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HP: 17 | AC: 16 | Fort: +4; Reflex: +5; Will +9 | Perc: +7; Stealth +5 | Speed: 25 | 1st Spell Slots: 1/2 | FP: 2 | HeP: 1


| Acro: +5; Craft: +4; Diplo: +3; Lore (Herb): +4; Nat: +7; Surv: +7 | Str: +1; Dex: +2; Con: +1; Int: +1; Wis: +4; Cha +0 | Current Effects: None


Male N Human (Novan) Herbalist Druid 1 |

About Tatanka-Ptecila

Male Human (Novan) Herbalist Druid 1 (0 xp)
Human, Humanoid, Medium, N
Perception +7
Languages Common, Druidic, Novan
Skills Acrobatics +5, Crafting +4, Diplomacy +3, Lore (Herbalism) +4, Nature +7, Stealth +5, Survival +7
Str 12 (+1), Dex 14 (+2), Con 12 (+1), Int 12 (+1), Wis 18 (+4), Cha 10 (+0)
Other Items Adventurer's Pack (Backpack, Bedroll, 2 Belt Pouches, 10 Chalk, Flint & Steel, 50 feet of Rope, 2 week's rations, Soap, 5 Torches, Waterskin), Bandolier, Basic Crafter's Book, Clothing (Ordinary, Winter), Dagger, Hatchet, Healer's Tools, Holly & Mistletoe, Javelins (5), Leather Armor, Sheath (3), Staff, purse (4 gp; 13 sp; 17 cp) (Bulk: 4 4L)


AC 16; Fort +4; Ref +5; Will +9
HP 17; Focus Points 2; Hero Points 1


Speed 25 feet
Melee Staff +4 (Two-Handed d8), Damage 1d4+1 Bludgeoning
Ranged Javelin +5 (Thrown, 30ft range increment, reload 1), Damage 1d6+1 Piercing

(School) Spells DC 17, attack +7;
Cantrips (1st) Dancing Lights, Detect Magic, Electric Arc, Know Direction, Produce Flame
1st Heal, Shillelagh

Order Spells
1st Goodberry


Class Features
* Primal Spellcasting
* Anathema
* Druidic Language
* Druidic Order (Leaf)
* Shield Block
* Wild Empathy

Class Feats
* Leshy Familiar

Ancestry Features
* Heritage (Versatile Heritage)

Ancestry Feats
* General Training

Skill Feats
* Assurance (Nature)
* Forager
* Natural Medicine

General Feats


* Simple Weapons - Trained
* Unarmed Attacks - Trained
* Light Armor - Trained
* Medium Armor - Trained
* Unarmored Defense - Trained
* Primal Spell Attacks - Trained
* Primal Spell DCs - Trained

Other Abilities


Tatanka was born into the Hart-Restia-Iulan (Three-Prong-Stag) tribe close to twenty-five (a hand of hands) winters ago. They weren’t the strongest or largest of tribes, numbering in at fewer than ten hands (50) and often struggled to simply survive through some years. Their village was rather simple, consisting of a few hands worth (~10-15) of low buildings along one bank of a river surrounded by a low wooden wall. They were mostly dugouts constructed of timber frames, with roofs of sod and grass suspended over several layers of deerskin.

Of the area surrounding their village, the Three-Prong-Stag tribe controls a fairly average sized region around them. It extends to the forest to their west, at a distance of about (3-5 days) walking time. To the north and south, their territory extends a little farther going about (4-6 days) walking time to the north and (6-8 days) walking time to the south. To their east, their territory extends for about (8-10 days) walking distance, up to what is now the region of New Valeria.

They had several enemies, including the Green-Fang tribe in the forest to the west, the Ixil-Danag tribe to the south, and even a group of Orcs to the north. They would occasionally skirmish with these groups, over resources or territory. It was in one of these skirmishes with the Orcs to the north, when Tatanka was roughly (12) winters in age, that both of his parents were killed. As was the custom in his tribe, his raising was then given over to another member of the tribe. In this case, it was to the tribes priest, a shaman of the nature spirits who kept the world around their village happy. Over several years, as Tatanka showed some skill with shamanistic magic, the older man began teaching him how to call upon the spirits of the world, as well as of how to safely harvest the useful portions of plants without doing them lasting injury.

This training as the elder shaman's apprentice continued for several years, until at last it was time for his Uruk-Divak (a passage into adulthood / naming ceremony). It was a the culmination of the ceremony, with the sun setting behind the mountains far to the west and the full moon just coming up over the eastern horizon, that Tatanka summoned a nature spirit, channeling it into the form of a tiny Leshy creature. As such, he was given the Life-Name Ptecila (which roughly translates as Giver-Of-Life-To-Vines). After this, as his mentor was still strong with the ways of nature and unlikely to pass into the realm of the spirits just yet, Tatanka decided that instead of challenging the older man, he would travel the surrounding lands during the bountiful months, returning to the village during winter-time. This is what he did for the next few years, accompanied by his Leshy companion that he had named Pulu-Durat (~Grasping Vines).

However, as he approached the village later than usual one autumn, after the first snows of the year had fallen, he found the village abandoned, with broken walls and burned buildings, with no signs of any of his tribe present. Searching the village, he found only one clue as to what may have happened: a metal hatchet, painted with orcish symbols, embedded in the skull of his mentor's mostly skeletal remains. After performing the sending off ritual, ensuring that his mentor would receive a welcome in the spirit lands, Tatanka took the hatchet. Looking at the strange implement, he swore to himself that he would get vengeance on the orc who did this. First the green folk had taken his parents, and now his mentor. However, he knew that by himself he would be no match for an orc, let alone an entire warband or village of them.

