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Played this scenario the other day, and felt extremely let down. For all the hype about whether a faction will get the boot or not, there is really nothing in this scenario that lends itself to making a lasting impression on the society as a whole. Some of the early RP had potential, but they seemed to boil down to "make your arguments, then keep rolling Diplomacy until you meet an arbitrary number of successes" like a bad 4E skill challenge. A couple of very low-challenge fights allowed the whole XP budget to be dumped into one super creature that seemed under-CRed and has the potential for a TPK on its first action. Finally, most of the faction missions were completely nonsensical, given what we are supposed to know about the factions beliefs and personalities, and at least one of the others has consequences detailed in the scenario that are contrary to explicit declarations in the latest Campaign document.

I went into the scenario playing a character whose faction represents the interests I most strongly support in the PFS, hopeful that the IC decisions he made would have a lasting impact on the future of the Society, but it seems that the only way that would happen is for the entire party to fail the presented mission. Knowing what I do now, the best way to have made the impact I desired would have been to do nothing at all.