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Good evening.
This will be quick.
New player in our group is playing a gnome Barbarian, and is wearing hide armour.
Barbarian increases the gnome's speed to thirty, and the armour dips it back down.
We hit level two, and she has taken Swift Foot as her Rage Power.
So two questions.
Firstly, our group has conflicting information on how speed bonuses work, and aren't sure whether the gnome's speed is twenty or twenty-five.
Which is it?
Secondly, is Swift Foot affected by medium armour, and what would her speed become then, with said armour?

"Dr." Cupi wrote:
No, because a ysoki is more than light bulk.


Alright, thanks for the help.

Good afternoon.
The other day, my SFS group hung out and played a session.
It was fun, we had hot chocolate and committed war crimes.
Near the end of the session, a thought occured to me, and nobody at the table had any idea on a ruling for it.

Long and short, I'm playing an ysoki Mechanic, because everyone makes one of those when Starfinder first dropped, and I have a medium Combat Drone.
We leveled up, so I have a new Combat Drone robit feat thing to put on.
Since I'm small, if I were to install a smuggler's compartment into my drone, could I just crawl inside of it at the start of the game, and treat my drone more or less like a Mechwarrior?
Think of that Hallowe'en episode of South Park, where Kenny went out dressed as ED-209.

Ravingdork wrote:

If it's strong enough to manage the crank/draw/whatever, then I dont see why not.

Not much of an action advantage though as you'd have to spend an action commanding the familiar and another to pass the crossbow. The familiar would then need to spend it's actions recieving it, cranking it, and passing it back. That would take at least two rounds.

Well, there is no mechanism to determine whether or not a familiar is "strong enough."

And what is to say that the familiar needs to have the crossbow in their own hands to reload it?

vhok wrote:
as far as the bow shooting goes its hard to cite a rule that doesn't exist. how do we show him something that doesn't exist??

It's possible that he did it that time to delay the boss dying so something cool would happen.

We're in the last book of the campaign, so rocket tag is in full effect, with my character dealing routinely around four-hundred damage with a Smite Evil.
But if he does pull it again, I'm going to demand he explain what his metrics.

But I'm asking for a rules thing on ACP more in this instance, since it actually hamstringed a friend's character for a book and a half and caused her to really struggle to survive a prolonged encounter without the rest of us having to play interference.

I can and have tolerated him potentially screwing me over to make his plans work in the long run, or just to keep things on a level playing field, but making a mistake that screws a teammate over to near-death is unacceptable.
He has neutered entire builds I've spent months working on for a campaign, and aside from the anger, I've tolerated it.
But when he says "I don't care what it says, I don't think it works like that" to my friend whose entire character is entirely built around this gimmick, I will tell him off to his face once everyone's gone.

vhok wrote:
as many of us have said kikko armour has a penalty of -3, mithral reduces the penalty by 3 so its zero, this is what mr charisma said, not sure why you think he said differently. masterwork does not need to stack with mithral to get the penaty to zero as kikko armour is only -3 to begin with just mithral alone will take it to zero.

I misread that as 4 with -3, my bad.

MrCharisma wrote:
Spermy The Cat wrote:
I will start my reply with acknowledging your concerns.

Look that all sounds totally fine to me. Sorry if I sounded too judgemental

I did say I don't know you well enough to know how serious it is, but maybe I should have made that more obvious (it was one line half way through the last paragraph), so I'll cop to that as well. Either way it sounds like you and your GM are fine, so you can disregard most of my post.

So in case I wasn't clear (or I was misunderstanding your post) the Mithral Kikko should have an ACP of zero.

The arrow distance one I'm still not sure. I feel like there might have been text somewhere that talks about it, but I wouldn't know where (and I very well could be remembering a different game). At the very least it would follow the rules for diagonals, so every 10 feet upward would add an extra 5 feet to the distance the arrow travelled. Beyond that maybe it was a house rule, but it seems like a reasonable one.

Don't be too hard on yourself, if you learn and appologise then no harm done. The real mark of intelligence is admitting when you're wrong, rather than dogmatically sticking to an argument that makes no sense. Don't treat yourself harsher than you treat others (although ... well maybe go a little easier on them as well =P )

No it's cool, it's good that you're concerned for a group's wellbeing.

