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Thanks everybody, for both viewpoints. I'm reassured that I can't mess up too badly and I know to strongly consider and recommend maxing the primary damage stat right off the bat.

It's only been a week and scrolling through these forums I've seen a lot of discussion of builds and optimization and DPS and the like. I'm just wondering how friendly Second Edition is to more casual players who just like to pick character options and roll with it without necessarily worrying about mechanical optimization. Is that doable or will such characters be noticeably less effective? Are there obviously poor options that a newbie wouldn't know to avoid?


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It hardly looks like a redesign or an evolution so much as a picture made on a different day of the week. Very similar to the original.

I have to say, I'm hoping the colors for the new iconics in the new books pop a little more than they do here on the site. They're very...dull? Grainy?

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I feel like this whole approach is one step down a very long, very complex road and not something that needed to be added to the rules. Rarity is obviously highly situational and often obvious. Saying something is "common" in general is meaningless if you then need a different list of rarities for every region. The equipment common in Geb is doubtless quite different than what's common in Osirion or Tian Xia or the Realm of the Mammoth Lords. Likewise monsters might be common in one area and non-existent in others. And well known or not in either case.

Overall, I feel like this will either be ignored by most groups, or it will become a bludgeon for GMs and a griping point for players. Eventually, it all comes back to the GM for decision anyway.

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Just wanted to restate what someone else said earlier, that monster rarity isn't the same as how famous it may be. Rare and unique monsters would often be more popular knowledge than others, especially to travelers. Lots of people have heard of linnorms even though they aren't exactly common.

And this is still separate from having specific, monster-hunting knowledge useful to an adventurer.

Edit: Yeah, what deuxhero said.

Secret Wizard wrote:
SnowFever wrote:
What is wrong with Kyra's left leg?
Her sandals have raised tips so perspective makes her left foot look smaller.

I meant more that it's way out of line with her hip and upper body. More like six inches past her shoulder. And with the flowing cloth that's cut off by the edge of the page she almost looks like a centaur with a really wide lower body and narrow upper body.

What is wrong with Kyra's left leg?

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How is 10d6 damage not enough to destroy every forest and wooden structure in the area?

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Happy for the spell-less option.

I do wish the multiple attack benefit kicked in a little sooner. Many of us will never get to play at 19th level.

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Absolutely agreed on the potions, they should just work. If I give a healing potion to a unconscious character, I shouldn't have to worry about if or how they manage to spend resonance. Also any commoners or 0-level NPCs should be able to use potions reliably.

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If I give a potion to an unconscious PC, which character's RP is used? Or is it a choice? I imagine this would be tied to the narrative justification for what resonance actually is and how it's used.

I can support the design goals of adding RP, but personally I feel potions should be an exception. Since they're literally ingested and metabolized, they should always work. (Bulk helps eliminate the spamming issue vs a wand.) This would also allow them to consistently work on 0-level NPCs. Players could deliver potions of cure disease to a plague-stricken town (or whatever) and actually feel like they accomplished something rather than have half of them fail to function.

On a related note, can I loan my cloak of elvenkind to a 0-level NPC we're escorting through dangerous territory? Or would it not work? What if they had low charisma?

I feel like NPCs are now either operating under significantly different rules than PCs, or there are a now a whole heap of people who literally can't use magic items or potions due to having no level and low to average charisma. Or have I missed something?