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A borais has a con buff and can use necromantic revitization to heal , which is something to also look into

I actually use the 3 action economy in my home game and it's fun as hell

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Yep I plan on my 1st main being a remake of my playtest goblin alchemist, Zaphriel Pitch, a chain smoking cloak wearing cockney speaking scoundrel with a soft spot for kids

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One thing I added for my campaign is that I made the cadets 14-16 year olds with the senior cadets being 17-18, one it adds levity to the encounters as these are just kids, second these "kids" are kind of badass which made my players worry about the standard troops and seasoned veterans, one of my players immediately resorted to trying to learn azlanti innorder to try to use diplomacy rather than violence

Can you use an injection gun with the blast fusion , load it with a healing serum and shoot multiple allies?

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I want submachine guns and gun shields, shields with ports that you can put an smg or small arm through riot cop style
Want actual rpgs and bazookas and better rules for vehicles vs troopers and more/better drone options for mechanics , hell I'd be happy if you could buy mods with credits rather than being limited to what you get by leveling up

As a follow up to 4.5 the shield cantrip should only have a 1 minute cool down, if a fight last passed 10 rounds then the caster should be more than able to use it again

#6 give short bows the agile trait, to compensate give longbows either a d10 dmg or give it the fatal d12 trait, this will make short bows rapid fire sub machine guns and longbows sniper rifles ( equivalent I mean) I've always liked short bows but they have always been inferior to longbows , this will keep both viable in their respective situations

So here's my initial thoughts:
I would like for resonance to be reversed, being something that you build rather then spend, it would make it feel more like you were being saturated with magic rather then spending your inborn magical stuff
#2 clarification on small creatures using weapons, it seems as written now goblins and gnomes can use greatswords with no penalty, I suggest adding the sluggish quality to large weapons for small creatures
#3.shields could be tougher, add a few more dents for lower level shields or make it to where you can repair them between encounters rather then hours or 10 mins
#4. Spell durations need increased, if not leaving duration level dependant
#4.5 bless should be a cantrip or an all day spell, its a rather small bonus to burn a spell slot
#5 ancestries should have 1 heritage feat AND 1 basic ancestry feat at 1st level,with humans having either a bonus feat of the general feat or the one that grants a class feat on top of the 1 basic ancestry feat, this would allow half orcs and half elves to receive a basic ancestry feat after taking the half *** heritage feat
Ill add more as I get further into the rule books

How is this going to affect classes like the magus and the like?

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I would honestly like to see resonance in reverse, like you can have up your level plus cha mod, start with zero then don your magic armor gain 1 resonance, drink a potion, gain 1 resonance, this way it feels more like your are saturating yourself with magics and you can only handle so much before its like grounded in the surroundings or dispersed , I think this would go over a lot better