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What magical items are other DM's giving Baphomet?

He has to have more than Aizerghaul, right?

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Question is in the subject... never been before, just wondering what time, historically, registration begins on the first day?

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For those that have already ran Sword of Valor, how did you include the entire party with only one army to command? I know there is the 2nd rescued mercenary army later but that is still only two armies and I have five players.

For those DM's who have not ran it yet... what do you plan to do to include everyone in the mass combat portions with only one army?

I was thinking of adding an additional 100 soldier army with the ability to break them up into squads of 50. This would allow four small armies and then the 200 mercenaries would be a 5th.

Just curious what other are doing/planning to handle this.

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Ok, perhaps I am missing something but if someone could shed some light on this I would greatly appreciate it.

According to the Campaign book the longer the trade route the harder it is to maintain. "Longer trade routes are harder to maintain than short
ones. Ultimate Campaign, pg 232"

Makes sense... until you look at the formula for figuring out the DC

"Divide the Trade Route Length by 10 to get the Route Modifier (RM). Subtract the TRL from your kingdom’s Size to get the Length Modifier (LM), with a minimum LM of 0. Ultimate Campaign, pg 232"

Why does the formula make the trade route easier the further away it is?

Or am I just overly tired today?

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First, why was the Vivisectionist made ilegal for play?

Second, what exactly are the stipulations for me to alter the character?

I looked, but did not see any rebuild rules. But, since this change apparently happend an update or two ago I am probably just not looking in the correct place.