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DM Ross wrote:
Burning disarm, on the other hand, proves a bit more difficult to procure. Despite Korvosa's ties with Cheliax, the spell is far from common in arcane circles in the city. Eventually, you manage to find the spell at an estate sale: the previous owner perished in the riots, and his spellbook is being auctioned off page by page. You need to let me know what your 'maximum bid' is.

I've always hated auctions.

Taras will bid up to 150GP for the spell.

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Taras would like to pick up some scrolls and possibly try and get some new spells if he can find someone to share spellbooks.

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So to sum things up we have

Potion of cure moderate
(mwk?) Longbow and (magic?) arrows/ quiver (Taras is going to clarify exactly which bits are magic here)
three small burlap bags. The first two contain reasonable sums of gold and silver, respectively. The third, smaller, bag contains a double handful of various gemstones. Ross can we get a total on this stuff? Appraise checks on gems below
100 Platinum pieces
A silver dagger (Taemin is carrying it)

Can we divide this up pretty quick and get moving? Taras wants to chase down some scrolls and maybe a wand.

Anyone want the Arrows?

Ross: We tell the Marshall about the murders also and our suspicions that Vankerskin was not involved in the murders.

Appraise Check
Bow, gemstones, Dagger in that order (1d20+4=5, 1d20+4=22, 1d20+4=6)

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I'm glad you remembered. I was going to chase it down.

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Sort of rambling as the group gathers up stuff.

"I'm more worried what the mob will do to us should they find out we are taking their free meal to the gaol. Unfortunately, the front window was smashed in. This place will likely be looted of all this meat by morning. Maybe the queen will have some use for this building to help the people some other way.

"If we can't find sacks for their heads we can use bedsheets. Gags might be a good idea as well though perhaps just having Karista whisper sweet nothings into their ear will keep them quiet.

"Oh dear, I think I'm going to have to replace these boots entirely!"

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"Well I believe we're covered pretty much everything. I suggest we remove the criminals from this place and collect our reward. Perhaps we should mask them so the common folk on the street don't recognize them? There should be some sacks around here we can put on their heads."

Taras tries in vein to dust off his robes and grabs a small greasy towel off the wall and tries to get some of the mud off his boots with a disgusted look on his face.

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Taras will carefully search teh room, then check the contents of the hay cart.

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Taras is almost tip toeing through this stuff. "Really guys, I don't think we're going to find anything else in this muck. Can we move on?"

Even as he speaks his foot slips just a bit and his relatively clean boots slides into a pile of pig dung and blood.

"Gaaaaah, this is aweful!"

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Taras will carefully move over to join Veronax

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"Perhaps we should find someone to handle all this meat... it would be a shame to have it all go to waste. Also, leaving live animals here to starve to death would be cruel."

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"This place sickens me. Lets get this done with."

Taras pulls out his obsidian wand and follows Taemin and Karistra.

Ross I wouldn't mind DMing until you return but I don't have the adventure.

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"We have as much as we're going to gt from them, lets turn them over to the queen's guard, we've done our job."

Ross, are there any rooms in this place left to search?

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Taras looks at the corpse then at Karista momentarily and mumbles something in elven about Karista's tailor being color blind then returns to the interrogation.

"You did all this without Vankerskin knowing? Why?"

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DM Ross wrote:
Taemin Swallowtail wrote:
"Who paid you to do this?"
"Parns...set it up. Dunno." He seems to be calming down somewhat.

I forget, Parns is which one? The one Karista killed or the one she just knocked out?

test smurf

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"Karralo, who were you supposed to rough up?"

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"Karista, I must insist that you stop harming these people. I will not stand by and watch cold blooded murder."

Taras moves himself between the prisoners and Karista.

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DM Ross wrote:
Another guard, a pale, skinny fellow who had charged in alongside the fellow Karista just killed, vomits and begins to cry.

I'm assuming Vankerskin isn't lying. Did it look anything like a goat?

Taras goes over to the skinny guy. "Perhaps you know something your 'boss' doesn't? I'm really not fond of violence but I'm afraid Karista is quite beyond my ability to control. What was giggles here hiding that upsets you so much? I assure you I am willing to wait for the cleric to cast a truth spell on you as well. You can answer freely or with the assistance of a little magic and Karista's not so gentle touch."

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Taras gulps at the burst of violent activity. "Vankerskin, perhaps an easy question for you. There is an unusual cut of meat in the back of your meat storage room. I do not recognize the cut. What sort of animal is that from?"

When he gets the chance Taras will mention to the rest of the group that the bow and arrow both radiate magic.

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DM Ross wrote:
Taras, are you still detecting magic?

To be honest I wasn't really thinking much about that so probably not. On the other hand, I don't see why he would have dismissed the effect. *shrug* hard to answer that without being a little meta about it.

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"He's a sock puppet. They are trying to set him up as a rallying point to foment rebellion."

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I'm not sure who is up now... Taras is going to investigate the strange cuts... Maybe a heal check?

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"Eww... meat."

I check for obvious dangers in the room (Perception (1d20+3=20)). Then detect magic in the room. After that I move over to investigate the odd looking meat carefully avoiding getting meat juices on his cloak or stepping in puddles of liquids.

