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Giving new meaning to the phrase "Bustin' makes me feel gooood~"


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Hmm, the Chronicle Sheet download marks this as between able to credit levels 3-6. The description does mention they are set for level 5 though. Which is perfectly fine, since I got a Skittermander in that level range to work with.


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So, with some new options coming out if the current set of books, I've ended up going back to read the Envoy's Magical Expertise and a few things seem a little unclearly worded. Given, I may be reading them a certain way because I want it to work a certain way. I've discussed some of this on the Discord, usually in opposition, so I wanted to check on here.

Found a few threads on the Alternative Class Feature, but not quite on what I wanted to see clarified.

1. Does having the Mystic's Spell Class Feature, even a limited one, mean you also get access to Bonus Spell Slots when you are able to cast Spells of that level? The Feature mentions after the progression of the reduced spells known and spells per day, that the feature otherwise functions just like the normal Mystic's Spells Class Feature, of which Bonus Spells are a subsection of the Feature.

2. Does your Charisma ability modifier replace all uses of the Wisdom ability modifier for the Spells feature? It's been brought up that only the highest level of spells available and DC are the only specifically mentioned applications.

3. Do the three level 0 spell per day castings you start with count as spell slots? From my reading, spells per day and spell slots are essentially the same thing. If an ability or piece of equipment were to have spending a spell slot as a trigger, could you use one of your level 0 castings to trigger it?

I might have other questions, but these three are the ones that stay at the forefront of, maybe depending on the reading and intent, Magical Expertise might actually be a bit better than we've been given it credit for (or at least it's getting better as new options to compliment it are introduced)