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Although I like it I was expecting at least one side without water... :-( Too much water from my point of view.
Good job anyway. I cannot have enough maps :-)

I would love to see a desert background like the multi terrain pack ones. I’m not interested in old maps not made by Jason Engle.

Marco Massoudi wrote:
edxerox wrote:
These look really great. What I always find challenging about the map packs though is how to set up these 'feature' terrain tiles into a coherent battle map without generic terrain tiles to go with them to use to place around these feature tiles. In this pack the generic tiles would simply be white snow tiles. Anyone else have this problem?

Yes, you are not alone with that.

In this special case these maps could work as underlying "background":
Winter Forest
Mountain Pass.
These two are the only flip-mats which have "ice terrain" and one is long sold out.

There are other map-packs which work better by themselves or with another map pack, but some, like Desert Sites, have the same problem.

An okay stand-in for both desert & ice is this:
Basic, even if the colors are not exactly matching, they are close enough. ;-)

Exactly the very same problem here. These tiles are useless to me without a proper background. We have talked about this for long here but looks like paizo don’t care about.

These sets, like desert sites makes me think about unsubscribing from the maps.
River system and road system at least have the terrain flipmat as a background, although unfortunately the green color doesn’t match...too bad

Yes, lately the samples are coming too late.

That dusty ground is superb! Now if you could do something like this to match desert sites map pack to put the tiles on top...:-)

Well, this time it's gonna be shipped before seeing the samples... :-(

Is there any reason why there are no samples yet for June maps?

No samples yet? :D

I've just noticed you updated the cover of both ruined village and bigger cavern but no samples?

skizzerz wrote:
A few years back the cadence was rather rapid (about 3 new sets a year), however for the past couple of years there's been a delay of around 7-8 months between sets on average. Part of this delay may be due to the production of the Iconic Heroes minis (which are not randomized sets, and therefore I didn't count them above) during that time period.

Thank you! :-)

I'm thinking of subscribing to pathfinder battles, but my question is: how often new sets are released?

Thank you

No samples yet? I'm anxiously waiting:-D

It's a pity that such a useful map pack as dungeon rooms is not available anymore. Secret rooms is great if you have dungeon rooms, but without it doesn't make any sense. It is great though! Wonderful design as usual.

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kevin bienhoff wrote:
now if you could only do castle wall sections!


Stephen Radney-MacFarland wrote:
Tarilonte wrote:
Are you planning to release this set again? Is a pity no print edition anymore :-(
No idea. But I will bring it up.

Thank you! :-)

Are you planning to release this set again? Is a pity no print edition anymore :-(

skizzerz wrote:
I'd feel cheated if this had empty tiles, it is called desert sites. I'd rather see something like that in a "basic terrain multi-pack 2" flip mat which contains a blank desert side (among other blanks that aren't present in the first terrain pack, like sky), and you can layer these tiles on top of that.

Exactly. I would love to see a dedicated empty desert flipmat. Otherwise this set is not very useful

They look great, but I'm missing some empty tiles. IMHO even if you get more sets you couldn't build a big desert map.

This is simply awesome !

Great! Any plans for a desert flip mat with an empty side? Just sand and dunes.

Great! :-)

Finally! Can't wait :D

This product is great. Just wondering why the green color doesn't match with others like bridges, road system or green multi pack terrain... a pity

Hope it matches and can be combined with Lost City flipmat.

Why just 2 samples for map packs? What's the official reason for that? I liked when you used to show all of them :-(

Looks like an awesome idea. So this multipack brings 2 different flip mats?


Not impressed:-( not enough detail in the jungle side to my taste. No statues, plain walls...both sides with a jungle lost city would have been better and a separated underwater flip mat with 2 sides for a different release.

So looking forward to seeing it. After this super long wait I hope it meets the high expectations I have for this one :D

Still no preview? Anxious :D

Sounds great! Already excited! :)

I also would love to see this one reprinted. Please! :)

I guess it has to do with avoiding piracy but I also would love to see the whole set of images. Would be nice an official word about this.

Wondering why no one answers if it is part of the subscription? :)

Looks great. This map pack will be totally useful as rooftops was. Thanks!

Looks awesome! Looking forward to more snow maps.

No final images yet? Really curious