In my last group, the DM actively bullied me, one player would get high and steal my car to get fast food, while two others developed a cocaine habit and tried to steal my laptop when I went to the bathroom, and I was the only consistently-present player for that tenure, and I was kicked out because I misunderstood a text and didn't see King Kong.
I miss that group, but nobody ever really thanked me for bringing snacks.

Back to my thing now, the boss was seventy feet away from me, and thirty up, so trig says that was seventy-five rounded.
What confused and enraged me was when the DM imposed a -2 on my attacks, claiming that fly rules indicated that my shots were traveling ten feet for every five actual, meaning that it was outside of my range increment.
I was completely caught off-guard with that comment, since for five years he has never pulled that on us in any campaign.
I wouldn't be surprised if he had forgotten about it when we meet up again.

As for the misunderstanding, he will likely demand I cite my sources, and hasn't always accepted forum answers without pages.

MrCharisma wrote:

1. The GM is right, the MW quality is already included for Mithral.

MITHRAL wrote:
Weapons and armors fashioned from mithral are always masterwork items as well; the masterwork cost is included in the prices given below.

Also as a general rule your ACP can't go below zero - penalties can't be reduced enough to give you a bonus.

2. I'm not 100% sure on this one, but it does make some sense that it would. You would definitely get less range from something firing it straight up (the maximum tange is the apex of the curve) than you would firing forward (where the maximum range is twice the distance of the apex of the curve). I don't actually know what the rules say on this though.

GENERAL NOTE ON BEHAVIOUR: The GM is running the game, so you should defer to his judgement anyway. Everyone gets rules wrong occasionally (there are too many rules for everyone to know them all), so when the GM doesn't know he'll make a snap decision so that the game can continue. This is good GMing. The actual rules often don't matter as much as a smooth and enjoyable game. If the rules are seriously hampering your abilities, and you know the rule well you can argue it, but if the GM pushes back don't continue the argument - once again the rules are less important than the game continuing.

I'm the rules guy in my group, and what I do (or try to do) is take notes when we get rules wrong so that I can bring them uo AFTER the game. If I can clear something up in 5 seconds I'll do it mid-game, but even if I 100% know the rule I'll leave it till later if explaining it will slow the game down.

And finally, if I had a player swear at me for a ruling I'd kick him out. Even if you were right about these rules, that kind of behaviour isn't appropriate at the table. I don't know you well enough to know how serious this post is, but swearing at the GM and then coming here to "prove him wrong" is a toxic mindset. You've elected the GM as the arbitor of rules,...

I will start my reply with acknowledging your concerns.

You're completely right about the "toxic mindset", but the whole group of us don't pull our punches.
We're all mean to each other because we're all friends and we know we don't mean it, and we always back down when it starts going too far.
If the DM didn't want us to swear at him, he would tell us as such, and he wouldn't swear at us either.
All of us, including him, and stopped the game to bicker about something at one point or another.
If he weren't the DM, and just playing normally like the rest of us, we'd be at each other's throats just as much.
In my other groups, we don't play nearly as caustically, and aside from some tense words, play nice.

Now, I'll give you some context; the DM and I have known each other since high school, and we've butted heads for years, to the point that the group jokes that we're an old married couple.
Can't stand him, can't live without him, you know?
I've played with him since day one, and he trusts me enough to act as a Number One when it comes to rules lawyering.
For example, a player brings up a problem with the way the DM played something, DM counters with his understanding of the rules, player pushes back, DM asks me for a second opinion, and 90% of the time takes my input into making a decision.
When I do it, it starts as a disagreement, citing rules and the odd FAQ, grows into an argument, sometimes gets heated, we get back to playing after he tells me off, and at the end of the session I stay behind to help clean up, sit down with him and both dig into finding out what's what.

I hope this makes sense.

Now, as for the armour, you're sure that Mithral kikko armour has an ACP of -1?
If so, that sucks, but I'm wrong and let him know when we meet up next week.
As for the arrow part, he brought it up literally once in the middle of a boss fight where he was 75 feet away according to my trigonometry, when other boss fights in the air had them be further away from me with no problem.
Though as I'm writing this now, I think he was actually trying to stall me for a cinematic interruption of my mount companion coming to rescue me as the ground collapsed, and I absolutely owe him an apology.
I feel like a prick now, great.

