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I'm afraid I must bow out. This round of game-trawling has been more fruitful than I thought, and I don't want to overload myself. I will continue to refine this character, however, and hope to use him again later.

I need to fill out the fluff and a few more details, but here he is.

sarpadian wrote:
With regard to your spells, Acid Splash doesn't allow a save, but Daze does.

I think I fixed the rest, but what was the problem with this one?

No wait, I got it. It was a reminder about the Spell Focus. Daze would be at standard, mentioned at the beginning of each level listing.

And if there are some slots open afterwards, you can always call back some of us who didn't get picked the first time.

Enough Pussyfooting around, here is my submission. The Eidolons, naturally, are not accessible until next level. I'm just planning ahead.

Lately, a certain River Giant has been swimming over to say hello whenever I'm washing my clothes or bathing (especially the latter, it seems). She's pretty cute, even with the whole "ten-feet-tall-and-green" thing, but I had an uncle who hooked up with a harpy some time ago and it didn't end well (for him anyway).

Should I go for it?

Here's a variation I came up with earlier: A Human Summoner named Doronius Urusti. Name leads to his stats when I created him at 2nd level, and a good idea of what I had in mind.

Modified Backstory:

Doronius was the son of a Rostlandi noble whom had an affair with his Kellid Ranger bodyguard. Though social constraints and family pressure kept him from marrying her, they managed to live fairly well together with her as part of his staff. As a child, he played in the woods often, so his mother taught him how to use her bow for his protection (someday he hopes to get strong enough to make full use of it). While growing up, Doronius always had an affinity with animals, and was always seen playing, working, or just relaxing with one. It wasn't until he was a teenager that he realized that not all of these creatures were native. Long summer afternoons hanging around local hedge wizards eventually awakened his latent potential, summoning a fire beetle into his bedroom in the middle of the night. At the urging of his mother, however, he has not slackened in his archery training, and the watch has found his ability to distract enemies with a monster while lining up a deadly shot to be most useful.

I suppose I'll submit this dude. It's fairly basic, and will have to be adjusted for the campaign later.

One Summoner/Watchman, Submitted for your approval.