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Both bleed effects are on the target dealing the same effect (HP bleed). He will take the 5 bleed from your sneak attack until your wounding daggers have built up to 6 or more bleed damage a turn. At which point they would be the worse of the two HP bleed effect on the target and take over.

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So all I have to do is collect the seven dragon pieces and I can save the world?

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Im running the CC AP right now.

Best Pc death belongs to one of my players who is a cleric. He got dominated by a vampire and ordered to kill the party.

Player 1 ( magus ) - Magic missle the dominated dummy.

GM - Your missles are absorbed by a barrier. ( he has brouch of shielding )

Player 2 ( cleric ) - Muahahaha die! Uses a thrown weapon and rolls a natural 1. Draws a card from the fumble deck and gets throw a peice of your gear at random instead of the weapon. Rolls it up.....

Gm - A small brouch comes flying across the room and lands near you.

Player 2 - ......Maximized magic missle?

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nah. thanks though. Your right though , it hits a nerve when I see posts saying help me punish these guys for not being a horrible at the game as the people around them. sorry , go on.

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I do. Dont try to nerf players for creating good character because the rest of your group sucks

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Tick swarm is another good swarm. Non leathal traps are always a option. Wave of exhaustion and Dispel magic work well. These just to randomly throw in or are you looking for a bbeg for temple? Maybe a sub boss?

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Mirror Image
School illusion (figment); Level bard 2, sorcerer/wizard 2
Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S
Range personal
Target you
Duration 1 min./level

This spell creates a number of illusory doubles of you that inhabit your square. These doubles make it difficult for enemies to precisely locate and attack you.

When mirror image is cast, 1d4 images plus one image per three caster levels (maximum eight images total) are created. These images remain in your space and move with you, mimicking your movements, sounds, and actions exactly. Whenever you are attacked or are the target of a spell that requires an attack roll, there is a possibility that the attack targets one of your images instead. If the attack is a hit, roll randomly to see whether the selected target is real or a figment. If it is a figment, the figment is destroyed. If the attack misses by 5 or less, one of your figments is destroyed by the near miss. Area spells affect you normally and do not destroy any of your figments. Spells and effects that do not require an attack roll affect you normally and do not destroy any of your figments. Spells that require a touch attack are harmlessly discharged if used to destroy a figment.

An attacker must be able to see the figments to be fooled. If you are invisible or the attacker is blind, the spell has no effect (although the normal miss chances still apply).

Cleave (Combat)
You can strike two adjacent foes with a single swing.
Prerequisites: Str 13, Power Attack, base attack bonus +1.

Benefit: As a standard action, you can make a single attack at your full base attack bonus against a foe within reach. If you hit, you deal damage normally and can make an additional attack (using your full base attack bonus) against a foe that is adjacent to the first and also within reach. You can only make one additional attack per round with this feat. When you use this feat, you take a –2 penalty to your Armor Class until your next turn

The images are not adjacted to the one you hit , they are in the same square.

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I miss my Ultima Online. Resurrect it , preaty please.

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Rope. No one should leave home with out it.

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Wizard can begin play with a bonded object instead of a familar. The bonded object lets you cast a spell that you know with out having it perpared or using a spell slot.

More improtantly if you choose a weapon it automatically begin play with a masterwork version of it for free and if your a half elf you can trade out the free skill focus for a free weapon prof feat and also begin play prof with that masterwork bonded weapon. GO GO BONDED SHOTGUN!!!

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Charisma represents your character force of personality and ability to lead others as well as looks. You can have a charisma of 6 and still have be cleanly shaved , smell good and be beautiful.

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A spiked gaunlet still counts as an open hand for spell casting and doesnt offer any spell failure. Thus you may use a spiked gauntlet in your main hand and a light crossbow in your off hand and still cast spells , as well as threaten and flank in melee and use a ranged attack ( you have the open hand to load light crossbow as well. )

Taking this concept a little farther , you can also make that gauntlet a +4 defending gauntlet and transfer that +4 into your AC.

