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| Perception +20M; low-light vision | Speed 25ft | Current conditions: | Exploit Vulnerability active against: | ◆◇↺


He/Him | CN tengu thaumaturge 13 | hp 136/136; Hero Points 1/3 | AC 34; F+19E R+22E W+23M (GreaterResolve: W succ -> crit success, crit fail -> fail, fail -> 1/2 dmg)

About Tenpot Chans

CN jinxed tengu sailor thaumaturge (gunslinger dedication) 13
CN, medium, humanoid, tengu

Perception +20M; low-light vision
Speed 25
Home Region The Shackles
Languages Common, Goblin, Mwangi, Sylvan, Tengu
Deity Hei Feng
STR 12 (+1), DEX 19 (+4), CON 12 (+1), INT 16 (+3), WIS 12 (+1), CHA 20 (+5)

AC 34
Fort +19E, Ref +22E, Will +23L; Greater Resolve (Will success -> Crit Success, Crit fail -> fail, Fail -> half damage)

◆Intensify Vulnerability (Weapon) +2 vs. target of Exploit Vulnerability
...+1 striking ghost touch beak +24 (finesse, unarmed, ghost touch); Damage 2d6+8 P
...+1 striking ghost touch fist +24 (agile, finesse, nonlethal, unarmed); Damage 2d4+8 B
...war razor +23 (agile, backstabber, deadly d8, finesse); Damage 1d4+6 S
...whip +23 (disarm, finesse, nonlethal, reach, trip); Damage 1d4+6 S
...+2 greater striking underwater shock dueling pistol +25 (concealable, concussive, fatal d10); Damage 3d6+9 P + 1d6 E
...lesser alchemist's fire +23 (thrown 20ft); Damage 1d8+5 fire plus 1 fire splash plus 1 persistent fire
...lesser ghost charge +23 (thrown 20 ft); Damage 1d8+5 positive plus 1 positive splash plus enfeebled 1 until start of next turn
(*Implement's Empowerment included in above)
(Exploit Vulnerability - weakness 8; not included)
...firearm rounds 50
...silver rounds 10
...cold-iron rounds 10

Source Tengu feat
Primal DC 30
Primal Spell Attack +20
Innate Spells
...Cantrip (7th) electric arc, produce flame (can be cast underwater)

Source Demon Mask
Occult DC 20
Innate Spells
...1st fear

Ancestry Eat Fortune, Harbinger's Caw, Mariner's Fire, Storm's Lash
Class Advanced Shooting (Running Reload), Ammunition Thaumaturgy, Basic Shooting (Pistol Twirl), Gunslinger Dedication (Way of the Pistolero), Practiced Reloads (Raconteur's Reload), Slinger's Readiness (Ten Paces), Sympathetic Vulnerabilities
General Diehard, Toughness, Untrained Improvisation
Skill Assurance (Athletics; 22), Dubious Knowledge, Intimidating Glare, Quick Jump, Slippery Prey, Steady Balance, Terrified Retreat, Underwater Marauder

Thaumaturge Implement (Bell), Implement (Weapon [pistol]), Esoteric Lore, Esoterica, Exploit Vulnerability (weakness 8), Greater Resolve, Implement Adept (Bell), Implement's Empowerment, Implement's Interruption, Ring Bell (DC 31, lasts for 3 rounds), Second Adept, Weapon Specialization

Acrobatics +23M
Arcana +18T
Athletics +16T
Crafting +18T
Deception +25M
Diplomacy +20T
Esoteric Lore +24M
Intimidation +25M
Medicine +14U
Nature +18E
Occultism +18T
Performance +20T
Religion +16T
Sailing Lore +18T
Society +16U
Stealth +19T
Survival +14U
Thievery +19T

Magical Items +2 greater striking underwater shock dueling pistol, +1 striking ghost touch handwraps of mighty blows, +2 resilient invisibility studded leather armor, darkvision scope, demon mask, dust of appearance, lesser healing potion, minor healing potion, moderate healing potion, potion of flying, potion of water breathing, winged boots
Mundane Items war razor, whip, lesser alchemist's fire, lesser ghost charge, backpack, bedroll, chalk (10), compass, crowbar, disguise kit, firearm cleaning kit, fishing tackle, flint and steel, grappling hook, rope (50 ft), signal whistle, small concertina, soap, thieves' tools, replacement pick, waterskin, wooden religious symbol, writing set, 32gp, 4sp, 8cp

Hero Point Log:

06/11/2023 Hero Point Reset (Case File 8 start) [1/3]
09/20/2023 Spent trying to avoid being blinded. [0/3]
06/11/2023 Hero Point Reset (Case File 8 start) [1/3]
06/11/2023 Hero Point Reset (Case File 7 start) [1/3]
05/04/2023 Hero Point Reset (Case File 6 start) [1/3]
03/20/2023 Hero Point Reset (Case File 5 start) [1/3]
12/31/2022 Hero Point Reset (Case File 4 start) [1/3]
11/06/2022 Hero Point Reset (Case File 3 start) [1/3]
09/30/2022 Hero Point Reset (Case File 2 start) [1/3]
09/24/2022 Hero Point spent after yet another nat 1 [0/3]
09/03/2022 Initial hero point (Case File 1 start) [1/3]

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