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Organized Play Characters

Silver Crusade Reilly

male elf gunslinger (musket master) 6/ inquisitor (infiltrator/preacher) 5 (0 posts)

Scarab Sages Sedeq the Mountain

male human Barbarian 2 (0 posts)

Liberty's Edge Florian Highroad

male halfling Urban barbarian 2/dawnflower dervish bard 2 (0 posts)

The Exchange Craddok

male half-orc Magus 3/ sorcerer (cross-blooded) 1 (0 posts)

Sovereign Court Jarron Martine

male half-elf rogue (swashbuckler) (0 posts)

Liberty's Edge Mtongo Umbebi

male human Saurian druid 4 (0 posts)

Sczarni Verinia Sparkle

female gnome rogue 4/ sorcerer 4/arcane trickster 1 (0 posts)

Grand Lodge Tenzen

male tengu monk (maneuver master) 1 (0 posts)

Grand Lodge Dolorous

Male Wayang Cavalier (0 posts)

Silver Crusade Li Po

male angel-blooded aasimar Oracle 1/Paladin 2/Monk 3 (0 posts)

Sovereign Court Shivakomeini

female tiefling-oni blooded fighter (weapon master) 1 (0 posts)

Grand Lodge Durrock Fen

male dwarf ranger (deep warden) 3 (0 posts)

Liberty's Edge Sharkbait Spence Sully

male undine bolt ace 5/kineticist 4 (0 posts)

Silver Crusade Santino

monk human Barbarian 1/Monk 1 (0 posts)
Liberty's Edge Kaminarimaru

male kitsune gunslinger (mysterious stranger/pistolero)/ninja (0 posts)
Cutthroat Lawyer
The Exchange Selaturiniel

female half-elf Witch (Hedge Witch) 2 (0 posts)

The Exchange Giovanni Vespucci

Ifrit (0 posts)

Dark Archive Ayrie
(0 posts)

Grand Lodge Warrick Fenn

male dwarf ranger 4 (0 posts)

Dark Archive Chechka Frost-hand

male human kineticist 4 (0 posts)
Ostog the Unslain
The Exchange Hedda "Hedge" Ingersson

Male human (Ulfen) Barbarian 2 (0 posts)

Liberty's Edge Veracity

gnome sorcerer (0 posts)

Liberty's Edge Dhiraj Singh
(0 posts)

Silver Crusade Buckle the Sky Sentinel
(0 posts)

Grand Lodge Misremembered Chained Summoner
(0 posts)

Grand Lodge Misremembered Magical Girl
(0 posts)

Scarab Sages Misremembered Sorcerer
(0 posts)

Silver Crusade Aubrey Whistler CORE
(0 posts)

Grand Lodge Onyx the COREAD!
(0 posts)

Liberty's Edge Chance the Ganzi
(0 posts)

Silver Crusade Elorio San

War priest/magus (0 posts)

Dark Archive Varya Klavdiyova

Human Sorcerer 1 (0 posts)

Silver Crusade Zsa-zsava
(0 posts)

Dark Archive Chumley & Tananda

male Vanara Unchained Monk 1/Spiritualist 1 (0 posts)
Second Seekers (Luwazi Elsbo) Gaffer-9

Android Mechanic 1 (0 posts)
Exo-Guardians Tergorak
(0 posts)

Wayfinders Dr. Sobiat

Male Skittermander Soldier/Envoy (0 posts)

Dataphiles Squire Nihil

male halfling Operative 1 (0 posts)

Wayfinders Dr. Sobiot
(0 posts)

Wayfinders Djo Djo

Female Ikeshti Technomancer (0 posts)

Second Seekers (Jadnura) Letta Orinsdottir

Female Dwarf Mystic 3 (0 posts)

Acquisitives Kodi Akbar
(0 posts)

Acquisitives Skimble Shanks
(0 posts)

Wayfinders Aura Gloaming

kirinta vanguard (0 posts)

Sorcerer Sorcerer Deck - Qualzar
Envoy's Alliance Stitchen Thyme

male goblin rogue 1 (0 posts)
Cirieo Thessaddin
Verdant Wheel Cully Cornbuckle

male halfling ranger 2 (0 posts)

Grand Archive Vaya Radu

Female Human Sorcerer 1 (0 posts)

Horizon Hunters Jaka Beru

Human Cleric 1 (0 posts)

Vigilant Seal Valir Tanarath

female elf monk 2 (0 posts)

Sovereign Court Barruchio

male gnome maestro sorcerer (0 posts)