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Hagalaz, Hail! Our Northlands Saga game is down a player, and so I am recruiting one player to fill this open spot. The group is currently in a voyage into the Far North (the arctic) on a quest to avenge the murder of their former jarl. Your PC is likely a member of the crew.

The Northlands Saga Complete is a campaign setting and an adventure path all set in the Frog God Games’ game world of the Lost Lands. Far at the northern edge of the world map where the continent of Akados connects to the frozen polar continent of Boros are the lands of the Northlanders huddled around the often-frozen North Sea and verging upon the gray-green swells of the Great Ocean Ûthaf that circles the northern portion of the world.

The Northlands are a realm of rugged frontiers on the very edge of the arctic wilderness where the people of the North contend against the horrors of the icy wastes with little more than sinew, iron, and their own mind’s worth. Here is a realm of gameplay for a classic Viking saga or adventures in the gritty north envisioned by Leiber or Howard. It is a land of epic sagas, savage creatures, and heroes of mythic proportions, and it is ours to play in.

This is a game steeped in Norse mythology and tradition, in which the players will play as vikings. It is a massive book (over 800 pages) with a built in campaign guide and adventure path running from levels 1 through 20. The adventures are separate modules written at different times, but all taking place in The Northlands, a setting of Frog God’s creation. Will we complete the adventure? I have no idea. But, we can certainly have fun trying.

So if you’re interested in the campaign idea and you’re brave enough to step beyond the world of Golarion, into the harsh and unforgiving world of the Northlands, then please check out our campaign page, which includes a custom player’s guide. There’s also additional information in my profile that you’ll need to be familiar with, as there are tight restrictions on race and class selection. A lot to read, I know, but don’t get attached to any character concepts until you’re familiar with the criteria.

Here are the absolute vitals:

Class Restrictions: The following are the only allowable classes, archetypes permitted in my discretion.
--Bard (only the Skald archetype found in the unofficial player’s guide)
--Fighter (check out the Huscarl archetype in our unofficial player’s guide)
--Ranger (non-spellcasting archetypes)
--Oracle. Permissible Oracle Mysteries are Ancestor, Battle, Metal, Nature, Stone, Succor, Waves, Wind, Winter, and Wood. Permissible Oracle Curses are clouded vision, consumed, lame, tongues, and wasting.

The group has lost its skald, and the only other spellcaster is a warpriest. The group could use a magical class, so I highly encourage considering the available spellcasting classes. But also note that Northlanders are martial-oriented, so even an Oracle should have some combat acumen.

Reflavoring class abilities to match the themes of our campaign is allowed, even encouraged.

No Third Party Options. Other than the adventure itself, of course! Our unofficial player’s guide contains some new options presented by the adventure, including archetypes, feats, and traits.
Races: Human only. Alternate racial traits only allowed with GM approval.
Build Rules: 15 point buy. Your lowest stat, after racial modifiers, cannot be below 8. Starting Level 6.
HP: Max at first level, ½ + 1 thereafter.
Starting Wealth: 8,000 gp. We are using automatic bonus progression from Unchained. Equipment available to you for purchase in our starting location (Silvermeade Hall, just outside of Halfstead in Hordaland) includes technology up to the level of High Middle Ages as described in our Unofficial Player’s Guide. Items such as full plate armor, crossbows, rapiers, and gunpowder weapons are not available. It is assumed that much of your starting equipment was obtained through bartering or handed down from family or friends. Combat mounts are non-existent, though riding mounts (horses) are common enough. Any currency will be in hacksilver (hs) with lower denominations made up of sp and cp as needed.
Alignments: Good preferred. No evil.
Feats: No Leadership. All characters receive one bonus feat of their choice at first level. Being human, this means you gain another bonus feat on top of your normal racial bonus. You must meet any prerequisites for your chosen feat.
Traits: Two, both of which must be a campaign trait, albeit from different categories (basic, magic, social, or regional).
Unchained Rules: Background Skills (everyone gains one bonus skill point at level 1 to place in Profession (farmer)), Automatic Bonus Progression
Posting Requirements: These games are marathons, not sprints. I would hope for at least one post per weekday, for a minimum of five posts per week. I tend not to post on the weekends.

You do not need to build a PC or create a profile at this time. Instead, I'd like to hear your proposed build and, more importantly, get a feel for the character you are creating. Thus, I would like to see a background story and a sample post showcasing your character in a roleplay situation. I value roleplay over "roll-play", and I am seeking players who feel the same.

Recruitment will remain open one week, depending upon interest. If there are multiple applicants who satisfy the stated criteria, I will allow time for the other players to offer their recommendations in private before making my selection. I invite you to explore our Gameplay and Discussion threads to get a feel for the expectations and playstyle. I will do my best to answer your questions in a timely manner. This is a lot of information, I realize, but in the end I hope it results in a quality game with unique roleplay opportunities.

Join us, dear player, and carve a name for yourself with mind’s worth and wound-hoe, blood-ember and bravery. Seek us in the shieldwall, where the spear-din is thickest, and the battle-sweat flows freely. We’ll be there and, we hope, so shall you.

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Perched on the verge of the war-torn wasteland known as the Desolation stands a settlement of dire reputation. Known only as The Camp, this wretched collection of criminals and scoundrels, the desperate and the hopeless, all eking out an existence on the far fringes of civilization make this truly a place of new beginnings and horrific endings. Now things stir within the Desolation and call to heroes seeking secrets and treasures lost to the knowledge of men. The promises of reward dare the brave and the foolish both to seek their fortune in The Camp—out on the very edge of oblivion.

Building a Character:
-Starting Level: 7
-25 point buy. Your lowest stat, after racial modifiers, cannot be below 8.
-Races: Core preferred. Others allowed with compelling justification.
-Classes: any Paizo. Summoners must be Unchained. No guns, though the Bolt Ace archetype for Gunslinger is allowed.
-No Third Party
-HP: max at first level, ½ +1 thereafter.
-Starting Wealth: 23,500
-Alignment. Any, including evil; however, I expect party cooperation and cohesion. If you are evil, you should think about ways to promote your character’s willingness to be part of a team.
-Deities: Any Golarion or Lost Lands. Our campaign exists somewhere in between these two universes.
-Traits: Two
-Unchained Rules: background skills, VMC
-Encumbrance: not tracked, within reason. Sometimes I may require justification as to how you’re going to transport heavy items.
-Reflavoring: I enjoy creativity in reflavoring abilities to suit your character’s concept. The literal wording of descriptions is subject to liberal interpretation.
-Maps: Roll20 (with mobile access)

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Tsar, the great temple-city to the Demon Prince of the Undead, stood for centuries as a bastion of evil and hate. Foul beings of all kinds flocked to its mighty walls and found succor and purpose within. At its heart stood the great Citadel of Orcus, the black heart of Orcus worship on earth. Countless evils were perpetuated in those corrupt precincts, and equally countless wicked plots were hatched and carried out therein.

Finally the goodly kingdoms could stand the presence of this festering boil in their midst no longer. The churches of Thyr and Muir led a delegation of good and neutral faiths to Graeltor, the last overking. Only with the backing of the nations’ secular armies would the holy churches be able to erase such a blight. In his last major pronouncement before the overthrow and fracturing of the kingdoms into the independent nations they are today, Overking Graeltor called for a mighty crusade to tear down the walls of Tsar and forever end the presence of Orcus worship in the world.

This crusader army, raised from all nations and almost every non-evil faith, became known as the Army of Light and marched for Tsar. In command of this army Graeltor placed his most trusted advisor, the archmage Zelkor. Supported by innumerable knight commanders, wizards, church patriarchs and scores of heroes of renown, Zelkor quickly advanced his army from its staging ground of Bard’s Gate, through Tsar’s outermost defensive positions and into the great plain that surrounded the temple-city itself. Flush with their many quick victories, the Army of Light suddenly found arrayed against itself seemingly endless legions of every sort of vile warrior-race and fell outsider imaginable called up from all over the multiverse and lining the battlements and fields before their redoubt—one of the greatest fortresses and citadels ever erected in that time. The beginnings of doubt seeped into the ranks of the Army of Light.

However, hope was not lost as the heavens opened up and flight upon flight of angels and celestial beings descended from on high to swell the ranks of the Army of Light. With grim determination in both camps, battle was joined on the plain before the gates of Tsar. The war raged for over a year, the Army of Light advancing to the very foot of the walls and then being pushed back by a new surge of demonic power. The disciples of Orcus led by the Grand Cornu, Orcus’s single highest-ranking priest on the mortal planes, threw every vile attack they could at the Army of Light in defense of their city. Rains of horrific fire and acid fell from the skies or belched from fissures in the ground, great constructs crushed their foes before them, terrible clouds of poisonous gas choked entire regiments, and heretofore unknown plagues swept through the troops causing thousands of horrible deaths among the Army of Light. Nevertheless the forces of good persevered and fought on.

Finally, though the battle seemed no closer to victory, the fates seemed to smile on the Army of Light. Unexpectedly the city fell. In a single night the entire city virtually emptied of defenders as they all were magically transported to a point several miles outside the city’s walls, complete with baggage train and mounts for many. The magical expenditure necessary to complete this miraculous maneuver cost the Grand Cornu his very life in sacrifice to Orcus, but the legions of the demon prince had broken free from the Army of Light’s cordon. They immediately took flight before the stunned Army of Light, heading south.

Zelkor and his fellow commanders were immediately suspicious of this sudden retreat but could not afford to allow the combined followers of Orcus concentrated in one place to escape and spread their insidious evil again. A cursory sweep of the city by scouts proved that the withdrawal was no ruse, so Zelkor left one of his most powerful knights, the paladin Lord Bishu, with a company of knights to secure the citadel and hold it until the Army of Light could return and properly destroy it. Then, still with a seed of doubt niggling in his mind, Zelkor ordered the Army of Light in pursuit of the fleeing legions.

The tale of that long pursuit is an epic in and of itself. Finally the Army of Light cornered the forces of darkness in a forest near a rugged coastline. In anticipation of a great victory, the forest was prematurely named the Forest of Hope. The naming proved to be a cruel irony, for in the forest the followers of Orcus had been preparing a great trap for years in case just such an occasion ever arose. Both armies disappeared into the forest. Neither ever emerged. The Army of Light was lost to a man.

The shock of the loss of so many heroes, nobles, and leaders of renown reverberated throughout the kingdoms. The overking was overthrown in the unrest that followed. Minor wars erupted as new factions took over old power bases bereft of their leadership. When all was done and a semblance of peace returned, the lands looked much more like they do today. Some said the loss of so many was worth it for the eradication of the foul cult of Orcus. Others said it had been a scheme concocted by the demon prince all along to destroy his most powerful enemies and sow hate and dissension throughout the civilized nations. Years later when a terrible graveyard and thriving dungeon complex devoted to Orcus was discovered in the Forest of Hope, popular opinion agreed with the latter theory. It seemed Orcus had not been eradicated after all, just relocated, and once again his insidious evil began to spread throughout the lands.

For the past century some attention has been turned to delving into the so-called Dungeon of Graves and rooting out the evil now entrenched there. That complex is detailed in the Necromancer Games adventure Rappan Athuk Reloaded. However, what remained of the temple-city of Tsar was a vast, abandoned ruin surrounded by miles and miles of poisoned and scarred wasteland left behind by the battling armies. It was all but forgotten as a bad memory of despair with no value save as an eyesore and wilderness home for strange and fearsome beasts that moved into the desolate area. The knights of Lord Bishu, left behind at Tsar, were likewise forgotten as they, too, were never heard from again. In the wake of the great tragedy at the Forest of Hope, no one thought to check into the ruins themselves, and all who knew about this relatively small group that had been sent to the city had perished in Orcus’s trap. The people of the civilized nations went on with their lives with, perhaps, a little less hope and optimism than before. Tsar was forgotten, and the land around it shunned and remembered only as the Desolation.

While the rest of the world looked southwards for the future, some few remembered the distant exotic markets of the far north. Those brave or foolish enough to try reopened the trade road that passed through the Desolation to once again reach those far lands. Those that survived such treks and were able to trade the rare items they brought back made fortunes, but most who attempted the dangerous passage died—lost to the hazards of the Desolation. Eventually a small settlement of cutthroats and the worst kind of profiteering entrepreneurs sprang up on the southern fringe of the Desolation. This hole-in-the-wall known simply as the Camp serves as a staging ground for travelers to hire mercenary guards or fast mounts for the perilous run through the Desolation. Likewise it serves as a point of relative safety for those few managing to make it through from the north with or without goods in tow, often with denizens of the Desolation in hot pursuit. There is little to this unruly, fringe settlement, and many meet their fates on its dirty streets without ever making it to the Desolation. Regardless, it manages to just barely eke out an existence serving as a stopping point for those few travelers who dare to make the run.

Now no one but these miscreants and fortune-seekers pay any attention to the area and then only so they can pass through the Desolation as quickly and safely as possible. The temple-city’s ruins are universally avoided and little thought of. Why would anyone wish to go to almost certain death? What could still exist in the unknown holes and broken towers of Orcus’s greatest earthly bastion? What could lie undisturbed, awaiting some possibly preordained time to awake in the ruins of slumbering Tsar?

My brother and I have taken an interest in CoC. While I'm an experienced play-by-poster with Pathfinder, he's new to the format, and neither of us has any experience actually playing CoC. Are there any Keepers out there interested in starting a Cthulhu game with new investigators? We're open to inviting other players too, of course, but thought it would be fun to play together.

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Who shall sing me?
In death sleep sling me
When I walk on the path of death
And the tracks I tread are cold, so cold?

When you stand by the Gate of Death
And you have to tear free,
I shall follow you
Across the resounding bridge with my song.

You will be free from the bonds that bind you.

Cattle die, kinsman die,
You yourself will also die.
I know one that never dies,
The fair fame that one has earned.

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Beneath the leaden winter skies of the Northlands, wyd is fate, and fate is inexorable. Where raging storms sent by malevolent spirits of the Ginnungagap howl from the Far North and bury steadings and towns alike under several feet of snow, while unnamed things of tooth and shadow hunt those who dare to emerge and brave the cold. Where the blood of fighting men and women sings in harmony with the death cries of the spear-din, and the clash of wood and steel when the shield walls meet. Where enchantments older than the race of Men linger in barrow fields and primeval forests waiting to ensnare the unwary or the foolish.

This is the realm of the Norns, where they measure and cut the threads of a man’s wyrd.

This is the Northlands.

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Avast, me Johnnies, ho! Here we be dottin' 'n deletin' 'afore our story be told.

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Bursts as a wave that from the clouds impends, And swell'd with tempests on the ship descends; White are the decks with foam; the winds aloud Howl o'er the masts, and sing through every shroud: Pale, trembling, tir'd, the sailors freeze with fears; And instant death on every wave appears. -The Iliad

With the dawning of the Age of Lost Omens, a supernatural hurricane known as the Eye of Abendego brought ruin to the nation of Lirgen. Today, what was once a powerful nation exists as a flooded swampland, its fallen cities immersed under the endless flood of a perpetual storm. In Hyrantam, the ruined capital of Lirgen, a few stubborn survivors have managed to eke out a living for themselves, but now, strange new patterns in the storm that constantly looms on the horizon have swept local predators into violent frenzies. Worse, a new sect of strange seers known as the Stormreaders has come to the area, and its demands on the people of Hyrantam have grown increasingly dire. What link might the Stormreaders have to these new squalls, and what vile plots might they be hatching from their new seat of power deep in the drowned city's ruins?

Welcome players! Discuss your characters here. The game will begin in due time.

SRD wrote:
When the phantom is fully manifested, the spiritualist can change the form of the phantom's manifestation (either from ectoplasmic to incorporeal or vice versa) as a full-round action that provokes attacks of opportunity.

So if the spiritualist is standing back a safe distance, but the phantom is in melee, and the spiritualist takes a full-round action to change the phantom's phase, does the phantom provoke an AoO, the spiritualist only, or both?

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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Wicked Airlines. This flight's destination is Tian Xia. Please note that the GM has turned on the Fasten Seat Belt sign. If you haven’t already done so, please stow your carry-on luggage underneath the seat in front of you or in an overhead bin. Please take your seat and fasten your seat belt. And also make sure your seat back and folding trays are in their full upright position. We thank you for flying Wicked Airlines. Have a safe and enjoyable journey.

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Welcome to the game! Please "dot" in and delete to import your character. The adventure will begin shortly.

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Musical Accompaniment

Those who head north from Magnimar along the rocky coastline quickly find themselves in a peculiar country. Fog drapes the rolling landscape, floating spectrally along damp and lonely moors. Small woodlands grace the region, their tangled depths redolent of nettles and pepperwood and pine sap, while further inland, river valleys lined by majestic redwoods wind between ragged tors and limestone escarpments. The region's vastness and sense of isolation have earned it its local name--The Lost Coast.

There are pockets of civilization along the Lost Coast. Traditional Varisian campsites can be found in nearly every gulch and hollow along the cliff-lined reaches, and lonely houses sit upon bluffs now and then--domiciles for eccentrics or the rich seeking a bit of peace far from the bustle of Magnimar's streets. Roadside inns grace the Lost Coast road every 24 miles or so, placed by virtue of the distance most travelers can walk given a day's travel. Low stone shrines to Desna, goddess of wanderers and patron of the Varisians, give further opportunities for shelter should one of the all-too-common rainstorms catch travelers unaware. Given time, any of these seeds of civilization could bloom into a full-grown town, or even a city. It's happened once already, along the shores of a natural harbor nestled among the cliffs some 50 miles northeast of Magnimar. What was once a larger-than-normal Varisian campsite in the shadow of an ancient ruined tower has become the Lost Coast's largest town: Sandpoint, the Light of the Lost Coast.


Thud. Cold ale splashes across the countertop as Bethana Corwin, the resident barkeep, slams a flagon down nearby. Without noticing, she spins around, bustling off down the bar to tend to the next customer, a halfling man who is in desperate need of a bath. Bethana herself is a halfling, and has to perch on one of various steps behind the bar in order to tend to the customers. All this exercise has kept her small of frame, though she laughs heartier than a woman twice her size. From the small stage in the center of the common room, an exotic Tian-esque beauty stops playing a pan flute and calls over the crowd. "Easy Bethana, you're about to give those poor people a bath they weren't prepared for!" Bethana waives a hand, disregarding the advice as she scoops up a few coppers and a silver from the countertop. "Hush Ameiko, some of 'em need it in the worst way!" Both ladies, and the smelly halfing man, burst into laughter.

This large tavern, The Rusty Dragon, is Sandpoint's oldest inn, notable for the impressive (and quite rusty) iron dragon that looms on the building's roof, doubling as a lightning rod and decoration. Owned and operated for the past six years by the lovely and popular Ameiko Kaijitsu, the Rusty Dragon is not only one of the town's most popular eateries, but also a great place to meet visitors from out of town. It certainly doesn't hurt that Ameiko's beauty is more than matched by her skill at music, and few are the evenings that pass without at least two or three songs being performed by the talented woman. The Dragon is also the most adventurer-friendly establishment in town, with its ubiquitous "Help Wanted" board near the bar and Ameiko's policy of discounting rooms for any who tell exciting adventure stories.