Good evening.
I'll cut to the chase, DM says these things work this way, I swore at him, and now I need to prove I'm right.
1. Does Mithral kikko armour have an ACP of -, or an ACP of -1. He says that the masterwork quality of armour does not stack with Mithral.
2. Does firing an arrow upwards toward a flying opponent carry the same movement penalties as flying upwards, ie. every five feet up is equal to ten feet of movement/range?

Any help is appreciated.

Evening, folks, quick question.
You have a familiar, and a crossbow.
Can a familiar with Manual Dexterity, sitting on a character's shoulders, spend two Interact actions to reload a heavy crossbow wielded by the character?

Alright, real talk.
The White-Haired Witch absolutely needs a rehaul.
It's the first thing I was introduced to when I started playing Pathfinder, five years ago.
It's a mess of rules and mental expectations that inevitably turns into a shouting match over the table.
But the sheer flavour of basically playing Sedusa from the Powerpuff Girls is just so appealing.
It just breaks my heart to see something so much character in it struggle to even get on its feet.

Ferious Thune wrote:

The archetype is poorly written in a couple of different ways. You can probably make the touch attack, but the grapple ability won’t trigger off that. To get the grapple, you have to “strike” an enemy with your natural attack. That’s different than making a touch attack.

You can also deliver a touch spell with a natural attack. You just can’t do it on the round that you cast the spell unless you’re a magus with the right abilities. Because casting a touch spell gives you a free touch attack, not a free melee attack of any kind. So you can cast on round 1, attack on round 2 with a normal hair attack, and if you hit, then attempt to start a grapple.

Also, keep in mind that the hair uses strength to attack and not intelligence, if you don’t already have that factored into the insanity. It gets INT to damage, but not to attack. If you’ve got weapon finesse, you could use DEX. (EDIT: You get INT to attack for the grapple, but not for the normal attacks with the hair. Like I said, poorly written in some ways).

But maybe some good news for you is that SKR posted a long time ago that you get 1 1/2x INT to damage if the hair is your only natural attack.

I'm not well-versed on the Magus stuff, so I'll leave that out of this response.

One of the first things we hammered out when I was building the character was to homerule that Int rolled off of everything; Attack, damage, CMB and CMD.
We both honestly feel like that was what was intended for the archetype to begin with, since it's kind of weird that you can be really good at starting a grapple and manhandling people, but really bad at keeping them still, or even hitting them to begin with.
But good news, I went to the DM's yesterday before the session started and talked it out.
He admitted he jumped the gun with the grappling and touch spells, and I agreed that setting off grab with touch spells was by and large too strong.
So I'm back to playing Dr. Badtouch, Samizdat Perestroika.
We're good now, thanks a lot for the help.

blahpers wrote:
Spermy The Cat wrote:
blahpers wrote:

1. It isn't really specified what you can use to deliver touch spells as a melee touch attack. You could certainly hold the charge and use your hair as a natural attack to deliver the touch spell as part of a different action. That would target normal AC, but success would deal hair damage, deliver the spell, and give you a free grapple attempt.

2. You can't just up and grapple them with your hair using the grapple standard action. What you can do is hit them with your hair first (against normal AC) and then initiate the grapple as a free action. That's the very basis of the white hair (Su) ability.
3a. White-haired witch doesn't have grab, though white hair (Su) does act a lot like grab. I'll assume this is what you meant.
3b. You'll need to elaborate on this--what specific situation is in question here?

The third question was the one part of the archetype that the DM and I were unable to figure out, being that whether or not delivering a touch spell through your hair allow you to then grab them.

As for 3a itself, DM ruled that since it sure as heck sounds like it gives you Grab, then you may as well just treat it like you have Grab.

Grab has some extra stuff, good and bad, that this ability does not have (size limitation, the -20 thing, the +4 thing).

Conversely, this ability seems to smuggle in (without stating it) that grappling with the hair doesn't move the grapplee adjacent to you, else the "pull" option wouldn't make sense. I suspect the writer of this ability didn't completely consider the usual scenarios involving grappling with reach differences.

You should check out the PFS forums about this.

