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Weren’t quite finished Carrion Crown, but a computer issue trashed a bunch of work I’d done on it, but I still had my MM stuff, so with limited gaming time in the near future, we decided to kick off MM.

We have:

Cathius (CN dhampir male bard (archaeologist)
Khmer the Younger (NG human male oracle of life)
Parvanah (CG female catfolk rogue (from Legendary Games’ pregens)
Zohnlu (CG female catfolk occultist)


Oggrekk the Anxious (CG male orc barbarian) - the adorably klutzy orc who hates what his people do, so has fled to Osirion, where anti-orc prejudice isn’t really a thing. :)

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Welcome to the meat grinder. This AP is fantastic. Good luck to your group.

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Good luck!


Good luck, keep us updated on how its going. I'm running book 5 at the moment.

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I'm in book 3. Book two seemed to be the meat grinder, although my PCs still liked it.

This campaign seems to get a mediocre ranking on the AP ranking lists I've seen. My players are enjoying. I strongly suspect it is one that plays better than it reads.
(Disclaimer, I've not played or read most APs).

So far my players seem to be enjoying it. We're about halfway through the "House of Pentheru" at the moment, and they're having fun.

There is the inevitable "ho-humness" of a couple of big dungeon-crawls, but they pretty much expect that for a 1st level adventure, and even moreso for an Egyptian-themed one.

That said, they're enjoying themselves. Ogrek has actually changed classes from barbarian to brawler - I allowed my daughter to switch out early on as she realised it was a far better fit.

One thing that is interesting is that they've made some good connections with The Scorched Hand. While Velriana is still stand-offish, the others get on with them well, which should make the end of the adventure interesting!

The Dog Soldiers have also become well-liked by my group (who call themselves "Bastet's Claws", by the way). During the interlude between "Tomb of Akhentepi" and "House of Pentheru", Parvanah the catfolk rogue ended up drunk on Fahreen's spiced beer and dancing on the tables with "Mad Dog" Marrn of the Dog Soldiers. That was fun. :)

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My party has formed multiple romantic/Platonic relationships/friendships with NPC parties and with individuals at the auction house at the start of book 2. We're old farts but it played like D&D from 7th grade from me.

It is a good thing because the AP will transition from looting treasure to saving Wati. Anything you can do to make sure your party cares about Wati helps. My party also likes Sebti and Ptemenib (and even Nakht, who is just overzealous but well intentioned). And in Empty Graves many of the citizens saved by the PCs do what they can to reward the PCs. Key takeaway - use this to make sure your PCs care about the people of Wati and you head off an issue you would otherwise need to railroad through.

Not to thread steal from Daronil or anything, but my gaming group also started this AP a couple weeks ago. Figured i'd just post in here rather then start another "Just kicked off Mummy's Mask" thread.

The Seekers are:
Hasani - human medium
Nuru - human rogue
Ahmed - human monk/psychic
Khalid - human cavalier
Baelor - dwarven cleric

Thus far they have handled the Tomb of Akentepi, and are just getting ready to go into the House of Pentheru.

Just started this path myself. One of our players is taking down quotes from our sessions - this is our group:

Zenobia the Gnoll, a cleric of the goddess of healing, Sarenrae. She used to be a butcher, which is alarming since her species has a not undeserved reputation for eating their captives. No doubt it was the kindness of some missionary of Sarenrae that set her on a different path, especially since many priests of that faith are obliged to give healing to complete strangers at least once a day, and all of them obliged to try and redeem the evil. Saving the life of a gnoll butcher would certainly qualify, and leave quite the impression on a more thoughtful gnoll.

Nemat of Valat - At least, that's the name he gave on the legal paperwork. He rarely (and to none of the PCs as yet) gives out his real name of Nemat Merituzat. His family maintains a shrine to the Old Gods out in the desert, which is why he usually goes by the other name. For some reason the current Osirion dynasty don't care much for the old religion - and it's not like THAT will ever bite them on the arse, amirite? A thoughtful and quietly observant individual, and well educated in the history and culture of his country.

Asrian al-Adjir: Probably not human. Given she goes around veiled head-to-foot all the time, the rest of us aren't sure, but we're not going to pry. After all, as Zenobia the gnoll has said at some length, the world is full of all kinds of people and the goddess said we have to give them all the benefit of the doubt, at least the first time.

Onka the Half-orc: "Irori Helps those that Help Themselves." Onka had those words beaten into him more than once by his Shaman Teacher as he grew up in the Jungles of Mwangi. Eventually he escaped to his Mother's Homeland of Thuvia where he became a Spell Sage. The rumour of the opening of the tombs and the temptation of long forgotten artifacts of power have brought him to Osirion, because Irori, after all, had to start somewhere on the road to Godhood.

I'm playing Asrian (A Dervish Dancer Suli). We're currently in the first tomb.

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