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~ Sorry, it took so long to get back to you... work stuffs again

Thanks for the info! Gonna be awesome!

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~ If you do have those changes, I'd love to see them!

~ Love the Undine and Sindara smooching to piss off Plugg, awesome!

~ I'm thinking of ditching Ship Combat all together, just slows them down and just not their cup of tea.

~ Looking forward to next game and getting this story line humming again!

~ Once again, ROCK STARS the both of you!

~ "A ship is always safe in port but that's not why they're made. Set your sails and see what the Horizon Brings You!"

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~ Thanks Kileanna!

~ Sandara in my games really got pushed to the side early. Unfortunately the PCs didn't befriend her early on and were thinking she was being 'Too Nice to Be Trusted' in Part 1. They thought she was a plant by Scourge and Plugg and kept her at arms length till the inevitable came about. So, she tends to crew morale and keeps in the background. Well, that is till the 'Seagull $%&@ hits the Sails' (Rosie Pearl) and then she is ready to spread the word to the Faithful!

~ Yes, Sturm is from Dragonlance it is also the word for Storm in German. Gheist is a knock off on the word for Ghost in German, just drop the 'H'. Both are reasons I chose the name.

~ I like the Bikendi character also and was looking to change him up a bit to make him fit the campaign.

~ After last night I gave them a Headband of Intelligence with Prof:Sailor to help them out aaaaaand they gave it to the NPC who drives the boat! Yup, drag the horse to water and all that.

~ I chatted with them after the game, it was a good game last night, and they all agreed that they just have no, repeat, no desire to sail. They just want to be a part of the story so they have picked one Cohort from the Leadership Feat to be the Captain and they are his 'Council'. So, that problem is out in the open and smushed.

~ They have heard of Harrigans DQ and that Free Captain Bikendi on his sloop 'Dreaming Mist' have been granted the Island.

~ Let the AP Roll on! You guys ROCK!

~ "Storm along, drive along, Punch her through the rips. Northeast gale's a blowin', And we'll take all that she gives." (partial lyrics for "THE MARY L. McKAY by Frederick W. Wallace / Arr. & Adapt. Schooner Fare off their Live Album... check it out!)

~ Errant Mercenary thanks for the tip on the Isles of the Shackles, just bought it. Nice amount of stuff to flesh out the area! Very handy indeed!

~ "If I have to tell you ONE MORE TIME, what hole the rabbit comes out of... You WON'T like the hole it goes back into!!!" ~ Rosie commenting on several failed rope handling events by the PCs. Or as they like to call them, 'Rosie Pearls of Wisdom'! Need to make a list of these and number them.... sooooo many though! 8)

Sorry I've been gone so long, work stuffs!

~ Great Ideas! Thanks Everyone!

~ NPCs are carrying the load on sailing but during the Regatta, the PCs got their teeth locked into a certain turtle and took way too much time looking for a lair to loot. The NPCs just had to wait them out.

~ Rosie likes to call them "@&%#*)% Barnacle Lickers" when it comes to sailing!

~ Kileanna and Lintecarka, I like your ideas on both them taking the island from Harrigan's second team and using the Bikendi Story line. Now to figure out which will work better for the PCs.

~ They haven't hit the island yet, that is their plan once Harri get's it cleared for them. So, it 'could' work if I can get them to the island before the Wormwood crew can clear it and get them back on the path.

~ We roll out tonight and they are in the wake of Gortus Svard, settling old scores, it's a thing! It will be a good fight, they should win but not sure how much of a pounding they'll take in the process.

~ Calm Seas never make Skilled Sailors! We can't control the wind but we can adjust the sails!

Derek Dalton wrote:

From what I'm reading it sounds if the players are just not interested in the Adventure Path. It happens friend of mine told me pirate sailing type adventures bore him as well as anything involving future tech. So even if I could get all the books for Skull and shackles or Iron Gods he wouldn't play in them. This may be the case with your group.

I'd suggest talking to them out of game. They may not want to play this adventure path. I get the feeling this is the case. There are several other modules out plus writing your own if you have the time.

~ I may have to do just that although, they were the ones that wanted to do the AP. I think they may just not like the details of the sailing, not being sailors themselves or nautical in any ways.

~ Man, I hope not though, tons of time and effort in the game! Built that cardboard ship that was mentioned in the early books. Not to mention maps for 'random encounter islands' and NPC Generation.

Here's to positive waves!!

~ Yes, no surprise 8)

~ They didn't even come close, they got all twitter-paited with the Big Critter they bumped into an decided to try to find his home and see what he had collected.

~ They finished but by the time they got back, the only person on the Docks was the Master of Gales, who does NOT like the PCs. Way too many "Squid Love' jokes. So, no dispensation was available.

~ One option I've toyed with is to convince them to let an NPC take the Captain-ing over and get them back onto track but I think that will go over like lead water wings.

~ I let Harrigan have the win because it made no difference to the PCs if they won or another Crew. They at least have a history with Harrigan so they would show 'some' interest. I might switch it over to another Captain as written and see what happens.

~ Gonna be a barnacle buster (As Rosie likes to say!) that's for sure!!

Well, let me start off by saying: "Long Time Lurker, First Time Poster!" /wave

Now, that out of the way...

My PCs have done something I'm sure many of you have dealt with and I need some advice since this is the first AP I've ever ran.

~ My group has totally forsaken ship type skills. Yes, none of them are putting points in Profession: (Sailor). Not.One.Point.

~ Yes, I've warned them many times about it.

~ They've only preyed on easy fishing/merchant ships with the help of NPC Crews.

~ They've just entered and LOST the Regatta. Yup, not even close. Harrigan won and now has the Island.

~ They don't care and have decided to just land on the Island after it's pacified and raid it with hit and run tactics till he just leaves, if they can't destroy his ship while at anchor.

So, should I just go freestyle and give them dungeons to crawl through after they sail to them?

Should I just have the other Pirates sail them down and end them?

Should I give them an island and force them to do the 'Grand Ball'?

~ I mean, it's gonna be tough to keep them in the AP with the way they're going.

Shiver me timbers, I"m stumped!!!

Thanks Maties!!!!!