Tatanka then spent several cold and miserable weeks in the village, gathering what few supplies he could find amongst the broken dugouts. After a time, he left the village, heading east to the lands of the strange newcomers. He had encountered them before - usually in chance encounters in the woods, or when the occasional merchant came by his old village to trade - so he knew the rudiments of their strange language, and a few of their customs.

Tantanka stands at roughly 5'9", relatively short for the Novans of this region, and probably weighs in at around 140-150 lbs. His eyes are a dark brown, and his black hair is shaved above the ears, with the rest pulled back into a singular ponytail. His skin is a tanned Terra-cotta color, tanned a slightly deeper shade on his face and arms. What can be seen of his skin has a variety of markings, either primitive tattoos or brands on his skin. These are especially noticeable around his face and wrists, as well as some along his back (with one at the base of his neck that is particularly noticeable).

On each of his forearms, just above his wrists, are circular bands of intertwined black patterning, the left sharp and angular while the right is smooth and rope-like. Above these are ~2 inch long, 1 inch wide identical markings, more or less diamond shaped with a circle in the middle. His face has what appear to be deer antlers that begin at his cheekbones and continue up over his ears. On his forehead is an extremely intricate mark, incorporating what appear to be symbols, knotwork, and geometric shapes. At the base of his neck is some kind of tree or vine marking, with roots going down his back and branches or vines onto his shoulders and neck.

He is dressed in clothing made out of thin deerskin, with a sleeveless shirt covering his torso and pants going down to his sandal-shod feet. Over this he has a thicker set of leather armor, protecting his torso, abdomen, upper arms, and his legs, accompanied by a small 'helm' or hat of stiffened leather he can put on. At his belt is a stone dagger on one side and a metal hatchet on the other, as well as a pair of pouches behind the weapons. Crossing his chest is a leather strap, with small pouches and loops filled with plant matter of various kinds. On his back is a leather sack, filled with a variety of items. To its left is a quiver holding five stone-tipped javelins, while on its right is his Leshy Familiar, holding onto him with their head resting on his shoulder. In his hands he holds a gnarled staff, the bottom end well worn and the other somewhat heavy looking.




Name: Tatanka-Ptecila
A: Novan Human (Versatile) B: Herbalist C: Druid
Alignment: True Neutral Deity: Shamanism / Nature Spirits
Perception +7 (T); Senses: normal vision
Speed: 25
STR: 12 (+1) DEX 14 (+2) CON: 12 (+1) INT: 12 (+1) WIS: 18 (+4) CHA: 10 (+0)
AC: 16 (2 (Dex/Cap), 3 (Prof Mod (T)), 1 (Item), 0 (other))
Fort: +4; DC 14 (Con, Prof Mod (T), Item,
Reflex: +5; DC 15 (Dex, Prof Mod (T), Item, other)
Will: +9; DC 19 (Wis, Prof Mod (E), Item, other)
HP: 17
Melee Attacks:
Staff +4 (1d4 + 1); (T); Two-Handed 1d8; situational modifiers
Ranged Attacks:
Javelin +5 (1d6 + 1); 30 ft; (T); Thrown, Reload 1; situational modifiers
Ancestry Feats: General Training (1st); Feat (lvl chosen), etc.
Class Feats: Leshy Familiar (1st); Feat (lvl chosen), etc.
General Feats: Feat (lvl chosen); Feat (lvl chosen), etc.
Skill Feats: Assurance (Nature) (1st); Forager (1st), Natural Medicine (1st)

Skills: Skill +## (T/E/M/L); Skill +## (T/E/M/L); etc
Skills increases by level: Skill (lvl); Skill (lvl), etc.
Item (Bulk, Cost or Level*); item (Bulk, Cost or Level); item (Bulk, Cost or Level); etc.; Total Bulk:
##; Encumbered: Bulk; Maximum: Bulk
Class/Spell DC: ## (Attribute Mod, Proficiency Mod
(T/E/M/L), Item)
Level 10(#Slots or Spells/Day): Spell (#actions), Spell (#actions), etc.
Level 9(#Slots or Spells/Day): Spell (#actions), Spell (#actions), etc.
Level 8(#Slots or Spells/Day): Spell (#actions), Spell (#actions), etc.
Level 7(#Slots or Spells/Day): Spell (#actions), Spell (#actions), etc.
Level 6(#Slots or Spells/Day): Spell (#actions), Spell (#actions), etc.
Level 5(#Slots or Spells/Day): Spell (#actions), Spell (#actions), etc.
Level 4(#Slots or
Spell (#actions), Spell (#actions), etc.
Level 3#Slots or Spells/Day): Spell (#actions), Spell (#actions), etc.
Level 2(#Slots or Spells/Day): Spell (#actions), Spell (#actions), etc.
Level 1(#Slots or Spells/Day): Sp
ell (#actions), Spell (#actions), etc.
Cantrips: Cantrip (#actions), Cantrip (#actions), etc.
Focus Spells (Focus Points): Spell (#actions), Spell (#actions), etc.
Innate Cantrips: Cantrip (#actions), Cantrip (#actions)
, etc.
Bookkeeping Notes
Initial Boosts: Ancestry Boosts; Background Boosts; Class Boost; 4 Free Boosts

Level 5 Boosts:
Level 10 Boosts:
Level 15 Boosts:
Level 20 Boosts: