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Ratfolk U.Rogue (Knife Master) 2: HP 17/17; AC18, T15, FF14; Init +4; Fort +1, Ref +7, Will +0; CMD 14: Perception +5:

About Snyk

Cheat Sheet:

[dice=Perception] 1d20+5[/dice]
[dice=Disable Device]1d20+9[/dice]
[dice=K Dungeon]1d20+9[/dice]
[dice=K Local]1d20+9[/dice]

Likes: Making lists, fancy cheeses, good craftsmanship
Dislikes: Stealing, looting(which is stealing), the destruction of property (which is sorta also stealing if you think about it.)


Lurking beneath the seedy underbelly of Magnimar lives a growing community of Ratfolk, known as The Warren. Well known on the surface for its trade and mercantilism, the darker underworld of the city came to know the Warren for its more peculiar specialty, assassination. For the right price, the Warren could make anyone disappear. Unscrupulous businessmen, politicians or anyone really could come to the Warren to ‘solve interpersonal conflicts’ as it were. This was the extended family to which the young Snyk was born.
Raised alongside his countless brothers and sisters, Snyk was always just another one of the crowd. Of course he loved his family, but he never really felt like they paid him much attention. Its funny how lonely one can get surrounded by hundreds of nearly identical family members. The Warren taught their young the values of Honor and Duty and Upholding Contracts. Most importantly they taught unflinching loyalty to the Warren to which they owe their very lives.
From a young age Snyk was chosen to the trained as one of the Warrens assassins. He developed the skills and trained alongside his siblings. While his expectation was that his hard work and extra time spent with his family would help him develop the strong family relationships that everyone else seemed to feel, it didn’t.
He was eager to prove himself to his family and gain the recognition of his brothers and sisters. Surely once he had carried out a successful contract they would open up to him and he’d finally feel at home. When he did return from his first assignment, some heir so far down the line no one would notice, the Warren barely acknowledged his success. They all seemed so wrapped up in each others lives. He felt like a fool for getting his hopes up.

Soon after he had started carrying out contracts for the Warrens nefarious clientele, Snyk was given an assignment that would change the course of his life.


It was a hit like any other. A wealthy Magnimar merchant had felt cheated by his competition and wanted him dealt with, permanently. Fortunately he had the gold and the Warren had no qualms. Snyk was just doing what he was trained to do. He had tracked the merchant and his several Warforged servants to the outside of town, waited until he was sure the living-construct servitors were definitely asleep, and began his surreptitious assault.
Snyk knew that his family was counting on him. Or were they? At least he hoped that they were counting on him. Snyk infiltrated their camp, found his way into the targets tent, and silently delivered the fatal blow. Everything went according to plan, except for one small thing
Warforged don’t sleep.

Sensing a disturbance, a Warforged barged into the tent. ”HEY!” Snyk had been spotted. How could he be so careless? The Warforged lunged at him but Snyk was able to evade him and made a break for it but it was too late. The alarm had been raised. More and more Warforged were closing in on him, closing off his escape route.
Heart pounding, Snyk had to get out of there. In a last ditch effort, he tried to slip in between two looming Warforged and was snared by a metallic fist. Unable to wiggle free he was at their mercy. A lumbering construct with a spear drew up to him with vengeance his his metallic eyes. Snyk closed his own eyes, knowing what was about to happen. He wondered for a moment if the Warren would miss him or of they would even notice he was gone.
But then

He was released. The Warforged had let him go. Without time to think he began to scurry away but something interesting caught his eye. The Warforged was covering his escape. This construct had saved Snyk. Useless, ineffective, blundering Snyk.

Snyk imagined coming home to the Warren. There were no congratulations waiting for him, only another assignment. There were no concerned parents, siblings or cousins, only thousands of indifferent blood-acquaintances. Yet this Warforged had found something in Snyk worth saving. He had placed more value on Snyks life than his family ever did. But he was honor bound to his family. After all, didn’t he owe his life to the Warren?

Or was that no longer true? He now owed his life to this Warforged.

So for what may have been the first time in his life, Snyk made his own decision. He would carry out the life-debt in servitude to his savior. After the battle had died down, Snyk approached the Warforged and swore to be his servant until the end of his days. Little did he know then that his new master would become one of his dearest friends, though he’d never admit it. Now they travel together with Harness calling the shots and Snyk happily following wherever adventure takes them.


Snyk is fairly quiet and reserved. He typically does not speak unless spoken to although he enjoys the company of interesting people and is a great listener.

Growing up, the Warren had instilled in Snyk that the value of property is more important than the value of life. He has no qualms with killing but is opposed to stealing except in direst need, and even then it is best to make restitution if possible. This may also be why he values himself more highly as someone else's property than taking control of his own life.

Deep down, Snyk is intimidated by the idea of independence. Choosing to follow Harness was the biggest decision he’d ever made of his own accord. He’s spent his life following orders and that is where he is most comfortable. Is it that his self-worth is tied to his usefulness in the eyes of others or is that that he is afraid of taking responsibility for his own actions? Not one for self-reflection, Snyk doesn’t take time to ask himself these kind of questions.

He genuinely does like Harness, but the concept of friendship is hard for him to grasp as he has never had one. In his own mind, he tells himself that it is simply a very enjoyable master-servant relationship. Snyk also values qualities like honor, frugality, and commitment to ones ideals and has respect for people with those qualities.


