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Hunt, the PugWumpus wrote:

Skittermanders are like pugwampis, except ugly, dumb, excessively hairy, and {shudders} helpful. Ugh. I even hate the way they eat crackers.

(Skittermanders are actually nothing like pugwampis, instead being delightful critters in the Starfinder Alien Archive and available as a PC race. They're like Stitch's cousins, only floofier and with a bite-y umbilical cord.)

Ha!!!!! Thanks!!!

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Guys, What's a Skittermander?

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Although it looks better for most people like this I like the variety. The loss of 10 mini's is really sad. I'll be honest I've been thinking it's getting to expensive as is. This may be my excuse to start using pawns more.

It's better for me to buy a couple bricks at my local FNGS than a case at this point and blend them. I can't afford to keep up.

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I'm with Philip! Is there a card list? I'm more likely to buy if I know what's inside.

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My soundtrack is comprised of four key influences.

1) Russian, Finnish and Slavic classical composers.
2) Russian choirs.
3) Viking metal and hard rock.
4) Icelandic and Scandinavian bands.

I've divided my playlists so each chapter will have a slightly different mix.

I'm having fun with it.

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I also don't like mixing pawns and mini's the exception being a huge or gargantuan monster. Having a mini in these cases can add to the intimidating or awesome presence of the creature!

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Fræbart!!!! Welcominn Júlíus!!!

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Great miniatures! Love the Frost drake especially since we are doing both AP's, also Reign of Winter!!!!!!

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I am so incredibly excited about this new Reign of Winter miniatures set!

Can we get a list of what will be in the set anywhere?

This is BY FAR my favorite AP yet.

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Everthefool wrote:

Is anyone else out there hoping/praying Reign of Winter will be the next set to follow Legends of Golarion and Wrath of the Righteous?

If done right, so many of those winter touched NPCs and Fey, etc... will make brilliant minis.

Anywho, here's hoping Paizo is listening/watching the boards, so speak up if you'd love to see RoW in mini form.

This would be (for me) the most anticipated set they would/could make! I really, really hope they do make a Reign of Winter set. I can't think of anything better. A Baba Yaga hut miniature would be absolutely fabulous!

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Rob McCreary wrote:
There are no new spells in this book. However, there are some specific Irriseni cold spells in Inner Sea Magic and some new cold spells (and a new winter oracle mystery!) in People of the North.

I'm so happy to hear this! Oracle is one of my favorite all time classes!

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Love the illustrations and content but I have to admit I hate the new format.

It looks to me to look more "remedial". It uses a block entry type of layout which I really dislike. The type seems larger and less "book" and more "game".

So congrats and smiles :) on two well crafted counts but :( totally on the format.

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I can't wait for mine to arrive. I'm so stoked.