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M Angelkin Aasimar Bard 11 Magus 1

“Oddly enough, I’ve never found that killing people makes the survivors like me more, and no one I’ve killed has ever bought me a drink afterwards. Death just seems”
‘Anyway, let’s move on. I feel very strange all of a sudden, like I’m not quite formatted properly, but that’s no reason to delay any further.’

M Angelkin Aasimar Bard 11 Magus 1

Is this the right place?


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We need a fresh start. Colson lost sight of what we need to be a long time ago, and I don’t think his protege is the one to give us anything but more of the same. I think a council is the way to go in the long run, but for now, I think Tamrin Credence has the decisiveness to take us in a bold, more meaningful new direction.

I was thinking about this just today, and am kind of leaning towards the Arcane Trickster with a Fey Sorcerer for the arcane class.

Bards are, of course, always awesome. While I haven't looked closely at the Sandman Archetype, I could really see Realistic Likeness as being a great way to get close enough to use their spell stealing ability. They're all about deception, which Realistic Likeness would add a lot too.

I would also recommend looking at an Inquisitor with the Infiltrator archetype. Ranged Inquisitors can be devastating, and their added abilities all would go well with realistic likeness.

Isn't the Lawful Good/ChaoticGood dynamic at the center of basically every buddy film ever? You go by the book, but I'm a loose cannon willing to do whatever it takes. We piss each other off, but in the end we not only save the day together, we each learn a valuable lesson.


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An almost 7 foot tall, very solidly built man with a slightly angelic look to him, and a copper tinge to both his hair and skin walks in, finishes whatever is in his mug, burps, and says "Hi, I'm Thaddeus Meade. You may recognize me from such Knowlege Geography lectures as "Galt with the Wind" and "So I Married a Cheliax Murderer." Has the mean guy already insulted us and told us our mission, or did I get here too early again?"

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An archaeologist bard exchanges bardic performance for a swift action luck bonus, and Desna's deific obedience bonuses include a luck bonus on initiative.

I would suggest skill focus; Knowlege Planes. Few things are more embarrassing that hitting a Devil with cold iron. Plus, it would allow you to get a Familiar with your next feat. A Thrush would make a wonderful backup singer for you, and be ridiculously appropriate for a follower of Shelyn. And of course, the eventual possibility of a Cassian Angel or Silvanshee Agathion sidekick is pretty awesome as well.

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Is he only interested in maximizing his own pleasure, or everyones? If the latter, what about an Evangelist Cleric of Cayden Cailean with the Revelry subdomain. Kind of like Bluto in Animal House, adventuring both for the adreneline rush and to fund his massive Toga parties between adventures.
"They told me fat, drunk, and stupid was no way to go through life. They were wrong."

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Good news: after spending a lot of gold and effort to atone, you still get to be a Paladin. Even better news: You are now a Goblin! Now you can see first hand how wrong it is to mindlessly judge things on appearance alone, and can hopefully teach others that lesson.


p.s. Now go plant some wheat, you slacker!