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No more pee you!!

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OK, here's one that baffles me, that seems to afflict Gen Xers and beyond:

We're interviewing people for a plush technical job: Pays roughly $80k/year, you get to work from home, good benefits, etc., etc.

So we get a candidate, and her resume has typos on it, and she shows up late to her own REMOTE interview! It's not like she can claim there were traffic issues, or she didn't know she'd need network connectivity, or whatever.

In my (non) generation, there were two simple rules of job-seeking:
(1) Typos in your resume? Into the trash it goes.
(2) Late for your interview? No deal.

I have absolutely noticed that candidates over 40 fall into the "no typos, right on time" variety, and those under 35 are definitely the, "Whatever. You know what I meant, and I was there no more than 10 minutes late. What's the big deal?" variety.

Really interesting when our job is for developing technical training, where a single typo can result in a massive system crash...

I'm under 40, and I'm always 15 or more minutes early. As well, my resume contains words many hiring managers only pretend to know (until they have a chance to Google them), and yes they're all spelled correctly. :P

It's not an age thing.

Or... you're just the exception that proves the rule!


(That should come across as an evil laugh, and not a come-on to a banana. Though I suspect the latter will result in yet another Captain Yesterday alias...)

EDIT: More seriously, KC was asking for generalizations of generations, and the always late/many typos has, for me at least, had a stronger association than most I've heard. I have a friend who's 51, averages two typos a sentence, and who will be late to his own funeral.


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