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I think the song being limited by turns really lets this class down. the raging song is not so good that it needs to be limited in such a way.I'd think uses per day = charisma score + half your caster level with song lasting five rounds after stop playing should be it or something. Otherwise whats the point? It's not as good as the bards songs. a +2 to strength and con really isn't that great wen your wizard can just cast bulls strength and roll his eyes at you because yours only last three turns for the day and then that's your party trick over.

I'm unlikely to get to play any of these before the 17th. So I thought I'd put some of my feedback on what I thought of the classes.

Arcanist: I really like the idea, worried the Arcanist exploit might make them a bit too much better than wizards and sorcerers. Though spell progression may balance this out. This is a hard one to tell without playing it up to a good decent level.

bloodrager: I really loved the look of this one

Brawler: This one I'm not too sure about. Why not give the duel wielding thing without calling it something fancy? That confused me initially. I think the CMD CMB thing could be better for it as well. Too often my players are complaining that manovers are impossible because getting over some CMD's is impossible. I think having a class thats really good at it is a great idea. Just think the plus's could be more. Also might want to clarify on how many times per day they can use that feat trick thing of theirs. because it's not clear to me. I mgiht have missed it.

Hunter: Nice idea, just not shiney enough I feel. Kind of lacking in comparison to some classes.

investigator: Read their sneak attack limitations and went "well that's just crap" not sure what the point of them having bombs are or poison resistance and all that jazz. would never play one with how they currently are, they're just a poor mans nothing.

Shaman: do you have to call their things hex's? they're not really hex's... like at all... they're not really very witchy either... more like a variant of Oracle but different you know?.

Skald: Why are their songs rounds per day instead of songs per day? WHY!?!?! Skald could have been awesome without that. Bard's are MEH anyway, so why make a Skald who can't be a bard properly? It's not that silly letting them have their raging song be songs pr day instead of rounds. their buffs aren't that much better than a normal bard. heck they're losing out on all the bard songs to fall back on when their raging song stops working. Currently not good enough to be a bard or barbarion. change it from turns to songs per day + half their level or something and they could be amazing without being OP. Remember, bards are there to buff, why wont you let them buff properally!?

Slayer: pretty alright, nice and flvaoursom I think.

Swashbuckler: No way as good as the 3.5 swashbuckler. NEXT!

Warpriest: This is clericzilla. why have you statted clericzilla into a class? You have made a one man god destroyer... I mean it's very appreciated don't get me wrong. And this is really more a cleric/magus mix than clerc/fighter mix. or maybe a cleric/fighter/magus hybrid. Might have some balance issues, is all i'm saying ;)

The pc's went to the mayor and asked her to organise taking down the two bridges and then evacuate the people to the farmlands. Reasoning that the goblins will avoid the farmland due to the direction they approach. The sherrif is still away so him and about 12 guards arnt about. But they've gone to get reinforcements. I may have tsuto escape with fuss.
I doubt they would have really started by the time they're back from thisteltop anyway. ...

they have gone to thistletop. It was an agonizing hour listening to them debate whether they should goto thistletop or not after evacuating the town. they thought there'd be 200 goblins to greet them because thats what tsuto's stuff lead them to believe. even though he never said there was, just that they would be attacking the town with 200 goblins. *rolls eyes*
Fortunetly I know what items to steal from them when the skinshaw murders happen. they had a wedding and the girls bought pretty dresses and jewelry.

I am cursed with terribly clever players. Clever enough they managed to reason with Tsuto. (I know his meant to be unreasonable in questioning, but they went down the "she's turning into a monster and wont remember you let alone love you." pool of persuasion) bring the scholar down into the ruins to get him to do all the knowledge checks they failed and get a small gleaming of the runelords lore. By that his identified the runelord of wrath and the runewell and that the runewell stored power somehow, but now it doesn't seem to be working. (they drained all the points)
the players are convinced that the bad guys plan is to use the goblins war with sandpoint to fill up the well and use it as a sort of tactical nuke. I can foresee them leaving sandpoint in pursuit of the wrath wells to put a stop to them once and for all so no one can use them. I don't want to jump into the skinshaw murderers too early. Mostly because they geniuously had the town evacuated so that no one can die in it until they've delt with the thistletop problem, and thus made sure the runewell is no longer a problem.
I'm worried that I might have fed them a little too much info. Fortunately they don't seem to think that the runelord might be behind any of this. yet anyway. I'm hoping they keep thinking it's wrath.... any ideas how to deal with my clever little poppets? :S

I think I'll have the NPC's say seeing he lives mainly in magnimar that he must of taken his wife's body back to there without telling anyone in sandpoint because he's not a 100% local local after all. Which will hopefully make them not question too deeply into his wife and what happened to her, so that they do believe the house responsible for her death. I guess I'm worrying too much. I've had Aldern stop being at the tavern about five days after the goblin attack. The next day one of the players is getting married to shayliss (shotgun wedding waaaay!)and I hope to have them notice that the banquet food isn't as great as it was at the festival because ameiko has vanished and have them get into the glassworks the next day when they get the note in the morning. And hopefully from there they may be too caught up with the glass works and the wrath dungeon for them to think much of Aldern by the time they get back from goblin slaying.

Started a game of rise of the runelords and my players are loving it.But I've made some minor slip ups. I'm worried they might figure out Aldern is the killer in the next chapter too quick because they have found out his manor is haunted already and that his wife is dead. I forgot his excuse was that she had moved to another city because he is going down the 'love' route and I figured he would want his wife out the picture completely and so said she had drowned by throwing herself from the window just like his mother. Where the other NPC's are like "uuhh... I haven't seen her in three months...."
They might not put two and two together, currently they think the house is cursed in some way. And may end up going to it early to deal with the issue. in which case I am worried that they'll get in the deep end too quick by missing a large portion of the book. Any advise? My players are pretty damn smart.

my player was playing a socially inept alchemist... He failed five diplomacy roles while he got beat on before wailing he'll marry her and rolled a 20. We're now having a wedding next game! :D