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Voss wrote:
It isn't about 'being ahead,' a change in how information is organized can be a significant headache for users.

Exactly. I've never used AON. I'm sure it works for plenty of people. It does not work for me. The organization and ability to find the info the way I need it displayed is absent. The PRD was perfect for my needs. The change to AON is a colossal let down for me at the moment.

Hoepully they will make the wise choice to reorganize the site to have the more organized functionality of the PRD.

Fortunatly Paiszo listened and put the legacy PRD up. And I can still use PFSRD which has better organization.

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Richard Lowe wrote:

AoN has the source for things on every page, there is also a 'Source' option in the left hand menu that you can click on and select a specific source to see everything from it... it's actually miles ahead of anywhere else in that regard.

I'd like to see the sources in the tables as well.

Thanks for the tip about the Source menu option. That's helpful.

Although the Paizo PRD was better organized.

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Boo....This blows (at least for the moment).

I was in the middle of using the PRD and WHAM...redirected to AON and the site grinds to a halt.

I preferred the organization of the PRD. Hopefully AON sees fit to put in Product references for those of us who want to limit things to certain books.