's with Nualia.
I'm thinking of limiting it somehow, maybe only work like this to those who are also greedy, and maybe only 3x per day.
It would facilitate for the group to make the connection to the Skinsaw Man murders and greedy ppl, and maybe even try to ambush him using someone greedy as bait.
What do you guys think?