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make a list, roll a die

hollow, filled with booze, for quick transport to one of the drunk classes/dwarf

DOH, my bad, didnt realize you actually added all the str/weapon/misc damage bonuses to each extra die on a crit. Been playing wrong.

UMM bastard swords are better than a falcata. The D10 compared to the D8 is actually pretty big. By the time you get a crit the extra 1-2 points of damage per hit makes up for the smaller crit multiplier.

This is for 100 attacks, I use max damage and improved crit here but it scales exactly the same if you use average and no imp crit.

BASTARD 10 max damage, 20% crit change, 800 non-crit damage, 2X crit mult, 400 crit damge, total damage 1200

FACATA 8 max damage, 20% crit chance, 640 non-crit damge, 3X crit mult, 480 crit damge, total damage 1120

if my math is right, this would make the bastard sword the best 1 handed weapon (had this in excel but it doesnt format properly)

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human fighter

In a rolemaster game, party member read a scroll of gate to summon a demon in some guys place that pissed us off. The odds were pretty slim that it would actually be anything that possed a challenge to them. He rolls a 99 and the gm says holy crap type V demon. Nothing in the city could stop it, including us. We ran and lived.

Ahh Rolemaster, where you can get killed by a baby rat or summon something like this by accident.

punishing kick and vicous stomp make a good combo

I know what the rules say about having to have wood blunts but it makes no sense in reality. The same with shortbows doing less damage than longbows, having to pay so much more to get a stronger bow to get your strength bonus on damage. I sorta understand why they did it, they dont want to have realistic archery.

very odd, why would blunt arrows have to be wood, that actually makes no sense

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