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In the 2 weeks up to the party Tessara will put up glifs of warding around various entrance points to the base.

She buys trap materials, so one of the teams can set traps up around the base as well.

And she examines the magic items we're unable to sell to see if we can hit 20k to bribe a family into joining our cause.

With any other time left, she will go check in with her peoples. And get Hetawell, Zia, Liara and Satrona to move into the base. She'll personally walk them to their stores everyday. When able to she will fetch them, if she can't she gets Morgga to do so.

We're not just a liberation movement...don't want to be ZANUPF, rather be Ghandi.

Add to that making calls on the AP based on the one you are running isn't going to work. All APs are different.

Nobles on our side means less bloodshed.

I maintain we'll need the help of the nobles to ease the transition of the city when the mayor is defeated. And we need at least half of them to see things as we do.

So we can use a favour we don't need to use to get a family to safety, but we can't gift a magic carpet to get a family on our side? Hmmmmmmmm

Tessara arranges with Zachrin to have times available to chat to anyone involved with the rebellion to chat to him, if they want to.

I'm not going to force anyone into counselling, but you need to know that the option is available to you. She mentions at one of the meal gatherings where most folks are in attendance.

Aava, had a great idea...we should make it happen. So I'm voting we buy the hat, put them in as wait staff, and set up another cache with our weapons to be found near the cache of potions Hetamon suggested.

Have some friends at the base, and some at the party?

Oh Hetamon. Of course the crafting can wait, we need to focus on your dad.

Octavio, what d you suggest we consider for defence?

And for the rest of the week T does her usual visiting and checking in with folks.

Recruit, gather information, impress noble family and upgrade the new team.

In the off time Tessara, makes sure to look into more options to help Hetawell.

Figures that she'll be going to the party, so asks the importer to get her some fabric that chances are no one else will have.

Has coffee with Laria.

Says hi to Chuko.

Has a moment of catching up with Zia and Hetawell. They discuss outfit designs for the party. maybe she and Octavio can have matching outfits.

Gets some drinks from Setrona for the armitages and Vendalfek to enjoy.

Checks in with Morgga and the Fushi sisters. Asks them, the armitages and Vendlfek how they feel about the new team.

I was getting to my craft request, but someone has faster fingers ;)

Tessara adds Hetamon to add some pretty to her headband aka charisma. She'll wait for her turn.

Tessara checks in with the black market merchants for a rod of extend.

chance: 1d100 ⇒ 64

Woo hoo, extended spells here Tessara comes.

Tessara, puts up the glyph of warding in area C2. Should we look into getting some more of those to put up in other spot?

Adding to Tessara's list of items to do. Daily, when possible, visits to Hetawell with Hetamon. They're doing the best they can to help ease his pain.

Hetamon has shared his worries about his daddy with his bff. And is also now committed to the cause - this takes the form of him becoming her cohort through leadership.

There are lines that should not be crossed. We can't wilfully do as we please, by doing that we'd be no better than House Thrune .

Also, just because people are used to being treated horribly, it doesn't mean we keep on doing so. The whole point of this is to make things better for the city.

Kush wrote:

Because sabotage is mostly a relatively minor inconvenience that delays things by a week. It is not being fanatics and blowing up the cultural heritage of our town. It is breaking the axles of the (bad) hellknights' weapon-wagon.

Sabotage is no good if it only delays things for at most a week. The scale of sabotage that would be effective is not one for this city. It would decimate it. There will be so little to save, that all hope is lost.

Tessara Neji wrote:
Nick Armstrong wrote:
we don't have an outlaws team at all, so doubling up on merchants without having at least one of each is risky. Though Tessara's feat so her pick. Next team should cover all the bases though
T will never pick an outlaws team. There is no need for sabatoge.

How can we expect citizens to let us to run the city, or want to take over the city, look out for the city if we use sabotage?

I agree with Octavio.

Nick Armstrong wrote:
we don't have an outlaws team at all, so doubling up on merchants without having at least one of each is risky. Though Tessara's feat so her pick. Next team should cover all the bases though

T will never pick an outlaws team. There is no need for sabatoge.

Shall we get the importer the Knights helped?

Bonus team to be merchants, so we can upgrade them to merchant lords for special orders

My votes are for recruit, investigate the Aulamaxa matriarch, find Rexus, upgrade merchant to black market. I'm taking leadership at 7, but it doesn't change anything for Hetamon till I'm level 9. Can't take leadership then as I have my eye on another feat.

Tessara hits up the treasury and asks Hetamon to make her a headband of wisdom. pre level up

Tessara will do the diplomacy check, that +16 means something :p

Sure a little friendly competition is fun, but surely we can't let it become more than friendly. We need to be able to count on each other, have each others backs. Each and everyone of us is an important member of this team, on a quest to help the city we care for.

diplomacy: 1d20 + 16 ⇒ (5) + 16 = 21

It's a success :)

Oops, sorry. Upgrade the merchants to merchant lords, if the others agree. And the Crow's to be speelcasters, again if the others agree.

Action suggestions: recruit, upgrade a team x 2, misinformation.

Now that we have a new base Tessara starts work on making the space feel more like a base proper. This also means there'll be a weekly chore schedule drawn up.

Everyone will have a turn at all of the jobs.

She and Octavio have a private chat about their room.

She makes sure everyone has a space they can call their own, and gets dividers for people who are sharing rooms. With names on a list for their own room as more sleeping space is found

Asks Hetamon to help her consecrate the base, and set up an all faiths shrine. While they do that, they chat about all sorts of things that BFFs do.