Trust me, the discussions are worse.
If I remember right, it almost got banned because the mods were getting fed up with all the arguing when it first came out.

Xaimum Mafire wrote:

Per the rules, you can absolutely hold a touch spell, then discharge it with a natural attack. Core Rulebook under the Combat chapter, section "Actions in Combat," subsection Standard Actions, in case you want to point it out to him directly.

Cast a Spell

** spoiler omitted **...

But can I just touch someone with the hair itself?

blahpers wrote:

1. It isn't really specified what you can use to deliver touch spells as a melee touch attack. You could certainly hold the charge and use your hair as a natural attack to deliver the touch spell as part of a different action. That would target normal AC, but success would deal hair damage, deliver the spell, and give you a free grapple attempt.

2. You can't just up and grapple them with your hair using the grapple standard action. What you can do is hit them with your hair first (against normal AC) and then initiate the grapple as a free action. That's the very basis of the white hair (Su) ability.
3a. White-haired witch doesn't have grab, though white hair (Su) does act a lot like grab. I'll assume this is what you meant.
3b. You'll need to elaborate on this--what specific situation is in question here?

The third question was the one part of the archetype that the DM and I were unable to figure out, being that whether or not delivering a touch spell through your hair allow you to then grab them.

As for 3a itself, DM ruled that since it sure as heck sounds like it gives you Grab, then you may as well just treat it like you have Grab.

So my group is playing Wrath of the Righteous, and after getting bored with my Paladin, opted to play my backup, a White-Haired Witch, for the duration of the fifth book.
Now that we're about halfway through, the DM is getting fed up with me just snuffing everything out in one hit, one at a time.
Last session, we got into a big argument over what the hair actually does.
He decided, of his own volition, that
1. You cannot use touch spells with your hair.
2. You cannot start grapples with your hair.
3. Touch spells don't set off Grab.
Which would mean that at this point, my character would be completely neutered, since bad-touching people over twenty feet away and then choking them to death, with over six different debuffs on them at once was his biggest contribution to any given encounter.
I told him that was stupid, we had a back-and-forth shouting match before the session ended and we hung out for another hour.

So here I am now, asking for help.
I know that I have asked several times about the WHW, and even complained at length about it.
But if he's right, and my hair actually doesn't do anything I was informed about, then what in the world is even the point of this archetype, mechanically speaking.
Thank you for your time.

Kyrand wrote:
Is anyone else getting the "Quig instead of Keskodai" problem again?


Forgive the necro, but this looks really good so far.
I've been looking for a guide the other day, and you're a step in the right direction.
I would suggest, aside from feats and possible build loadouts, you also bring up multityping.
What archetypes, and how many you can pile up on each other, until it stops being funny.
I do hope you keep working on this.
One thing to note as well, if you try to take the Draconic Scholar ART for humans and halfies, you're locked into using Draconic Bloodline.

Wait a minute, holdon a second there.
I can stack Mirror with the Veneficus Witch.
This changes everything, this is amazing.
This must be much more straightforward than everything else.
It has to be.
Give me a day or two to figure out a build, feats and junk.
But this guarantees it'll be fun.

Election, I was planning on going with a half-elf, and I'd rather keep this pure Witch, for PFS.
But if push comes to shove, I'll switch over to a gnome.
And it's funny you mention the stuff about being thrown into Golarion; I've got several characters in PFS that are just normal people way in over their heads.
One of them is just a party magician who does birthdays, and another is Dr. Sigmund Freud, who woke up in Golarion and now tries to go home so he could get a damn smoke.

But if I were to shift this into a cold build, instead of my intended hopes for an Illusion-jerk, what would you suggest I take for feats, aside from Rime Spell and Chilling Amplification?

So far, what I've got down is, in no certain order:
>Chilling Amplification
>Rime Spell
>Spell Focus (Evocation)
>Extra Hex
>Skill Focus (Diplomacy [racial])

Annnd, if I instead stick with an Illusion build, what would you think I should do?

avr wrote:

A mirror witch gets bonuses to certain skills (diplomacy, per day bluff or extra diplomacy or sense motive or a save, later to knowledge skills whenever they have 10 minutes free), & later on a few SLAs (augury, clairvoyance, scrying). Besides that they're effectively a normal witch whose familiar stays out of sight. Just about anything you can do as a witch you can do as a mirror witch.

