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Goodbye WotC!

I believe the title says it all. At my table we have been applying it at step 4 right before a character/creature would take damage and I believe that is correct based on page 272 which states, "Every item has a Hardness value. Each time an item takes damage, reduce any [emphasis added] damage the item takes by its Hardness. The rest of the damage reduces the item’s Hit Points."

This topic has come up a few times also in relation to some of the creatures I have used in my campaign that have Hardness listed in their stats. There is some (well...more that some) debate here if hardness acts like a resistance to all. I do not believe that is the case based on the description of hardness in the core rule book and the bestiaries. If that were true then there would not be hardness AND resistance.

In my readings thus far, Hardness (whether item or creature) is based on what a thing is made of. Something natural like wood, types of metal, leather, cloth, etc have a hardness. Resistances are a type unnatural/magical damage resistance usually with much more specificity, though sometimes very broad. Hardness specifically says "...any damage..." in its description.

There does seem to be quite a bit of confusion here and on the internets and it would be nice to get am official clarification from Paizo.


1) I need to delete an old payment method. I want to remove the one that expires in '23 and use the one that expires in '25. Please make sure that all my subscriptions move over to the new payment method.

2) I want to ship the items in my sidecart now rather than later.


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Please ship the 2e Advanced Players Guide and 2e Bestiary 2 that are in my side cart. I don't want to wait another month for them to ship. I will happily pay the shipping.


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I remember a couple of other companies that did something like this with D20 Traveller and another with D20 Stargate that were both based on 3/3.5 rulesets. D20 Traveller had a few expansions, supplements, and adventures and then died off. D20 Stargate never really went anywhere but for a few supplements. Both settings had huge story potential. But sci-fi RPGs never seem to have much life in them save a few; RIFTS, Spacemaster, older flavors of Traveller, "add your own below". While many of them have been around a long time, they never seemed to have the popularity of fanasty settings. There just seems to be more of a market for fantasy. Feel free to speculate below...


We thought we were going to have a party of five in our campaign:
1) Wizard
2) Fighter
3) Ranger (me)
4) Rogue
5) Cleric

Fairly ideal party...

Now one of our players has decided not to play; the Rogue. I am wondering if I should change my character class from Ranger to something else. If so, what? If not, should I focus on something in particular for him? I am open to play anything that will help the party. But without reading the adventure path or reading spoilers here, I thought I would ask some of you who have played it.

Thanks in advance,


I found one post in the archives on talk of converting this adventure path to the Forgotten Realms. Unfortunately I can't find any more discussion on the matter. Does anyone now if anything ever became of the effort...