Rogues kit (backpack, a bedroll, a belt pouch, caltrops, chalk (10), a flint and steel, a grappling hook, an iron pot, a mess kit, a mirror, pitons (10), rope, soap, thieves’ tools, torches (10), trail rations (5 days), and a waterskin.) 50gp
Spool of Twine 1cp
Bear Trap 2gp
Signal Whislte 8sp
Acid flask x2 20gp
Spring-Loaded Wrist Sheathe 5gp
Masterwork Backpack (50gp)
Silk Rope (10gp)
Large Tent (30gp)
Everburning torch (110g)
Sunrods 2 (4gp)
Crowbar (2gp)
Compass (10gp)
Goblin Pickles (4sp)

Dagger x4 8gp
Kunai 2gp
Shortbow 30gp
Arrows 20 1gp

(Robe of Bones Maybe)

Coin purse
175gp 7sp 9cp (as of 4/23/18)

Ratfolk Racial Abilities:

Ability Score Racial Traits: Ratfolk are agile and clever, yet physically weak. They gain +2 Dexterity, +2 Intelligence, and –2 Strength.
Type: Ratfolk are humanoids with the ratfolk subtype.
Size: Ratfolk are Small and thus gain a +1 size bonus to their AC, a +1 size bonus on attack rolls, a –1 penalty on combat maneuver checks and to their CMD, and a +4 size bonus on Stealth checks.
Speed (Slow): Ratfolk have a base speed of 20 ft.
Languages: Ratfolk begin play speaking Common. Ratfolk with high Intelligence scores can choose from the following: Aklo, Draconic, Dwarven, Gnoll, Gnome, Goblin, Halfling, Orc, and Undercommon. See the Linguistics skill page for more information about these languages.

Skulk: Some ratfolk can blend easily into their environments, and move with surprising grace. Ratfolk gain a +2 racial bonus on Stealth checks, and take only a –5 penalty on Stealth checks made to hide from creatures they have distracted with a Bluff check (rather than the normal –10 penalty). This racial trait replaces tinker.

Unnatural: Some ratfolk unnerve normal animals, and train to defend themselves against the inevitable attacks from such creatures. These ratfolk take a –4 penalty on all Charisma-based skill checks to affect creatures of the animal type, and receive a +2 dodge bonus to AC against animals. An animal’s starting attitude toward ratfolk is one step worse than normal. This racial trait replaces rodent empathy.

Cornered Fury: Ratfolk can fight viciously when cut off from friends and allies. Whenever a ratfolk with this racial trait is reduced to half or fewer of his hit points, and has no conscious ally within 30 feet, he gains a +2 racial bonus on melee attack rolls and to Armor Class. This racial trait replaces swarming
Darkvision: Ratfolk can see perfectly in the dark up to 60 feet.

LN Unchained Rogue level 2 (Knife Master )
Init +4; Senses Darkvision 60; Perception +5
AC 18, Touch 15, flat footed 14 (+4 Dex, +1 size, +3 Studded Leather)
hp 17
Fort +1, Ref +7, Will +0
Speed 20
Dagger +6 (1d3+1/19-20) P or S
Kunai +6 (1d3) B or P
or Shortbow +6 (1d4 X3) range 70 P
Space 5ft.; Reach 5
Special Attacks
Sneak Stab (Ex) Sneak attack with a dagger, uses d8s to roll sneak attack damage, other weapons use d4s
Str 10, Dex 18, Con 12, Int 18, Wis 10, Cha 8
Base Attack 1 CMB 0 ; CMD 14

Pack Rat (limit 35gp)
Simple Weapon Proficiency
Armor Prof Light


Trap Spotter (campaign)

River Rat (Region)


Acrobatics 8, Appraise 9, Bluff 3, Climb 4, Diplomacy 4, Disable Device 9, Disguise 4, Escape Artist 7, Intimidate 3, Know Dungeon 9, Know Local 9, Linguistics 8, Perception 5, Sense Motive 4, Sleight of Hand 8, Stealth 14, Swim 8, Use Magic Device 1
Languages: Common, Aklo, Goblin, Orc, and Undercommon

Hidden Blade: Adds 1/2 level on Sleight of Hand checks made to conceal a light blade.
Evasion (Ex): If he succeeds at a Reflex saving throw against an attack that normally deals half damage on a successful save, he instead takes no damage. Evasion can be used only if the rogue is wearing light armor or no armor. A helpless rogue does not gain the benefit of evasion.

Black Market Connections:
Snyk access to magic items from black market connections. He treats every settlement as one size greater (see Table: Settlement Statistics) for the purpose of determining the gp limit of the base value of items for sale, as well as the number of minor, medium, and major magic items for sale in the settlement. If the settlement is already a metropolis, all minor and medium magic items are for sale, as well as 3d8 major magic items.

With a successful Diplomacy check, Snyk can treat the settlement as two sizes larger. If the settlement is already a metropolis and he succeeds at the check, all magic items are for sale. If the settlement is already a large city and he succeeds at the check, all minor and medium magic items are for sale, as well as 3d8 major magic items.

With a successful check, Snyk can also sell stolen items on the black market (though he is personally against it, but would it if he were instructed or compensated). If the check fails by 5 or more, Snyk does something to spook the market, and treats the city as normal for 1 week. Furthermore, those in control of the black market may alert the authorities to Snyks presence in an act of reprisal for spooking the market or to divert attention away from their illicit activities. The DCs of the checks are by settlement size and are given in the table.

Community Size-DC
Small town-18
Large town-20
Small city-25
Large City-30