You're going to want some social skills to take advantage of the above, so you'll be taking a trait or two which makes social skills run off Int.

Beyond that - a witch who throws around cold spells, possibly with rime spell to make them better debuffs is doable. Winter witch isn't compatible but invoker is. A witch who uses mindwarping spells is dead easy to make. Specialising in crowd control spells and other area effects is doable. There are witches who specialise in the ickiest spells they can find, vomit swarm or spit venom or whatever, or you could take the trickery patron to get mirror image so you can indulge in touch attack spells/spells like whip of spiders or Gozreh's trident.

Shadow gambit BTW works badly.

REALLY sorry for the late reply.

Things went pretty crazy for a bit.

>Shadow gambit BTW works badly.
And there goes the whole lynchpin to my build

I was unaware of the Invoker archetype, and I have to say it's absolutely crazy, and I might take that just to make things difficult for my DM.
So you think a Coldwitch, Brainwitch, or Grosswitch are my best options; I'll have to look those up later, when I'm free for time again.
Trickery is what I'm going with right now, so that's good on my part.
This hopefully pushes me in a right direction, but we'll see if I don't come crying for more help.
Thank you, AVR.

So, the Mirror Witch.
You trade your familiar for a nice shiny mirror, that lets you eventually spy on people, act like an utter narcissist, and that's kind of it.
I want to make one, for PFS.
But I don't know what to do exactly.
How should I build a Mirror Witch?
I initially tried to make an Illusion build, but it turns out that the feat I wanted to use specifically uses Figment spells, and the Witch only has about thirteen of those in their books.
I poked around at maybe a Shadow build, make the character a complete weirdo who takes the sunlight like an Irishman, but I'm...not really sure how Shadow Gambit works.
I'm just completely lost here.
Can someone give me any advice on what to do here?
Feats or Hexes or whatever, doesn't matter.
Patrons, whatever.
I just need a push in the right direction.

TheGreatWot wrote:
Spermy, yours is probably the most singularly unpleasant username that I've had the misfortune of encountering on the internet.

I don't know how to send a PM, so forgive my posting here.

Thank you, I worked hard on thinking this up.
Or I stole it; I forget.

Bruno, I'm sorry to ask, but where are you getting that nonlethal damage from?

Well that sucks.
Good to know, thank you.

So Piranha Strike, from Sargava, the Lost Colony, came out as a kind of "meet you halfway" deal for giving Dex builds access to Power Attack.
You can't two-hand it, I think, but there's not much better.
But what about feat prerequisites?
Can Piranha Strike be used in place of Power Attack for the use of things like Bull Rush, Cleave, Furious Focus, or Style Feats like Jabbing Master?

Ok, one last question, and I think I'm good to go.

Does Final Embrace give me another Constriction, or is it just redundant to my own and is just a stepping stone to Final Embrace Master?

This does help, but I believe I have seen somewhere on here that touch spells do activate Grab, but we'll ignore that for now.

I have three more questions.

>Is there a way to increase your constriction damage, outside of the Final Embrace tree?
>Since constriction applies the extra damage separately, it does much less damage than would be appreciated when manhandling someone with DR, correct?
>For the tiefling, of their "roll 1d100" abilities is to gain a tough, spiky skin, "dealing an extra 1d4 damage when grappling". Would this affect the extra damage from constriction?

Four questions, I lied. You did not answer about the spell damage applying to constriction?

For sake of reference, I shall use the White Haired Witch as an example, as I am most familiar with the archetype, if you've seen me complain about it enough.

So. White Haired Witch. Great in concept. Become Sedusa, from the Powerpuff Girls. By RAW, big letdown in execution. Still willing to pay someone here to errata it and make it complete bs. Hint hint.

You have a hair attack, that deals 1d4+int. Meaning at best, that's 1d4+7 damage. That's pretty good, but past level four, the bloom on the rose fades when everyone else is able to pump out more damage than you by other means, either with more attacks, or with Power Attack. Or Piranha Strike if the DM rules that it counts as a proxy to Power Attack. Which it should, but moving one.

