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Hey, Cosmo! I know you're swamped, but can you give me an update on my order #874857 placed May 7, 2008?

It's a bunch of miniatures, and I think it's being held up by 2 Sinspawn(backorder) and Merisiel(pre-order).

If these are going to be in soon, I'm okay to wait longer ... but if there is a problem, will you advise and suggest a course of action?

Thank you very much for your help in advance!


Will you take a look at this subscription order generated by your system?

It has assigned my shipping as USPS instead of my long-standing preference of UPS Ground.

Can you fix this so it goes out UPS Ground?

Thanks in advance!

In the Gut Check thread I said:

Tars Tarkas wrote:

3. If Paizo does not convert to 4.0, I will continue my Pathfinder, Pathfinder Chronicles, GameMaster Modules and Planet Stories subscriptions. (The reason I would cancel Planet Stories also is because it would no longer make shipping cost sense to ship it alone.) If Paizo does not convert to 4.0, I will also support any new rulebooks Paizo publishes to continue the availability of v3.5 rules (a Paizo Golarion Handbook similar to a PHB would be a multiple-book purchase! ;-)

And in the Thought Exercise thread I said:

Tars Tarkas wrote:


If Paizo publishes a v.3.5 or v.Paizo core rule book, you can count me in for at least 3 copies!

I've just placed my order for 4 copies of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Hardcover due in August 2009, and all of my subscriptions will remain intact.

Thank you Lisa, Erik, and the rest of Paizo for asking questions and listening to the answers.

I hope the orders are flooding into the website!



In case something has changed with this order since we spoke this morning:

To avoid additional shipping, I would like to get the order complete rather than having cancellations of one or more items -- unless Paizo would like to pick up the additional shipping charges to break up the order.

I mention this because of the information on the messageboards tonight regarding how orders are staged and which orders are shipped first.

Please let me know how it works out. ;-) Thanks again!

The product description for Goblin Ninjas lists them as being able to ship in 3 to 6 business days, but when I add them to my Shopping Cart, they show the notation Out of stock in the cart.

Are these Goblin Ninjas available still?

An odd thing I'd thought I should mention:

When I went to 'My Subscriptions,' I noticed that my Pathfinder subscription shipping method had been changed from UPS Ground to USPS Priority Mail. I did not make this change, and I'm sure I checked a couple of days ago, and it correctly said UPS Ground then.

My GameMastery Modules subscription was still set correctly to UPS Ground.

I was able to correct the Pathfinder subscription shipping method using the drop down menu, selecting UPS Ground, and then choosing Save below in the Transition options.

Still, this seemed odd to have happened without my request to change it, so I thought I would mention this and see if anyone else has had this occur.

Maybe it has something to do with the upcoming combination of Pathfinder and GameMastery Modules to ship together?

My Dungeon and Dragon subscriptions transitioned me into 5 issues of Pathfinder.

Awhile ago, I signed up for month-to-month for Pathfinder beginning with issue #6, and I chose "UPS Ground" as the shipping option.

However, upon recently reviewing my subscriptions in the My Account section, I found my subscription with #6 is set to go out USPS.

Recognizing the error, I chose the "UPS Ground" option on the dropdown box and <clicked> "Select" -- the screen refreshed with the original USPS shipping status not "UPS Ground." I repeated this a couple of times with the same result.

I have two questions:

1. How can I get Pathfinder switched to ship "UPS Ground" for issue #6 onward?
2. How can I get issue 1 to 5 to ship "UPS Ground"? **With my GameMastery Module subscription also, of course. ;-) **