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Full Name

Soryn Kimasori a.k.a. Ace Kiddman, Kid Ace Pilot


Lashunta (Kerasha)


Envoy 5







Special Abilities

Limited Telepathy, some spell like abilities


True Neutral (leaning Neutral Good)


Arshea (somewhat)


Absolom Station


Common, Castrovellian, Vesk


Actor/Vid personality

Strength 14
Dexterity 16
Constitution 12
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 9
Charisma 18

About Soryn a.k.a. ACE KIDDMAN!

Soryn (a.k.a. Ace Kiddman, Kid ace pilot!)
NG Male Lashunta(Kerasha) Icon Envoy 5
Str: 14, Dex:16, Con:12 Int:12 (14), Wis:9, Chr:18
KAC:21 EAC:19

Fort +3, Ref+6 Will +4

HP 34, SP 40, Resolve: 6

Force Baton +6 (d4+4)
Arc Pistol +6 (d6+2) (crit-arc 2)
Underwater Dueling Sword +5 (1d6+7)

Skills: Acrobatics +8 Athletics +6, Bluff +12, Culture +12, Diplomacy +14(+1d6+1), Medicine +10(+1d6+1) Piloting +11 Profession-Actor +8(or +12), Sense Motive +7(+1d6+1), Physical Sciences: +3 Life Sciences: +3, Computers+6, Engineering +10

Feats: Iron Will, Medical Expert, Toughness

Languages: Common, Castrovellian, Vesk, Ghibani, Drow, Elven, Eoxian, Mormalah

Race Stuff: Limited Telepathy, (At Will, Daze and Psychokenetic Hand, DC 13, detect thoughts 1/day (DC 14), +2 Diplomacy and Culture

Class Stuff: +1d6+1 to Sense Motive, Diplomacy, Medicine. Inspiring Boost, Don't Give Up, Get ‘em, Analyst

Gear: Force baton, Arc Pistol, Tactical Pistol, Underwater Dueling Sword (with Glamoured infusion) Freebooter Armor mk IIr, Personal Comm, Flashlight, medical kit, Medpatch, Professional Toolkit, 1 wk field rations, hygine kit, extra battery, mk. 1 healing serum (x2), 5 sets normal clothes, 1 set fancy clothes

Soryn Kimasori is better known by the name of his famous character, Ace Kiddman, of the (somewhat) famous vidshow from back in the day, Ace Kiddman, Kid Ace Pilot!

The show, which stared a young Soryn, was about a young Lashunta adopted by humans who was discovered to be a prodigy at piloting. The show featured his trials and tribulations thwarting intergalactic threats as part of the Pact Worlds defense force, often single-handedly saving the day against ever-more outrageous odds, such as the the evil swarm-infected Vesk General Korgath!

The show began to slump in its third season, and a radical revamp in season four (now titled Ace Kiddman, Kid ace detective) but was cancelled halfway through its season.

Since then young Soryn has been on a downward slope. He was briefly the lead on Grey Anatomy, a vidshow featuring "the most accurate depiction of medicine in a daytime drama," but the series only lasted one season. After that, he couldn't seemed to get cast again outside of a few product placements and bit cameos. But even those have dried up recently and now, desperate for cash, he has joined with a crazy plan. In an effort to attract more members, the Starfinders have agreed to set him up as an actual Starfinder, and record him along the way, making a low-budget reality show that they hope will re-invigorate the member-starved pathfinders and will jump-start Soryn's career.