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Full Name

Teja Khelledottir


HP 88/88; hero 0/3; moderate healing potion 0/1; (heals 1hp/min) lv 1: 1/1; 2: 0/1; 3:0/1;


AC 26(w/shield); F +13 (+1 vs inhaled toxins); R +19(evasion); W +13; resist cold&electricity/2; Per +14; Stealth +16 25'; Conditions: none


NG female human rogue scholar-8

About Teja Khellekdottir

Full CS at Mythweavers

Rapier +17 2d6+2 (P) deadly 1d8
Dagger +16 1d4+2 (S/P)

===The rest of this is pretty out of date, current values on the linked sheet above. ====

Link to sheet
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First port of call is to try and identify any opponents (trained in all skills) :
Teja will move into flanking positions, so long as it doesn't expose her to multiple attackers.
Otherwise in combat she will use deception (+15) to feint to make someone flat footed.
She will attack ( +16 2d6+2 damage, deadly 1d8) with her rapier as many times as she can. She may draw/throw a dagger as well (+15, 1d4+2). Note if piercing weapons appear to not work well, she can use the dagger to do slashing damage).
Sneak attack for extra +2d6 damage to flat-footed (either through flanking or feint).


A tall woman of obviously Kellid ancestory enters the room. Tall, she walks with surprising grace. While her face mostly screams Kellid her dress is Varasian, and her movement is that of a dancer.
While she doesn't bear the traditional heavy weapons of a Kellid, a dagger and rapier hang at her waist. A glance at her hands don't show the calluses of a swordswoman though. Rather they are covered in ink. Stepping back you might even notice her robe is that of a scholar.

PFS Information:

[spoiler=Teja Khelleson]
Ethnicity: Human
Nationality: Khellid
Birthplace: Land of the Mammoth Lords
Age: 15
Gender & Pronouns: Female / She
Height: 6’ 1”
Weight: 170lb
Physical Appearance: Teja is large for a human, although small for a Khellid. While she dresses as a Khellid, she has the eyes of a Varisian.

ancestry (heritage) Human (skilled)
background Scholar
Pathfinder training Scrollsx3;
class: Rogue; Level: 6; Experience: (see above)
size Medium traits Human, Humanoid, Medium;
alignement; NG; deity
Languages: Common, Hallit, Elven, Dwarven, Varasian, Osiriani
Perception: +10 [E]
Special Senses: none
Deny Advantage

AC: 24 (10 + 4 +6 +2+2 ) [T]

Unarmored: [T], ; Light: [T], ;

Fortitude: 10 [T]
Reflex: 14 [E]
Will: 10 [E]
Notes: (conditional modifiers, reactions, resistances, immunities, etc.)

Class DC: 22 [T]

Speed: 25’; Movement Types: none;

Melee Strikes
Rapier +15 [E] damage (2d6) [P] (traits) Deadly 1d8

Ranged Strikes
Dagger +14 [T] d4 [P/S] (traits) versitile

Weapon Proficiencies
Simple: [E], Martial: [T/E/M/L], Other (weapon): [T/E/M/L]
Rapier,Sap, Shotbow, Shotsword, unarmed [E]

SKILLS plus ten (7+3)

Acrobatics: ## = (dex) + (prof) + (item) - (armor) [T] (choice) +12
Arcana: ## = (int) + (prof) + (item) [E] (choice) +14
Athletics: ## = (str) + (prof) + (item) - (armor) [T] (choice) +8
Crafting: ## = (int) + (prof) + (item) [T] (choice) +12
Deception: ## = (cha) + (prof) + (item) [E] (class-basic) +14
Diplomacy: ## = (cha) + (prof) + (item) [T] (class-racket) +11
Intimidation: ## = (cha) + (prof) + (item) [T] (choice) +11
Lore (Academia): ## = (int) + (prof) + (item) [T] (background) +12
Lore(Pathfinder Society)## = (int) + (prof) + (item) [T] (bard archetype replacement skill) +12
Medicine: ## = (wis) + (prof) + (item) [E] (choice) +10 (assurance)
Nature: ## = (wis) + (prof) + (item) [T] (choice) +8
Occultism: ## = (int) + (prof) + (item) [E] assurance- (background; L2) +14
Performance: ## = (cha) + (prof) + (item) [T] (choice) +11
Religion: ## = (wis) + (prof) + (item) [T] +8 (bard archetype replacement skill)
Society: ## = (int) + (prof) + (item) [E] (ancestry - auto progressed to expert) +14
Stealth: ## = (dex) + (prof) + (item) - (armor) [E] (class) +14
Survival: ## = (wis) + (prof) + (item) [T] (choice) +8
Thievery: ## = (dex) + (prof) + (item) - (armor) [T] (choice) +8


STR 10(+0), DEX 18(+4), CON 14(+2), INT 18(+4), WIS 10(+0), CHA 16(+3)
A: Dex/Int
B: Int/Dex
C: Cha
D Dex/Int/Cha/CON


Ancestry Feats and Abilities
Special 1st: Skilled (Society)
1st: Haughty Obstinacy
5th: Cooperative Nature (+4 to aid checks)

Skill Feats
Background: Assurance (Occultism)
(rouge 1): Multilingual
(rogue 2): TBD
Underwater Marauder
(rogue 3): Arcane sense
Kreightons cognitive crossover (society, occultism)
(5) Assurance (medicine)
(school training 5) Battle Medicine
(6) Continual recovery

General Feats
(rogue 3) 3rd: Breath Control

Class Feats and Abilities
Feature 1st: Rogues Racket (scoundrel) feint good until next of next turn
Feature 1st: Sneak attack (1d6); Surprise attack;
1st: Trapfinding
2nd: Bard dedication (enigma muse)
3rd: Muse's whispers (r3) bardic lore
6th: Analyse weakness (@d6)

Bonus Feats


Combat Gear: Leather armor, Dagger, Rapier
Magic Items:
Other Gear: Adventurer’s pack, Climbing kit, sheath, thieves tools

Bulk: 3 (Encumbered at: ## = 5 + (str); Maximum at: ## = 10 + (str))

Coins: # 93s


1. PFS(2) We Be Heroes?:

Boon: description: Lastwall debt (diplomacy or religion at 4+ level; no boxes ticked; can recall knowledge(undead) without ticking a box).
Reputation(s): none
Fame Earned: none
Fame Spent: none
Gold Earned: none
Downtime: none

2. Quest 1a: The Sandstone Secret:

Boon: description: Sandslide (3 uses): You would fail (but don’t critically fail) a reflex save to avoid a trap. Step and drop prone in new location. +2 circumstance bonus to triggering reflex. If that would make a difference,you made the save!
Reputation(s): Grand Archive +1 (1)
Fame Earned: +1
Fame Spent: -
Silver Earned: 35
Downtime: Income: 4sp

3. 01-01 The Absalom initiation:

Reputation: Grand Archive +4 (5)
Fame Earned: +4 (5)
Fame Spent: -
Silver Earned: 140
Downtime: Income: 16sp
Boon: Engraved Wayinder (Slotless): To celebrate your success as a Pathinder agent, Janira gave you a compass lid engraved with your name and a Glyph of the Open Road, symbol of the Pathinder Society. You can attach this lid to any compass, including a wayinder, to personalize it
Boon: Society Connections (Downtime): Your connections with leaders within the Pathinder Society help you ind opportunities, both new missions and support for your other endeavors. Check the box that precedes this boon when you Earn Income during Downtime to attempt a task of level 3. If you critically fail the check, you still earn the result of a failure for that task. (one unchecked box)

4. 01-02 The Mosquito Witch:

Reputation: Grand Archive +4 (9)
Fame Earned: +4 (9)
Fame Spent: -
Silver Earned: 140
Downtime: Income: 16sp
Cryptid Scholar (Untyped Boon): Your experiences with the Mosquito Witch have inspired you to research strange creatures. When you Recall Knowledge to identify a rare or unique creature, you can use the following reaction:
[reaction] (fortune) Uses 3 □□□ Trigger You attempt to Recall Knowledge to identify a creature you can see; Effect You roll the skill check twice and use the better result.