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Svetlana comes out of the house while the party is finishing up their preparations.

"Are you leaving now? You will only get a couple of hours of travel in before nightfall, unless you will be traveling by night? I have dinner cooking, it will be ready in about an hour."

Svetlana slides her arm through Oleg's, and gives him a slight tug so she can whisper into his ear.

Perception DC 15:
We could use someone around here. He can help with caring for the animals and hauling wood, and, well anything else we need, you know we need someone here.

Smiling with gratitude, Svetlana nods to Rufus, "yes, thank you, thank you!" As she wades through the hail littering the ground, she kicks one of the bandits in the leg. "Where's my ring?!"

Continuing on, she lays a gentle hand on Oleg, "lets get inside and let me wrap this up, honey bunny."

Ever pragmatic, Svetlana leaves the fighting to those more capable and helps Lyster finish putting out the fire before she checks the horses and calms them down.

"shh, you fine horses can stand easy now, these hero's have saved us, it's okay. How about some oats?"

Grabbing Lyster's arm, Svetlana exclaims "No, oh no, not now. It's them, do something!"

She tries to look past the three men on horses to see if Oleg is okay.