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At least I'm not alone in the Bounded and Unbounded issue. Just put me in the Bounded corner, where I'll be sitting eating popcorn.

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Bardarok wrote:

With the unified skill system removing the +lvl would mean that certain things always have a risk of failure. Like climbing a basic wall or identifying a low level spell. With scaling the PCs basically auto succeed at low level tasks.

This is what the Proficiency system should be used for. If you're Untrained, then yeah there should be a chance to fail basic skill uses. If you're Trained, then you should be able to pass basic skill uses. And so on. Each level of Proficiency should allow for greater and better uses of skills. Someone Legendary should be able to do far greater things than someone just Trained.

A better system would be if they got rid of the Character Level as Modifier and, at least for Skills, make it so every tier of Proficiency in skills just adds a +5 modifier to that Skill. Keep the standard DC chart.

And I'd only do this for Skills.

But I'm all for making the game have more Bounded Accuracy. I think changing the Character Level as Modifier to Half your Character Level could also work. Instead of +1 to +20 swingyness, make it +1 to +10 instead.

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This is the same kind of skills system that was in D&D 4th edition, where the DCs of the skill checks were more dependent on what level the character is than what the actual skill DCs are supposed to really be. It didn't function well in 4e and it makes no sense here.

Plus... this is convoluted as (insert appropriate word here, if there is one).

This is also showcasing something else that I think will be the problem of this edition, if it's kept, and that's the Add Your Character Level as a modifier to Everything issue. You add your level as a modifier to your Saves, Skills, Attacks, etc. And while this system works functionally well in D&D 5e, here the modifier of going from +1 to +20 for everything in the game is just way too swingy.

This goes counter to the design of taking Proficiency Levels, which range from -2 to +3 over Untrained to Legendary, which is a design that shrinks the total modifier range applied to the d20 dice rolls.

Now if you added just half your character level (which is how the math was in D&D 4e) this range would go from +1 to +10, and that's way more manageable. Less swingy, less based on luck of the die roll, and it'd be easier to design for.

Bounded Accuracy works for a reason. It's supported by the actual Proficiency system than ripped apart by Character Level as a Modifier, which exasperates one of the central problems Pathfinder has always had.

And I admit to not getting the logic of this DC skills system. To me, if something is a DC 20 at level 1, that same action should be a DC 20 test at level 10. But according to these rules, that's not the case.

So it's really also just confusing as hell.

I love everything else about the game so far. But this problem will be enough to keep me from playing it if it sticks around in 2e.

Ahhh.... okay. :)

Thank you for responding so quickly both of you. I appreciate it.

When do we get charged? I placed an order a week ago, and its still pending. I have read from other questions and responses that the pending status doesn't change in and of itself until the products actually ship... is that when our cards get charged?

If so, this system kind of sucks for someone like me who is on a tight budget who is also used to online charging systems that will charge your card automatically upon an order going through so if it is a system where our cards get charged when the product gets mailed out then its quite an archaic and frustrating system. Not having my account updated when I make charges so I can keep track of things is an additional frustration I don't really care for.

So, when will my card get charged?

I don't think my order itself matters but if it does help then my order number is Order 4491635.

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I don't know about everybody else but I feel that Starfinder will actually let more 3pp stuff happen because the setting itself is so much more wide open for creating new stuff. Aliens, technologies, worlds, starships, space empires, wars, lost colonies, etc.

Whereas I had always dabbled in Pathfinder, I am totally in for Starfinder. I am looking forward to it, and seeing what everybody creates for it.

I hope it finds great success.

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I want mecha in my Starfinder. Powered by sentient crystals that link with the pilot but nobody has really figured out the crystals are actually sentient. They just think the crystals are a super cool power source of energy.

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Belabras wrote:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Guide to the Galaxy

...based on a recent conversation with a party that will go unnamed.

Oooh, this is cool. I like it. :)

My own idea is to adapt some of the ideas of Relic Knights into my own Starfinder sector of space, with a dash of Guardians of the Galaxy. Now using TMNT as a source of inspiration sounds like it also perfectly matches.

And stealing ideas from Fragged Empire.

I am wondering this, because the scope of this game is much larger than Pathfinder, which is focused on a single world... I am really interested in what kind of tools will be put in this game for GMs to create their own alien worlds to explore.

One of my favorite games that has superb tools for GMs is Stars Without Numbers, and I'm kind of hoping that Starfinder will have something similar to that.

So we are basically the new heroes on the scene. I have an idea. :)

Assuming that Green City is one of the more typical supers settings... my character will be a former high school biology and chemistry teacher, and I mean former because a while back, but not to far back, her students were performing experiments on some (insert cool mineral name here) along with a neighboring class performing lab work on disecting various different animals of the lizard family... there was an explosion (okay, so this part is a little cliche) and somehow she was in the middle of the blast zone, which blew open a hole in the wall, and she flew through the wall into tables of lizard DNA, and it changed her.

Taken to the emergency room, where her husband and kids were waiting, her injuries were treated to the best of the doctors abilities. She was in the hospital for a short time, under drugs while her body regenrated itself. When they took the bandages off her, everywhere she was burned she was covered with lizard scales. Red ones, green ones, black ones, and even blue ones, all over her body. where she wasn't burned was normal skin. One hand was a lizard-like hand ending with claws, and she also sprouted a lizard tail. 3/4th her head and face are lizard as well.