Works with Octavio and the Order of the Torrent to set up an exercise/training space. And joins them in the morning sessions.

Asks Vendalfek to work with Morgga to find us a reliable and great cook. And works with them to ensure their respective teams are sorted for their needs.

Asks Maggie, if the Fushi sisters want anything special for their space.

Does her weekly visits with Setrona, Chuko and Laria. And invites them over for a new space gathering, once a great chef is found.

Also invites Hetawell and Zia when she pops by to talk about a new outfit to be made, and some bedding for the crews.

Dispels the lock on the door to the next area to be explored.

Tessara goes with Ramrut and Kush on one of their pub visits. Best she get to know these guys a bit better.

Awww, Hetamon. This belt is amazing. It's sooooooo pretty. Yay. Thank you.

Must make plans to step up the Tessara and Hetamon friendship. He's so aww.

During the week Tessara sets up a regular meeting for drinks and chat with Setrona - to hear some cute stories about Octavio as a child, and to check-in that all is well with her.

She invites Hetawell over to tell him about the way she saw Tayacet wear armour with an outfit to look stylish. Hopefully, inspiring him to help her get the look just right. She recommends he stays over to catch up with Hetamon.

She starts finding ways to get to know the other members of the Order of the Torrent, in a pressure free way. She even gets up early to join a training session.

Checks in with Laria, that the coffee house hasn't gotten any new dottari attention. And tells her about the awesome work that Hetawell does.

Mentions to Vendalfek that the new guy, Nick, seems to like his whiskey. Perhaps they can form an appreciation club? Also asks him if his pedlar team needs anything?

Checks in with Morgga that he's doing ok. Asks him if he's meet anyone interesting lately. And if his team needs anything.

Asks the Fushi sisters if there's anything special they need. If they're feeling settled in ok?

Asks Luculla if she has any new recipes she wants a tester for. And just generally starts to chat and get to know her neighbour better. Especially, as she is the lady helping her in her love-love quest. And once they're a little friendlier she'll ask her how she feels about Hetamon, Morgga, Nick, and Ramrut in particular. Or does she have a special someone already?

And she ends her week with a visit to Chuko to chat about the wonder of glaives.

T asks Hetamon nicely to create a belt of con for her. "Thanks muchly, H."

Tessara and Hetamon have weekly coffee and cake chats. They're going to become bff.

She still sends daily letters to Octavio, and makes sure he gets his morning teatime treat.

Sends a thank you letter to Hetawell for the awesome clothes he's made her. And commissions a special something as a gift for Octavio.

At the weekly meeting she proposes that the actions for the week should be:

doghousing interference
find Rexus

"It looks like we'll need to go look into the Lucky Bones ourselves."


*sigh* forgot to add more bits.

Tessara, keeps on sending daily letters to Octavio, in the evening. She writes about her day, enquires after his. And every morning tea time she makes sure he gets his blueberry tarts from The Sweet Tooth .

Oh, and Fushi sisters to check out the base for us.

With a sigh, Much as finding Rexus is important, we need to be a light of hope for the citizens of this town. So we must run doghousing interference.

Crow to run interference, and Armitages for Rexus hunt.

Tessara, takes Vaelic aside. And starts to share what happened, while the others consider how to react.

Tessara holds a meeting of all the rebellion members under the guise of festival celebrations at the Tooth&Nail.

As you all know we have suffered a grave lost. Three of the founders are gone, two dead - Ormus and Turik, and Rexus is missing. Another leader, Philipe has also died.

But we must not let their deaths be in vain. We must takes this moment to strengthen ourselves for the task ahead. We must remember that this is about more than individuals, this is about our city.

And as such, there'll be some changes around here.

The first order of business is to find Rexus.

Once that is done, we will remind the people of our city, why we are standing against Thrune.

Our task is to show them, that what Thrune does not do for them, we will. As such, we will find The Slasher, the missing children and a way to stop the excruciations.

We must be the good that the city needs. We will not cause chaos, we will do this in an orderly way, that preserves the city, and its people.

If this is not the way you wish to help the city, feel free to leave.

If you are interested in a leadership position, introduce yourself to your comrades.

Tessara takes a seat next to Octavio.

Am looking at rebuilding to be a paladin of Shelyn instead. Also considering no more diplomacy, just big intimidate. She's also continuing her love-love, there must be something beautiful to come out of the trauma.

Excellent, let's do both. Philipe to the forgery desk!

We should go see all the people.

That is an excellent idea Korrva. We should see as many local merchants as we can, who knows what we could learn.

She also sends Zac a note, telling him she gets it. But doesn't like it at all. How is this finding the beauty in all?

Tessara spends 50gp, on fancy paper, and inks to send letters to Octavio. Another 10 gp for some different colour strips of ribbon. And 80gp, for another fancy outfit in a shade of blue to match the armour that Octavio wears.

The rest of the money is being saved for visiting businesses in town, and picking up some cleric scrolls. That leaves her with 610gp.

She spends her evenings writing Octavio amorous letters. She uses a raven to deliver him one each evening.

Forgot to change my who to post as :-/

Wait, we have new folks? Fine then, make all our teams awesome.

Totally forgot we recruited already.

It's time for us to help the Fushi Sisters be more awesome.

Aka training time.

I think there are bound to be more people wanting to join our cause lets find them.

Aka recruit action.

Level up 2 teams, and a recruit action?

I think Tessara now manages 4 teams with the level. Info, recruitment and money are my votes for actions.