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Full Name

Talon Thorne











Special Abilities

Resilient Trait (Social) - +1 Fortitude; Observant Trait (Faction) - Perception +1 & Class Skill


Chaotic Good


Cayden Cailean


Hometown: Taldor/Oppara Current: Absalom





Strength 20
Dexterity 14
Constitution 14
Intelligence 7
Wisdom 14
Charisma 7

About Talon Thorne

Talon grew up in a broken house. She is daughter to mother Fawn and father Andrick. After giving birth to Talon, Fawn had complications with the pregnancy that resulted in her being unable to bare anymore children. Growing up in Oppara of the Taldor region meant the young family was always trying to "keep up with the Jones'" Andrick was a skilled hunter by trade and had quite the temper. It grew even more fierce when he felt like he had been wronged by one of the "uppity" folks in town dressed well but just a talking head.

Fawn watched after Talon, and kept up the house, which was very modest at best. Often times, Andrick's temper would flare and it would be taken out on Fawn as Andrick was already resentful enough that Fawn was unable to give him a son. Overhearing these things as a young child, Talon grew up trying to gain approval from her father and therefore took up things that were commonly reserved for young boys, such as trying to learn to hunt/fish/fight. When Andrick found out Talon was partaking in these activities, he would berate her and say that is no way for a girl to act, the merchants and pretty boys in town already think of us as heathens, don't give them any more reason to poke fun at our family.

Talon's immediate family was the only family she had met because they didn't have the money to visit relatives. All of Talon's relatives lived outside of Almas in the Freelands part of the Andoran territory. Her mother did tell her that her grandparents were alive and well and Fawn did have a sister that also had three children, Darren, Fey, and Hal. Sometimes she longed to meet them, but knew this was out of the question.

As Talon grew older, the wedge between her and her father grew larger, and his temper grew even more wild. Fawn seemed to be caught in the middle as she supported Talon and encouraged her to do the things she liked which was "tomboyish" but often got the backlash from Andrick. Because fighting was something Talon grew adept in over the years as she would practice beating up the neighborhood bullies and protecting her kid compatriots in her early years, she knows how to handle herself.

One night when Andrick was in a particularly bad mood yelling at Fawn, Talon came home to witness what was going on and she yelled at Andrick that this was the last straw... he had better get the hell away from Fawn or suffer the consequences of a beating himself. Him, being ill tempered to start, this just added to the rage. He came barreling at Talon, and in her blind rage, grabbed the nearby fire pick (improvised weapon) and ran it through Andrick. Andrick keeled over, grasping for air although it seemed to allude him. In shock, Fawn melted into a heap of crying, while Talon stormed out the front door.

Knowing what she had done and that consequences would be had if she stuck around, she quickly scribbled a note to Fawn "I love you, and I always will. I just wish I could have protected you better earlier. To anyone who asks, tell them it was me. Take care of yourself." She returned, left it on the shoddy table, grabbed the few possesions that she had and her trusty greatsword and headed out bound for the Oppara docks. She snuck on a ship bound for Absalom and didn't look back.

After arriving in Absalom, Talon decided to do what came best, she kept up with her fighting skills and was able to win a bit of money in the local bars by beating a few loud mouth drunkards. Having been a bar rat for a while, she grew particularly accustomed to partaking in the local brew. The bar maiden Leona, could recognize a lost soul when she saw one and offered friendship to Talon and even a job brewing beer for the bar. As Talon became better at her new found profession, she was able to brew a special craft ale that drew patrons from all sides of the sprawling city. Although because of her dark past, Talons name was expressly excluded from any references to the award winning ale as she had to stay under the radar.

Being in a tavern setting frequently, Talon was able to converse and talk with many adventurers and loved to revel in their tales of heroism, misfortune, and exciting adventures. Owing a lot to Leona for her aid is what has primarily kept her from adventuring on her own. One night when Talon was helping Leona clean up, Leona asked Talon whether or not the fantastical story of one of the more famous regulars and his latest journey was enticing to her. Talons eyes got really large and she delved back into the recounting details of his story. Leona could see the passion in Talons eyes and suggested that Talon being a resourceful girl that can clearly look out for herself would be an excellent adventurer. She gave Talon her blessing that if that was what called to her, that she do it.

Talon though on it that whole night as sleep eluded her. The one thing that was tying her down, Leona, gave her blessing for her to leave. Why wouldn't she? She decided that night, she was going to open a new chapter in her life, and over the next three weeks, she geared herself up to adventure out on her next journey. Leona offered any time that she found herself back in Absalom, that she was welcome to stop back by the tavern and start a new batch of her famous ale, as the patrons sure would be happy to get there hands on the now rare commodity.

Talon's Emotional Character Summary:
Skeptical and Disdainful towards "uppity" people that remind her of the Taldans

Protector of people unable to defend themselves

Worships the god of Spirits and good Times: Cayden Cailean

Tries to stay out of the lime-light as she has never returned to Oppa to see if she has to answer for her actions

Acts like a tomboy (whenever she is hit on by a man, she gets flustered and doesn't really know how to act)

She stopped schooling younger than most but she has a knack for attempting to continually learn new things either by reading or more hands on learning attempts

She is very intuitive and lets it guide her actions often

Her experiences in Oppara has made her guarded emotionally but behind the silence, there is quite a lot of wisdom in the words she does express

Talon considers Leona, Fawn and her fellow adventurers as her "real family" although only Fawn is blood related. She would like to try to connect with her distant Andoran relatives, but only has a name to go off of.