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I know Luthorne asked this a bazillion posts ago, but is there any feedback on the Ascetic final revelation?

Why do you always make me wait for nice things...?
The waiting makes my frayed mind buckle.


Hey Pathfinders

The Premise:
Light is a touch spell (with no saving or resistance).
Spellstrike lets the Magus use touch spells through their weapon.
It is also as a standard action spell, so Spell Combat lets the Magus do it as part of a full attack action.
I see no reason why it should not work.

The Fuzzy Part:
1. Does the Magus "hold the charge" of the Light spell, like normal touch attack spells?
2. As light cannot be made invisible, could a character target the correct square when facing off against a "shining" invisible enemy?

The Motivation:
It is not a touch attack spell, so i am just not sure how this would work.
It feels a bit silly asking this, as though the answers should be obvious, but am genuinely not sure.
I am not interested if the Magus gets another attack, i am pretty sure they would, but don't really care either way.
Hope to confirm simply that the would work the way i hope.
If the enemy could provide the light to make it easier to fight them in the dark (or for Hellcat Stealth, sugoi).
I also like the idea limiting the effectiveness of enemy stealth.

I am really happy with the changes that the errata adds.
Before the errata Extra Panache did not stack???
Adding uses per day makes the Skirmisher Tricks work for the Hunter.
Probably happiest that the Shaman gets SNA I-IX, it has the right flavour.

Nicos wrote:

I would like to see diferent mechanics for traps. To be sincere i find the traps in pathfinder to be pretty boring.

I would like to see traps that feels more like an encounter by themselves not just roll perception roll disable device.

Traps that needs cooperation fromseveral member of the party, traps that need more than one roll of disable device to be deated.

Pretty puzzle ones...

...but the chaotics may just get everyone splattered and fizzled...