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Wait, are you guys saying that Drow are the space elves and I'm a planetary elf? *Gracefully sips his elf-wine (from a glass, not a zero-g beverage pouch) as a single elf-tear slides down his elf-cheek.

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Pillbug... In... SPACE!!! wrote:
Cyrad wrote:
This has been discussed to death already.
Is this dead android horse we're beating named Andromeda or Oberon? And can Starfinder androids get similar horsey-taur attachments?

By the Enigma force! if you keep asking questions like that, you'll earn yourself a one way trip to Baron Karza's body banks!!

Say, have you ever read Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro? Nothing to do with Micronauts at all, but very, very emotional-experience-reportage-from-within-the-body-banks. Y'know, genre-wise.

What, the thread topic was androids? Starfinder? Sorry, I got nothing.

Judy Bauer wrote:
James Sutter wrote:
Adam Daigle wrote:

Psst... minor correction: Kostchek

Fun fact: It's only Kostchek in the core book because we told Judy, "Dude, regardless of how awesome it is, we can't have a shirren named Kostchtchie in the core rulebook." :D

In fact: Kostchtch! Kostchtch has no regrets about their choice of name... though they might had some cultural misunderstandings about humans' ancient history. *waves appropriate arms dismissively*

Also, if you think shirren courtship is complicated, consider sedoretu, and the Oankali.

I'm 227 years old, and this is the first time I've lived outside the insular society of my birth. I don't think shirren courtship is complicated so much as . . . intriguing.

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Torbyne wrote:
For that matter, are we talking natural life spans or after for accounting in common anti-aging drugs available in the far future? Elf derived gene therapy can add centuries these days you know...

And everyone wonders why we're so insular; go derive gene therapy from your own genes!