Level two, you gain constriction. Assuming a Dex of +2, you're human and take Improved Unarmed Strike, Improved Grapple and Agile Maneuvers at level three, with a king crab familiar, and taking Grab into account, that's a +10 to grapple someone, and begin making your DM very uncomfortable with how your hair gets everywhere on that orc. And you end up dealing 2d4+14 badtouch on your next grapple, if the orc doesn't break free and turn you into finger paint.

Now, questions at hand. How exactly does Constriction work when you apply the damage? Is it 2d4+14 as I said above, or 1d4+7 twice, meaning you end up dealing way less damage against DR? Does applying Power Attack, Piranha Strike, or even Vital Strike increase your constriction damage? What if you increase in size, or bite the bullet and take Improved Natural Attack? Does Constriction apply to coup de graces if you take throat slicer? What if I use a touch spell? Cast Frostbite, hit somebody with my hair. Connects, 1d4+7 hair with 1d6+2 cold. Does that get doubled too, to 2d4+14+2d6+4?

Any help is appreciated.

Seriously though, this helps a lot.
Thanks a lot for the help, guys.

keerawa wrote:
Racial feats and alternate racial traits are go if you have a tiefling boon. The big table of rolling for bizarre abilities is not PFS-legal.

So I'm stuck with a no good, lazy shadow then?

I'm curious about something with the tiefling and they're availability, though I suppose this could also extend to anything needing a racial boon to use.

If I were to acquire a tiefling boon, what exactly does it give me an allowance to use? Racial feats, traits, all that jazz. Is it all free range with the sheet, or are there more restrictions behind it?

What about alternate racial traits? FCB? Those weird one-hundred racial abilities, such as not having a shadow, scent, or being able to detect evil once a day?

Or am I overthinking all of this and there's a list on here, and I'm an idiot?

Wait a second.

Vermin Hunter
>Vermin Companion (Ex)
>At 1st level, a verminous hunter must choose a vermin companion INSTEAD OF AN animal companion.

Plant Master
>Plant Companion (Ex)
>A plant master forms a mystic bond with a plant companion. A plant master can begin play with ANY plant companion.

Treesinger is the one who gets shafted most, since it states Plant Bond that "The second option is to form a close bond with a plant companion. A treesinger may begin play with any of the plants LISTED BELOW."

I would like to request this be pinged for an FAQ, since this otherwise cockblocks the Druids and Hunters that out of the options their archetypes are built around.

Not gonna lie, Derklord. That's pretty bad.

Ultimate Wilderness released several new animal companions for Druids, Rangers and Hunters, as well as more than a handful of plant and vermin companions. But the wording of who can use what is a little concerning. Are the plant companions able to be used by a Treesinger Druid or Plantmaster Hunter, and can a Verminous Hunter or Dungeon Something Ranger use the new list of vermin companions, such as the caterpillar or mosquito, or is it all just purely for base Druids?

Page 182, if curious.

The White Haired Witch was actually the first thing I learned about when I was introduced to Pathfinder. It holds a...special place in my heart because of it.

If it were unaffected by size changes, it would have stated "regardless of size". At level one, a medium WHW has a range of five feet. Enlarge Person would give it an extra five feet of hair, meaning you have ten. It's when you reach tiny that it shrinks down to an ineffective range.

I hope this helps you out. Love the WHW. What level are you starting, if I may ask?

Kramer, you misunderstand. I know full-well that Spell Kenning in amazingly useful, and I've heard stories where DMs use Skalds to make the player's life miserable.

My issue is that, without being able to use Scribe Scroll to pad your scroll collection, and because you can use it only once a day at level five, it turns into something so potentially valuable I'll never use it for fear of something more important happening.

It's like in a Fire Emblem game where you'll never use the good healing potions because they're expensive and you never know when you'll really need them, you know? It's straight-up option paralysis.

I admit, though, that I made this thread in a moment of passion, when I realized I wouldn't be able to use Spell Kenning to have an emergency Remove Curse or Fire Snake or some third thing. But seeing as how having Spell Kenning is obviously much better than not being able to use it, I want to change my question a bit.

What spells are good spells for Spell Kenning? I may as well start making a list to go by.

So I've been told I need to stick to a character in my Society meetups or I'll lag behind the other players. And since I've always wanted to play one, here I am, playing a Fated Skald.

