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Title says it all. I would love to run in another AP where I would get PFS credit to boot.

Possible AP's (from coolest to less in my opinion from reading discriptions):
Rise of the Runelords
Reign of Winter
Shattered Star
Jade Regent (though reviews are not so good)
Carrion Crown

I'm currently running S&S and there have been multiple recruitments for that anyway recently.


So is there a GM whom would be willing to play one of these adventures and give PFS credit to its players. House ruling is allowed of course.

Are there enough interested players for it and which one would the players prefer to play.

I would love to play a Skulls & Shackles campaign on PBP and I know that there are many potential players interested in it, but for that to happen we would need a GM willing to play one.

Any GM's out there who is interested in running S&S?

Depending on your rules of course, I would love to play an Undine Adept Druid or aquatic Druid.


EDIT: I wouldn't mind starting in the second or third book in case the GM wants to skip the low levels.