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Talasia presents her with some new laundered clothes. Some of them are hand-me-downs, but some of the clothing is new made over the course of the few days that the party is in town.

"Just remember we work quickly, Alia, for when you and my son have your own little ones." Talasia says with a wink to the elf.

Zokon Santyev wrote:
Zokon gives his mother a big hug and kiss "Is there anything you wish of father or want me to tell him?" he asks with a knowing look in his eye

"Just tell him that I'm happy." Zokon's mom says with a sly smile. She kisses him on the cheek.

{Skeptical mother look}

"Of course, dear. You know how I worry about you."

She kisses him on the forehead, and goes to prepare dinner.

Simultaneously elsewhere.

"Son, come sit with your mother." Talasia says inviting her son over.

"Zokon, this is a big step. Marriage. You're not even fifty yet." begins the half-elf. "I mean, Alia may well be old enough to remember Brevoy as two separate nation before the coming of the Conqueror, over two centuries ago. That gap of time is well hard to overcome."

Alia of the Blade wrote:
To Talasia, she replies: "I understand it may, but all the same, I will keep Zokon save - when we have come far enough that he will not need to take care of everything by himself, I will gladly settle for a more calm life. Until then, my place will be at his side, to turn away any cruel fate that would befall him, or share it."

Talasia nods in apparent appreciation.

Serena Mistcastle wrote:
"Grapes," Serena replies, not taking her eyes from the girl. "I love good purple grapes, bursting with flavor. I'm also partial to delicious red apples."

"Oh, there aren't many vineyards this far north, but I suspect Talanova's Vineyard to be the best in Brevoy." Talasia says adding to the ladies' chit chat.

Alia of the Blade wrote:

She approaches Zokon and his mother, letting him speak. It came unexpected that he would tell her right here, right after meeting her, but it made little difference.

It was his home, and she let Zokon do the talking, unless directly addressed by Talassia. When asked if she was a Ranger like her son, Alia does her best to imitate it(including the pew pew noises and finger guns):"I do some of this...", then swiftly moves into performing some casual street level magic with her active prestidigitation...."and some of that." and smiling, hoping that being a good sport about it scored her some points with Talasia.

"Well, yes." Talasia says apparently not knowing what to make of Alia.

"Though I suppose being a Duchess will cut into your busking time quite a lot." she says, and forces a laugh.

She does have a tub in her room, and will set some water to heating in the fireplace if Alia wants to use it.

"So when's the big day?" Talasia asks her son, and would-be daughter-in-law.

"I don't know that we'll have enough room for everyone." Talasia says showing people through the house and up to Zokon's old room now cleared of his things which have been packed away in the cellar. "But there are three beds."

Durgan Far-Walker wrote:
"May I ask, Talisia, is there any work you need done around the house? Any doors that don't quite work right, or shelves that wobble, or things of that nature?"

"Not at present the woodpile is full, though we might move any festivities to the town hall just for space and if we do there will have to be some moving of tables, and benches."

Zokon Santyev wrote:
At Talasia's question "Well that job that I went on, that Erlund paid his life for, well it seems to be paying off, we were successful, we have carved out an area of the wilderness and removed the bandit threat. Alia is one of my companions on that journey."

"Oh, Alia, are you a-" at this point Talasia she mimes being a "ranger" complete with pew, pew noises, "-too?"


"Well, here's the house. Not much when compared to the big city I'm sure, but it's home for us." she says side-hugging Zokon.

In fact it is one the largest structures in the village.

"Um, dear." Talasia turns concerned look to her to her son. "About your room. You see without you here, I had to find a way to make some extra coin for the upkeep, so I've been renting it out to travelers...."

Fergus Bouldershoulder Ironmug wrote:

Fergus, who had been polishing some of his gems along with flipping through his spell book until now speaks up.

well thats a nice welcome I suppose. If you have water, I can prepare us some good hearty ale. Quickly, I might add.

"Of course we live along a river after all." Talasia says with a laugh.

As the group moves through the hamlet they garner a lot of curious looks from the inhabitants, even as Talasia herself collects greetings and smiles.

A few of the townsfolk mark Zokon and give him a wave as well. I'm not exactly sure how long it's been since he's been in Forest Edge.

"Sooo" begins Talasia. "How did you both meet?"

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Zokon's mother (who looks more like, his older sister) looks at her rugged rangerish son, and cooly aloof, eleven swordswoman, and back again. "That's wonderful." she says with some confused surprise

"Come." she says growing to the idea. "We should celebrate and my son can tell me what he has been about."

She leads Zokon and the party up the hill to the small hamlet.

Zokon Santyev wrote:

Leaping forth Zokon runs and leaps and tears down the docks and run to his mother arms embracing her warmly... letting himself get lost in the moment.

"I've missed you so."

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"You should have said you were coming." she says and returns the hug. "Do they not they have owls down in the Stolen Land?"

Durgan Far-Walker wrote:

"Talasia, I presume." Not 'Lady', Zokon was clear about that. A commoner.

"I am Durgan Far-Walker, priest of Abadar and ally to Zokon. You have raised an honorable man in Zokon."

He bows.

"Well met, Durgan Far-Walker. Now if only I could teach him manners." she says flashing a smile for those still disembarking from the barge. "Zokon, if you would be so kind as to introduce us."