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About Tekkie

Race/Gender: Yazirian female
Profession: Techex
Occupation: Star Law (Technician Cadet)

Physical Stats:
Strength: 30/ Stamina: 40
Dexterity: 67 (52)/ Reaction Speed: 60 (45)
Intelligence: 70/ Logic: 80
Perception: 50/ Leadership: 50

Combat Data:
Initiative Modifier: +6 (+5)
DM: +1 CS (+0 CS)
Punching Score: +2
Ranged Weapons: 34% (26%)
Melee Weapons: 34% (26%)
Current Stamina: (40)

Racial Abilities:
Night Vision: -15 to Dex/RS when operating in full daylight
Gliding: Glide 1m forward for every Metre descending.
Battle Rage 5%, when enraged have +20 to melee attacks.

Skill Data
PSA: Technologicial

Agility * (free skill)
Computers: (6pts)
/Access & Operate +1
/Bypass Security +1
/Defeat Security +1
/Display Information +1
/Repair Mainframe +1
/Repair Specialized +1
Engineer: Mechanical +1 (1pt)
Machinery Operation +1 (1pt)
Machinery: Repair +1 (1pt)
Optics +1 (1pt)
Physics +2 (3pt)
Robotics: (3pts)
/Activate/Deactivate +1
/Identification +1
/Repair +1
Security Systems: Open Locks +1 (1pt)
Vehicles: (3pts)
/Repair +2

Standard Equipment Pack
Sun Goggles (to offset penalties to vision in sunlight)
136 Cr

Background: Introvert technophile she was working aboard the ship maintaining the robots and other auxiliary systems when the ship suffered a major malfunction (her point of view) and finds the current predicament as extremely horrific since it means she has little in the way of useful skills surviving in the wilds as it were...