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Before I forget Taras removed whatever magic is in Vankerskins pocket and removes any other valuables from him and the rest of the group.

"We gonna search the rest of this place guys?"

Then Taras goes to the first door downstairs and opens it, entering the room if it's clear.

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Out of earshot of the prisoners

"Ok, I say we see what this place has to offer. When I was talking with Vankerskin here he let slip that someone named Vimanda was involved, It's quite clear there is more here than what casual inspection reveals."

Taras bolts the front door if possible, casts detect magic on the prisoners and removes any valuable items. Then moves down the hall towards the first door.

Map Link for me

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Out of earshot of the prisoners.

"I definitely think we should search the place thoroughly before we do any questioning. He was saying something about Vimanda (sp?) before he clammed up. We need to find out what we can. Clearly there is more to this little operation that just giving meat to the poor."

Taras sets about securing the front door and takes a look out the window to see if the b/e job Haedrick did attracted any attention. Then starts searching.

Perception for looking out the window = 21 then for searching the place = 17

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If Vankerskin is still operational
"Vankerskin, drop the the spear and surrender your men are all down. We're not going to kill you unless we have to."

To Haedrik and Taemin: "We don't have much time, we need to disarm this crew and get them tied up in a hurry. My spell only stuns them for a short time. Haedrik, can you take care of Vankerskin?"

Either way Taras returns to disarming and securing the first guy he put down.

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Ok, Taras is switching priorities. He's going to angle to be able to cast color spray at as many opponents as possible, including hitting Vankerskin again if possible without getting Haedrik.

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To Haedrik - "Talking got me in the door anyhow. Remember we want him alive."

Ross: I'm not sure where we are in combat right now, but it looks like Vankerskin is under control. Taras is going to take a round to completely disarm the man who is unconscious, for the moment Taras will hang on to any weapons.

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At the same time, Karista and Taras kick in the upper level windows, finding themselves in an upstairs living area. Another ex-guardsman is seated at the table.
I imagine you mean Taenim?

Taras uses his diviner's touch on Haedrik (+2 on next attack roll or skill check).

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Initiative (1d20 6=11)

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Clearly this was not a well thought out plan... ah well it got the door open ;)

Not seeing this discussion coming to a peaceful conclusion without withdrawing Taras takes a 5' step into the corner, shouts and casts color spray, trying to get both of them in the arc.

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How many people are in the room? Can we get a map?

"My patron is more or less independent, an outside influence and more interested in the plight of the people than the politics."

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"A gesture if you will from my patron, she is intrigued by your actions and is moved towards a bit of philanthropy but first wants to know why you split with the crown and what your intentions are. Your departure from the guard was most unusual." Taras enters the building and gestures for Verronax to follow.

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"Am I that transparent? My mistress will be disturbed she was hoping for subtlety."

Taras quickly tries to recall what he can about Vimanda and how he can use that knowledge. Knowledge (Nobility) (1d20 6=16)

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"My patron would prefer a little discretion. Perhaps I have come to the wrong address. I'm certain I can find a better outlet for her generosity."

Taras turns as if to go.

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"We are here to speak with Verik Vankerskins on behalf of a wealthy patron."

Diplomacy (1d20 4=13)
Bluff (1d20 2=15)

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So... I take it you folks are 10' back from Taras when he knocks on the door? Anyone at the door with him?

*knock knock knock*

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I'm assuming we are trying diplomacy then non-lethal assault if that fails.

"I think it would be a good idea if I were to be the front man for the group when dealing with these guys. My demeanor is less confrontational and I am good with people."

"Further if it does become a confrontation I can react extremely quickly and hit them with some magic that will stun them and get out of the way."

Taras always acts in the surprise round and has a +6 init modifier. There is a good chance he can hit them with color spray while they are flat footed and clear out before they can react. He also has a +4 diplo so if nothing else is good for aiding another with diplomacy.

Taras is going to spend a little time casting mage armor and hanging a second copy of color spray.

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"I suggest we just approach the front door and request to talk to the gentleman in charge about making a donation. That should get their attention and perhaps get us in the front door. It would help if we made an effort to not look like an assault squad though. Definitely no bared steel."

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"I agree with Karista, I'm not comfortable attacking a group of guys who set aside their uniforms to feed the poor. I would like to talk to these people and get their perspective though. I am curious why they would leave the guard under such strange circumstances."

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Majuba wrote:

Should Taras be 2nd level as well? (I couldn't get to the link Ogre posted to ogrehut - the one on Paizo is only 1st.)

And Welcome to you both!

I don't know if Taras should be second level or not. As of right now I'm assuming no exp. I need to update the version of Taras in my profile.

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Taras keeps close to Verronax with the obsidian wand ready.

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Ross Byers wrote:
Taras is with the group. And yes, you may make changes as long as the basic idea stays the same. I'm letting Jon change Karista's gender, I think I can let you change a feat.

Taras <-- Let me know if that's Ok. Abilities and Skills are slightly different, Spells are changed, 1st level feat is changed. I also added the wands to his character... I'm a little confused but I believe he has the two wands. I'm not sure if he should have any treasure or exp points beyond that.