So since crafting is not allowed, Gunslinger notwithstanding, the Skald gets Extra Performance, which is nice. But then there's the problem with Spell Kenning.

Without Scribe Scroll to get some actual use out of it and slowly stock up on potentially useful stuff, Spell Kenning is uselessly paralyzing in "I might need this"ism. So I'm wondering, since I can't utilize Spell Kenning in the way it was (possibly?) meant to, what good is it for?

Taudis wrote:
Spermy The Cat wrote:

Potions, yes. Which sucks that I can't.

How long do infusions last?

Infusions last as long as any of your other prepared extracts - 1 day. You can use Preserving Flasks if you want to hand out pseudo-potions, those will give the infusion an unlimited duration. Preserving Flasks can get expensive, so I'd probably ask your party members to pay for them if they want them filled regularly.

>Preserving Flask.

>Literally a jar full of bees.

I love everything about this.

Taudis wrote:

As written, it works kind of like a pokeball - you open the vial and the creature appears at a distance within the usual range for a summon spell (25+5ft/2CL).

If by craft you mean make potions of, the answer is no. You can hand out infusions if you've got that discovery.

Potions, yes. Which sucks that I can't.

How long do infusions last?

I'm playing a wyrwood Preservationist for Iron Gods. It's been fun so far, and I'm one level away from getting Summon Nature's Ally II.

Two questions. How does summoning a creature actually work? Does it just pop up beside me, or can I whip a bottle of Stirge at a guy's head and have it grow into form right beside him?

More importantly, being an Alchemist, can I craft bottles of Summon Nature's Ally, and later Summon Monster?

I'm planning out a Viking build for when my group does Wrath of the Righteous, or whenever I can play one in Society, whichever comes first. Would like opinions on this setup.


>Level one: power attack, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Bastard Sword)
>Level two: Shield Focus.
>Level three: improved bull rush.
>Level four: Intimidating Prowess. (+1 dex)
>Level five: Lesser Beast Totem.
>Level six: Beast Totem.
>Level seven: Two Weapon Fighting. (+1 dex)
>Level eight: Improved Shield Bash.
>Level nine: Shield Slam.
>Level ten: Greater Beast Totem.
>Level eleven: Shield Master.
>Level twelve: Weapon Focus (Bastard Sword). (+1 str)
>Level thirteen: Dazzling Display.
>Level fourteen: Shatter Defences.
>Level fifteen: Raging Vitality.
>Level sixteen: Greater Bull Rush. (+1 str)

Does this look good? Should I put more focus on rage powers? Which ones?

So I'm doing my DM a solid and trying to draw out some of the maps for Iron Gods. I've finished Konnir Bhain's house, and I was about halfway through the underwater caves when I caught a glimpse of the Habitat Dome.

Does anyone, uh...happen to know just how friggin' big this thing is, dimension wise?

Something I thought of yesterday. Some spells have different casting times. Cure Light Wounds is a standard, as is most things. You get punched trying to cast it, you have to make a concentration check to make it go through. Some spells have a swift action, like Blood Money, letting you ignore getting punched. Then there's a full-turn action.

So the Druid casts Summon Monster III, which finishes after the start of his next turn. What happens if someone shot him on their turn, or someone punched him, before his next turn? Does he have to make a concentration check each time as the DM sends every NPC he has on hand to avoid flooding the field with cyclopes, or is he free to cast without fear?

But if it sucks like Blahpers says, I may as well stick with my plan A and make it an elf.

I hesitantly disagree. In the description of the mirror proper, "The mirror is essentially an immobile familiar". I'm not a smart person, and even after four years of playing, I'm still a dumbass with rule-reading, but wouldn't this make it count as a familiar by RAW?

The Dorf Witch has an FCB that grants it's familiar a +1/4 Natural Armour bonus per level. The Mirror Witch Archetype, from the Villain Codex book, gives the witch a mirror familiar that slowly grows more durable as levels go by.

Long and short, does the Dorf's FCB apply to the Mirror Familiar? And if so, what would happen to said bonus if it died? Or got broken, whatever.

Gah, misfired. I intend to keep the strangled archetype, but sure, I'd like what you got. Race is half-orc.

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