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Full Name

seriously it's stephen sheahan would i make that up?


white bellied nerd


I'm always the dm - sometimes unfortunately







Special Abilities

exploring minutia until others fall asleep


NG with lawfulful tendencies


if there is one - they don't need me


Toronto, Ontario - canucklehead


in order of amount of years of school english, french, spanish, latin


Financial analysis

Strength 13
Dexterity 12
Constitution 12
Intelligence 17
Wisdom 15
Charisma 15

About Stephen Sheahan

gaming since around 1980 - grade four anyway - not sure what year that was actually.
luckily i was in a program in school that meant a lot of players early on.
I introduced my younger brother a couple years later and he's been playing more steadily than i have over the decades.

other than playing with him and a few close friends - almost always as dm - I haven't played a ton over the last 15 years - just enough to spend 1000s of dollars on books I've barely used in 3 and a half versions of D&D :-)

i now live across the street from my bro and my 16 year old son likes the game too so we were just getting back to playing when wizards put out the power ranger version of D&D that I hate. - great system for a video game terrible for tabletop imho

this lead me to paizo and lets call it 3.75? which i quite like and continues to grow on me - not hurt in the least by them picking me to make the first cut in the 2010 superstar contest. nothing like mutual admiration to improve a relationship :-)