Edit - If you get hit with alchemist fire you will keep buring every round until you try to put yourself out.

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If travling at night or through rough terrain ( like forrests or bogs ) you have to roll survival checks or become lost.

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Grease can be used as a ranged disarm

with a touch attack animate rope can be used to entangle archers and spell caster for 1 round per level

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InVinoVeritas wrote:
Matthew Winn wrote:

"If you are able to take only a standard action on your turn,

you can still charge, but you are only allowed to move up
to your speed (instead of up to double your speed) and you
cannot draw a weapon unless you possess the Quick Draw
feat. You can’t use this option unless you are restricted to
taking only a standard action on your turn."

Core, pg 198

Thus, zombies don't need to be fast to charge.

Yes , a standard zombie with the "staggered" ability is quiet possibly one of the fastest land moving things you will fight LOL. Because its only viable in combat to charge with them , they move 60ft a round and hit with a +2 .

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The dc on poison increase with every dose you get hit with.
For example , if you fail a fort save 15 injury poison from a spider bite and you get hit again before the time is up on the first poison it become dc 17 fort and expends the rounds by 50%. Another bite after that is dc 19 and another 50% additional rounds.

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-Anvil- wrote:
Tagion wrote:

You can use your one standard action in the surprise round to charge.

You can coup de grace a creature with total consealment or invisable with two full round actions

Can you tell me where the reference is for the Charge during a surprise round? I don't remember seeing it under Charge.

charge has a little 4 by it. If you go to the bottom it says

4: May be taken as a standard action if you are limited to taking only a single action in a round

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You can use your one standard action in the surprise round to charge.

You can coup de grace a creature with total consealment or invisable with two full round actions

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I've done a few ill list off for you.

First I had the 5 take a personal intrest in my party. I figured strong guys ( being that they have acual PC levels ) coming into town would catch thier intrest.

TSM is huanting our fighter at night.
The lopper is haunting our wizard
Pippers haunting our magus
Mosswater is haunting our inquisitor

They are visited preaty much nightly give or take. My favorite so far has been the gnome wizard and the loper. He likes to sleep and hide in wierd places just like the loper. The first night he slept on the top shelve of the linen closet only to hear a bladed weapon being scraped on the under side of the shelf. He looks over the end and sees the loper looking up at him and he gets chased through the house until he get beheaded only to wake up back in the closet with a stiff neck and a wierd scar. They all get similar expierences the first night and smaller haunts every night or so. The inquisitor wake up to creaking in his room. A few seconds later his scalp starts itching so he itches it and his hand comes back with clumps of hair , then clumps of skin. Before long hes down to bear skull and getting skull chips on the floor from more scratching. That when he see the maurader and get nailed with the hammer and passes out. He wakes up with a minor head ache ( persistant until the kill the dwarf ) and looks in the mirror. Hes fine but he takes a step to get back to bed and cuts his foot on pieces of skull that are littering his room. So anyway small stuff like that.

Other things ive done are given them minor hallucinations from lack of solid sleep and haunting. Minor things like hearing some one say things that they really didnt. A good example of this is when my inquisitor ran in to the girls singing the song. after it was over and he won them over with skill check he starts to leave. He get stopped by one of the girls yell "Hey mister." " You know hes coming right... your all going to die soon. We all are." The other girls that arent talking start giggling as the one that was talking is slowly beheaded by an invisable force. He head goes rolling forward and land at the PCs feet. His only responce to this was a slightly high pitch "Nope." and hustling the other direction. LOL

ill post more as I remember.

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Kobold Cleaver wrote:
Tagion, you're making a decent point. But I don't think it fits the class very well. Animal companions weren't meant to be forcibly controlled. Of course, it's the GM's choice.

Sorry , it just irks me when people say " Nope , my opinion is right and thats that."

All my post thus far have taken an extreme left handed view of the rules to intentionally present a different view.There is no one " right" way to play a class the has open ended rules.