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Talther Augenlos's page

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Full Name

Talther Augenlos


Damage (0) Wounds (12) Fate (3) Fortune (2/3) Resilience (4) Resolve (4/4) Movement (4)


WS: 39 BS: 29 STR: 32 T: 41 Init: 31 Ag: 36 Dex: 29 Int: 33 WP: 32 Fel: 40


Human Warden



About Talther Augenlos

Talther Augenlos

Human Warden

Weapon Skill: 39 <-

Ballistic Skill: 29

Strength: 32 <-

Toughness: 41 <-

Initiative: 31

Agility: 36

Dexterity: 29

Intelligence: 33

Willpower: 35 <-

Fellowship: 40

Wounds: 12

Fate: 2

Resilience: 4

Movement: 4

Animal Care
Athletics 5
Charm 5
Leadership 3
Charm Animal 5
Consume Alcohol 5
Cool 10
Endurance 5
Entertain (Sing) 0
Evaluate 3
Heal 1
Intuition 5
Language (Bretonnian)
Language (Wastelander)
Lore (Local) 5
Lore (Reikland) 3
Melee (Basic) 5
Ranged (Bow)
Outdoor Survival 1
Perception 6
Ranged (Bow)
Ride (Horse)

Etiquette (Servants)
Savvy (+5 int included)
Night Vision
Perfect Pitch
Resistance (Disease)
Strike to Stun

Rungo, Price 1GC, Availability Common (in Ubersreik), Reach Average, Damage SB+3, Quality Pummel

Trappings: Courtly Garb, Dagger, Pouch containing Tweezers, Ear Pick, Comb, Keys, Lantern, Lamp Oil, Livery

33 silver shillings

Eye Colour: Brown

Hair Colour: Dark Brown

Age: 21

Height: 5' 11"

Status - Warden Silver 3

Short-Term Ambitions (two thanks to good weather)

1. Find a lucrative source of employment.

2. Raise his standing in the eyes of high-tier nobility such as the Karstadts.

Long Term Ambition - Becoming a Governor or a Noble.

XP Spent:

100xp WS +5 (38 -> 39)
125xp S +5
125xp T +5
155xp Fel +6
0xp Wp +5 (5 advances from character creation)
100xp Change career level
20xp Heal out of profession
15xp Perception -> 6 ranks (5 advances from character creation)
100xp Etiquette (Servants)
100xp Rover
10xp Outdoor Survival -> 1 rank

850xp total spent

0xp left

Where are you from?


What is your family like?

Courtiers of middling position.

What was your childhood like?

Taught to serve and obey the House.

Why did you leave home?

Talther has ambitions of becoming the boss.

Who are your friends?

A gaggle of old friends: labourers, guards, etc

What is your greatest desire?

To be a Man of Importance.

What are your best and worst memories?

Best: recognition for saving the House's first daughter from a loose carriage.

Worst: finding his friend Kurz slain, not a week past.

What are your religious beliefs?

Honour all or any of the Gods, as appropriate. Praying to Manaan on a sea voyage would make sense!

To whom, or what, are you loyal?

Himself, his friends.

Why are you adventuring?

To make something of himself!