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Ranzak is my friend! I will help Ranzak!

Dave Riley wrote:
My favorite promo bane is still always gonna be The Squealy Nord, tho. ;_;

Bane? Don't you mean Boon?

We can already get Ezren, Kyra, Valeros, Merisiel, ..., too.
The Iconic Heroes sets, though, are much more detailed.

Mike Selinker wrote:
We said at the PACG panel that if there's a 7th set, our fondest desire would be the iconics from Occult Adventures. Though we're all hoping for Ranzak and Ekkie eventually.

Especially if they are accompanied by Reta, Chuffy, Mogmurch & Poog ...

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Yes!!! Switch to horsemeat!

Vic Wertz wrote:
The combat value is high because them there greased pigs are hard to hit. Better to outsmart it.

Like that's going to happen ...


There will be tables of "We Be Goblins" and "We Be Goblins Too!", so I hope I'll be making some new friends! Just watch out for Piggy ...


I think any mention of bacon at PFS tables should be banned


Jessica Price wrote:
Gotta say, I love the house cat art in this deck.

But ... Squealy Nord!