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Found Journal:
Entry Eleven: The track down the Sellen River was unbearable. Although Captain Shearwart did his best to accommodate our clergy, the trip was tedious. Luckily, we didn’t encounter any of the river patrols that we thought might come across our path. Once we reach Cassomir, we should be boarding a sea vessel large enough to accommodate our trip to Korvosa. We haven’t heard anything from our contacts from that regen for quite some time but the shipping lanes in that area are flush with potential. I suspect, after greasing the wheel a bit, we can pick up a few extra girls Korvosa. After resupplying, we will head to Magnimar, where Jonavan has arranged for four new girls. The pickup should be smooth, considering the area is well off the beaten path. From there, we will head to Sandpoint and meet with Gidra. Her and her crew should have a solid number for us.

Entry Fourteen: We have brokered a deal with the curator of the Quarterfaux Archive’s Darrick Humphry. He heads one of Caliphas’s underground gangs, which governs the city’s sewer system. The oversized system should take us directly to the temple without having to navigate through the city with the girls.

Entry Twenty-Three: We have collected fourteen girls in total, which should be enough to justify this trip. Adding these girls to our total should please Lord Eastabon. Assuming he doesn’t eliminate any of them, we should have enough to attempt the Gulden Ritual. If the ancient text is correct, this could free Tar-Baphon.

Entry Twenty-Seven: After investigating a disturbance that took place late last night, we have concluded that Sandpoint is aware of our operation. This could undermine our plans if they choose to pursue things further. I have decided, at no small expense, to attempt an old ritual called the awakening. If successful, it will leave Sandpoint with enough on their plate to keep them occupied for quite some time.

Entry Twenty-Seven: is the last entry within the journal.

Copied Ledger Note:
“Lost Minimum Wage Guy:” On the seventh page, second entry: The curator of the Quarterfaux Archive’s Museum, which is a subdivision of the archive, is requesting help locating a missing assistant. The contract offers round trip accommodations aboard a merchant vessel to Caliphas and four paid nights at a location of the group’s choice. The contract offers 1,000 gp on completion, with another 1,000 gp if the assistant is returned. The contract is sponsored by the Quarterfaux Archive. The listed contact is the museum’s curator Cynthia Nail.

“No More Squatters:” On the sixth page, first entry: A request to investigate and eliminate suspected cult activity north of Caliphas, in Ustalav, stands out as one of the higher paying contracts. The contract provides comfortable round-trip travel and accommodations at the Vodavani Lodge for the group’s entire stay. The contract offers 2,000 gp upon conformation of the cult and another 6,000 gp if they are eliminated. The sponsor for the contract is the Royal House of Ordranti. The listed contact is Lord Leopold the III.