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Space City Con is an all-ages festival of comics, sci-fi, fantasy, gaming, literature, and art, in the spirit of Houston, Texas! Envisioned as a "geek festival with free parking," SCC is conveniently located at the Westin Galleria convention center & hotel, August 10 – 12, 2012. Our goal is to put on the best convention possible for current generations of fans, and instill a love of , comics, Sci-fi and fantasy in the next generation.

Along with 24 hour Gaming, we are honored to host RA Salvatore as the first stop on his summer signing tour, and also NY Times best-selling legend Tracy Hickman, whose Eventide and "Wayne of Gotham" (June release) are making it a great summer! Tracy & Laura plan to bring "Killer Breakfast" to Houston.

You can find more information on our website, which has a "Warhorn" link under the "Gaming" tab. Games will begin to be placed and slotted over June and July. Hotel is the 4-star Westin Galleria, discounted for our group rate from $179 down to $105 per night.

Any direct questions, please email us "Gaming@SpaceCityCon.com", find us on Facebook or Twitter "@SpaceCityCon".

Ya'll all need to come out to Houston in May to meet Stephen & Hyrum for some serious Pathfinder gaming!



Once more unto the breach...!

Most of you on this list know, we've notched up Comicpalooza 2011 for you! Hyrum Savage and Stephen Radney-McFarland are coming from Paizo to game with us, and share celeb insight to the industry, game design, previews or playtesting...all kinds of wonderful stuff!

You can create a free log-in and register for Gaming on our Warhorn site, although you need to purchase your tickets via the con main site (still on presale). www.warhorn.net/comicpaloozahouston

A few other visitors are coming too. Come out and join us for this historic event, as we show the national gaming community just how Texas-sized a Con that Houston can put on, and how awesome our gamers are!

Houstonderek, we'll miss you!

I'm the organizer for gaming at Comicpalooza. I'm strictly a volunteer, and while I apologize for the "late notice", I'm doing the best I can on no budget and without anything but a love of gaming to motivate me.

The PFS folks have really risen to the occasion, as has Joshua. I'm very impressed and frankly, feel like I can just sit back and support your efforts with a "yes, yes, okay, sure..." and applaud you.

We currently have several rooms in the Hilton Americas, so we don't compete with Con panels and such. I was told 8 months ago that there was no need for gaming at Comicpalooza. Then, they asked me to do a little RPGA [yes, those *other* guys], and then, suddenly, I was organizer and gamer-in-chief. I have a full time job, my own part time small business, plus I am very involved in the Greek Community, including teaching and chanting.

Long story short, it's gonna happen. Not because of me or because of advance notice, but because dedicated gamers are jumping aboard and stepping up to make a great offering there. Paizo is giving us great support too!


Email me if you need more info, or if you need to be tied into the PFS zealots who are really taking care of bizness!