Needless to say, her husband left her and took the kids. That was when Beatrice the school teacher died, and Ruby was born. She goes by the name Ruby now.

That's my concept that just came to me. What do you think?

Just wanted to say Hi..I live in Salem so I don't think I'm all that close but I saw you are in Oregon and so I just had to say hello. :)

What is Rivals like? In Salem there is Borderlands Games, its really the only gaming store I've been to in Oregon. I hope you have a successful campaign.

I have some homebrew ideas that I'd like to share and if somebody would like to give some input that'd be totally awesome. :D

World Idea One: Dragon Fire:

(initially inspired for 4e)

This is a world where just over a hundred and twenty years ago there was an invasion from beyond the known worlds edges. This Invasion was from a different world, a different age, with an army of creatures and lead by powerful generals that rampaged across the Known World. These generals were Dragons. Their armies were the Dragonborn and other Draconian forces, Kobolds were their draconic servants.

Their Mistress and God, Tiamat, didn't come till later.

The Wars were devastating. The defenders couldn't stop their magical onslaught, and they lost. Conquered, the defenders fell to Tiamat's rule.

Tiamat, in return for their refusal to bow when the first Dragon General came to ask for the worlds surrender, and to teach the Gods of this world a lesson, created a powerful ritual that sundered the Gods ability to approach this world. Her rule was complete.

A hundred and twenty years pass...

The people live under the gaze of the One God Tiamat and the Dragon Lords beneath her. They have separated out the Known Land according based on Territories and the non dragon humanoids are allowed to live under the good grace of their Dragon Overlords. Magic is outlawed and Divine Magic doesn't exist, unless you are a follower of Tiamat.

People today have no knowledge that there was once a time where other Gods existed. All knowledge of them have been destroyed during the purging years.

Yes this is sort of my own omage/rip off of Star Wars, but I like it. :P

World Idea Two: Tier Valley (working title):

Okay, not really that great a title, but the premise of this idea, and the one i want to go with to get my feet wet with running Pathfinder is that all the characters are teenagers and have grown up in this hidden valley, tucked away in a far corner of the world, and they have never ventured outside the valley.

This is my start small and work big...but I do have an idea that will take the players by surprise.

The only known races to the player characters are Humans and Halflings, and whatever race they choose beyond these for character creation. So if no one picks a dwarf, than they have never seen a dwarf.

Technologically it appears simple, until you see that the Mayor has a grandfather clock in her living room.

****the Secret****
The Tier Valley is actually on a world that is connected to two other Worlds, and while this valley is very off the beaten path, when the characters begin to traverse the world, and they end up in a town where a Train takes them through a Permament Dimensional Door to a town On a Different World, and they see that there are twenty or thirty other Races in these worlds... :)

But shhhh...don't tell them this secret. I want my players to think this world is simple and small.

World Idea Three: Amerika Circa 1820s:

An alternate history Amerika set in the early 1820s, this is heavily inspired by Deadlands and straight up fantasy, and is definitely a fantasy meets wild west. Technology level is steam technology, advanced to where mechanika can graft on mechanical arms and legs onto people, and magic and technology (mechanika) have blended into its own new technology.

I'm also going to toss in a bit of Malifaux into this world, as Malifaux is just an awesome horror influenced wild west type world.

All in all, spells being slung and bullets flying and people unleashing horrors and trying to capture each others souls...yes, souls are a currency in this world, to the beings of the other dimension that I am not going to call Malifaux but basically that's what it is.

So please let me know if you like these ideas...I have more but I think three for now is good. I'm going to stick with number 2 for my next campaign, which will be my first in many years...start small and learn how to run a game again.

Hi all, just new to these boards and not exactly sure where to post what, there's a lot of different places to post stuff here. :)

I'm going to be delving heavily into becoming a GM for Pathfinder in the near future, my first time in like... years, in running any kind of game and I'm nervous. I know what to do, but after playing 4e for a while, and other games, going back to 3.5, I mean going to Pathfinder, its sort of like going back home but its a change.

So, without further adoo, here's some questions.

Is there any good map making software that is cheap (free is good) that would be good for designing dungeons and wilderness settings and towns? What do you recommend? I want to do maps like i see in paizo's adventures...what do they use?

For those who know more of the optional products that Paizo has created, which ones are the best? I know of the Critical hits deck, Critical Fumble deck, the Plot Twist decks, the Item well do they work, are they fun to use, and is there anything else that would make for a great game?

Oh, did I post this in the right page? There's so many different places to post on here, its like nerve wracking for a new-to-the-paizo-forums girl like me. :)

Thank you for reading this...hope to hear from some of you soon.

This is my first post on these boards so HI to everybody. :) reasons for coming back to Pathfinder after playing 4e for a while.

First and foremost, allow me to say, I absolutely love combat in 4e. I think it has a more fun combat engine and there's always something to do, and the whole it plays like WoW, not to me. It plays like Final Fantasy Tactics and I love those kinds of games. :)

But that's about the only thing I like abotu 4e more than PF.

Art to me is about the same.

PF has just more versatility to it than me, is just a more solid game engine, and Paizo isn't bloating us to death, and Paizo is sticking with books whereas Wizards is killing D&D (IMO) by going more and more and more digital.

Two years from now, unless D&D gets sold off or gets a 5th edition that totally kicks butt...Pathfinder will be the top dog of roleplaying. :) That's my prediction, I'll stand by it, even if I am wrong.

I love me my PF. 4e is harpy droppings as far as I'm concerned.