Feel free to roleplay your character into the scene. What would you possibly be doing at the Rusty Dragon??

Cultist Henchman 1

Welcome to the discussion thread. Please introduce yourself and start talking about character ideas.

Greetings Board,

I recently tried on the GM hat and am enjoying it very much (you can check it out under my Campaigns tab). I'm interested in running the Beginner Box and am wondering if there is much interest in this fun little romp through a mysterious cavern near Sandpoint. I am looking for players who are new to play-by-post gaming, or even pathfinder at large. Character creation would occur after the group comes together. Right now I just want to see if there are enough players.

I'm looking to take only four players for this one. Full pathfinder rules would apply (skipping the watered-down beginner box rules). Very laid-back approach, as I am looking for new players and am willing to teach everything from the ground up. I'm also pushing my other campaign at a rapid pace, and would like to move slower for this one. Looking for 5-7 posts a week. Weekends are really optional. Again, the focus of this game will be enjoying character creation, learning the rules, and having a good time.

For the "application," please fully answer the following three questions:

1. How experienced are you with Pathfinder?
2. How experienced are you with play-by-post gaming?
3. What kind of character would you like to play? E.g. a stealthy scout, a devout priest, a formidable warrior, etc.?

I will accept the first four who commit to the game (expect it to take months). Mapping will use You'll need to create an account if you don't already have one (it's easy and free). I have a Plus account, so you'll have mobile access.

Who's in?


With the release of UI, CotCT now has the potential to become even cooler (as if that were possible!). Even ahead of the hardcover conversion, let's talk about how we can apply the UI content to our favorite AP.

I am running a play-by-post campaign, and we are only in book 1, but I hope to use the heist rules for All the World's Meat, as well as the Shingles Chase.

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Welcome to the game! Please "dot" in and delete to import yourself to the "Characters" tab. The game will officially begin in a few days.

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Hello and welcome players!

The link to our Roll20 gameplay page is posted above under the campaign description. You'll need to sign up for a roll20 account if you don't have one (it's free and easy).

At this time please introduce yourselves and let's take some time to get to know each other. Also feel free to edit your characters and their "crunch" if you like. As I mentioned in recruitment, if you'd like to take a third, additional trait, you may do say, subject to my approval of a chosen drawback.

I'll give everyone a couple of days to finish up while I get my ducks in a row, and the game will officially begin later this week (probably Wed. evening or Thurs. morning).

I'll also be lurking on Roll20 this morning and afternoon, as I'm able, to live chat with ya'll. Note that Roll20 allows audio/video chat, but I never use that feature.

A little about me:
I'm 32, a lawyer by education and license, but back in school and exploring my options. I also teach in an undergradate law program at a small, private college. I love board and tabletop games. I only started Pathfinder a few years ago, but I really enjoy it. I'm still in the honeymoon phase with it, so even the classic, "vanilla" options still feel fresh and exciting to me. I do consider myself a "novice" GM, and my knowledge of the rules is far from masterful. But, I have some experience GMing live games (I've GM'd for PF Society, and I ran Edge of Anarchy for some real-life friends last year), and I'm sure we can overcome any rules issues as they appear.

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Musical Accompaniment

”Ladies and gentlemen, please, take your seats, the play is about to begin.” The incessant chatter of the crowd echoes from the main auditorium into the recesses behind the stage. The bard enters, drawing the curtain back and entering the player’s parlor. He is a gristled, harried man. A black eye patch covers his left eye--the result of a pesh-den ruckus, or a mere prop?

His good eye falls upon you and he approaches, languishing into the last remaining chair. ”Ah, the life of the playhouse. Tending to the stilted demands of the masses--their petulant and capricious moods ever changing. ‘Give us a love story,’ they cry. ‘No, no enough of that. Let's have something heroic, or vengeful! And give it a bit of teeth this time, eh?’” He sighs heavily. ”And so it goes, day and day out, we petty players, singing our songs, rhyming our rhymes, and acting out this facade we call ‘drama.’”

”But it is a farce,” he hisses, leaning forward. ”All of it. An absurd parody--mere affectation of true tragedy, despair, love.” He spits the word. ”Our audience sees in our performance that which they wish to feel for themselves, but despair in the notion that they are incapable of feeling. For the world has sucked them dry. It is a merciless place, you know, treacherous. And each of them” he points toward the audience, ”stands alone up on a high wire, as rest of the world watches, waiting for them to fall. And to make things worse, they pit themselves against each other in desperate attempts at power and control. One wrong step, and all would be lost. So jaded are they by the awful realities of their existence that they have become numb--barren shells adopting human guise, donning smiles and laughter, but all the while resigned to the notion that they cannot feel.

“And so they turn to us, here in our modest theater. To remember again what it means to be good. Or wicked. And as we take the stage in our costumes and our finery, do we not see them as well? Their hopeful faces upturned expectantly, only their eyes betraying the lifeless desperation that lurks below the surface, the need to feel something.” His eyes drift, lost in thought. ”Do they not perform for us?”

He glances up as a stagehand enters from the rear, silently motioning that the performance is due to start. ”Ah, but yes, it is time to begin!” he says, rising to his feet. He bows, then jumps upright, flourishing his hands in dramatic presentation.

”The stage is set. A hush falls upon the crowd as the already meager light fades and the crimson curtain rises, revealing the decadent but aged bastion of Korvosa, “Jewel of Varisia.” Steeped in its traditions, stifled by its degradation, and choking on its own excess, the city wallows in exploitation and social stratification. Cast into the midst of such decadence and dark dealings, you, only you can hope to save the city from its own sinful tendencies. Will you prevail as the shining heroes of this tale? Will the audience grow to love and to adore you? Or, will you fall, as the fickle crowd gleefully jeers for your defeat, mere players on a stage?”


Hello and welcome to Recruitment for Curse of the Crimson Throne by The Wicked GM! I, being truly wicked, endeavor to run six brave souls through this amazing adventure path. It’s two heaping scoops of political back-stabbing and urban decay, topped with an impossibly rich and creamy layer of moral degradation. The classic, high-fantasy adventuring and dungeoneering are merely the cherry on top. Think you can stomach it?

House Rules for the Players:

  • No Guns. Sorry, but I don’t like the flavor of guns in my fantasy settings. The Bolt Ace Gunslinger archetype is allowed, however.
  • No Third Party Materials.
  • Races: Core only. Again, I am a purist :).
  • Classes: Summoners must select the Unchained version. No Occult classes.
  • Build Rules: 25 point buy. Your lowest stat, after racial modifiers, cannot be below 8. You will be powerful, as will your enemies.
  • HP: Max at first level, ½ + 1 thereafter.
  • Starting Wealth: Maximum gold for your class.
  • Alignments: Any non-evil.
  • Feats: No Leadership
  • Traits: First, choose a trait from the Player’s Guide that is appropriate for your backstory. You do not gain the benefit from this trait. Instead, choose two additional traits.
  • Hero Points: in use
  • Unchained Rules: Background Skills
  • Posting Requirements: I expect at least one post each day, for a minimum of seven posts per week. Of course, the flow of the campaign will ebb and flow according to the real-life needs of you and I, let us establish this rate as the “norm.”

Sample Post:

In addition to your PC, please submit a sample post containing a preview of your character in a roleplay situation. You may insert this post as a spoiler in your alias.

Now, having hoped to capture your attention, here is the hook: I am a novice PbP GM. While I have been playing Pathfinder (and GMing a fair amount) for about 2.5 years, I only began playing in PbP last December. However, in that brief time I have been fortunate to play under some talented and truly amazing GMs, and I hope they don’t mind that I’ve been taking notes. Yes, I have been doing my homework, and I realize that far too many novice GMs, starting with the best of intentions, fail to realize the grandeur of their visions as their campaigns wither into dust. Without even a scenario or module under my belt, how do I deign to think I can accomplish an entire adventure path? This is a very good question, and one I have asked myself many times since I decided to run a campaign over two months ago. And here is my solution: Taking Painlord’s advice to Finish What You Start to heart, I am committing only to run Book 1, Edge of Anarchy. Now, I see your face falling as you read this, but cheer up! I fully intend to pick up with Book 2 and on, but in order to help prevent “new GM burnout” syndrome, the decision to carry on will only occur toward the end of this adventure. I understand that this may turn some people off from this campaign but I see this as a fair way to measure the expected livelihood of the adventure. There is nothing worse than a GM organizing a recruitment only to abandon his players who have put their heart and souls into their characters. So, I do hope you’ll give me a chance.

Maps will be handled using Roll20 (I just love that live chat feature). I have a Plus membership, meaning you’ll have mobile access.

In addition to the above information, see my profile page for additional information (including some hints on how to get selected). Recruitment will close Sat. March 5, 10:30 p.m. EST . I will make my selections that evening.

Good luck! Long Live the King!

What interest is there in Curse of the Crimson Throne, Book 1 (Edge of Anarchy)? I’d like to run this AP in its entirety, but I am a novice PbP GM, so would only initially commit to the first book. The idea, of course, would be to continue on with Books 2-6, but that decision wouldn’t be finalized until the end of the first book (to hopefully avoid the "new GM burnout" problem. Would this be something the players would be interested in?

I only started PbP in December, but I'm having a blast. I'd love to start a game, but the earliest that would be is May, so I have plenty of time to think about it. As much as I'd love to start an AP, I've never GMd a PbP, and I understand that many have failed due to the GM not understanding the difficulties of such a long term campaign.

To those of you who have been successful, how much experience did you gain before starting a long-term campaign?

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As a newbie to these boards, I have noticed that there is always a lot of player interest, but a seeming shortage of GMs well-versed in PbP. In an effort to help out (motivate) those GMs considering a PbP game, but unsure what to run, I'd simply like to ask the players what content you want to run. Post your top choices below.

Personally, I would love to take part in:

1. Rise of the Runelords
2. Carrion Crown

What about you?

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So my group has just left the Sanitorium. They have Habe and Zerren alive. They also have an unconscious Grayst with them, though I expect he will succumb to ghoul fever and rise tonight. I want something creepy to happen to them on their hike back to Sandpoint. Have I mentioned it's dusk? They'll be walking in darkness.

I want to keep them busy for a while this evening b/c once they return to town our Shoanti (who has been camping in the woods east of town) will find evidence of you-know-who tampering with his things.

All ideas welcome and appreciated

So last week a PC died during the assault on Thistletop (I posted that story in the obits). This leaves me with a small problem now that the group suggests camping overnight in a watchtower (oh yes, I will warn them this is a bad idea). But if they do that, how can I allow the new PC to join the fun? I'd hate for her to have to just sit and watch. Any ideas?

I will be GMing CotCT beginning next month and I have a player who is a "solly" revolutionary. He wants to use a printing press to create and disseminate (discreetly) pro-union pamphlets that call for the poor to form organizations to advocate for their interests against the nobility, and eventually prepare for a revolution in Korvosa like those of Andorran and Galt if the nobility don't acquiesce to the people's demands.

I am intrigued by his idea but am unsure how to implement it into the game. We're talked about basing it on a diplomacy check (like a reverse Gather Information) or even a Profession (printer) check. His character is a chaotic good human witch.

What do you all think about this? Would it interfere greatly with the plot of the AP (given that lack of communication among the people is one way in which the city is so effectively controlled)?