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http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/ultimateCampaign/downtime/buildingsAndOr ganizations.html

Ok thank you

How do I pm you

Ok thank you it's a double decker with two mastered sails ten oars a ballista on the prow next to it are those rapid fire crossbows with five round clips along the side by the ladder and plank (which are in the exact Sam we spots on opposite sides of the boat) in front of those are two oil spewing flamers, behind them are heavy crossbows, then two more rapid fire crossbows, before the deck raises up to the command platform on top of a double doored cabin. The hull is armored and the is a ram on the front of the boat.

i just viewed his response but i do have a ship now if you would like to draw that

can you email it to me i cant get on tumblr or deviant art

i had asked you first and i have yet to see their response the issue is i do not have internet at home so i am on the school computer and i cant view deviantart or any of that stuff

Delphi Williamson is a half-elf 5ft. 4in. golden blonde hair, silver eyes, 110lbs. she was born into slavery and at a young age pushed into a gladiator arena, she eventually won her freedom, but her owners didnt want to let her go so she fought gher way out of the city and onto a pirate ship where she sailed to freedom. she wields a scimitar with a light steel shield, a longbow is slung over her backpack. she was raised in a desert enviorment. she is a multi class of fighter/sorcerer. i soon want her to be an eldritch knight. she wears a chain shirt and a locked gauntlet. her sorcerer bloodline is abyssal. she is very beautiful and has a 16 in strenght, but very charismatic and intimidating.

I would like some one to draw my character